Topic 1: “Happy Accidents” in Science

   Topic 1: "Happy Accidents" in Science One of the greatest accurate developments in the accomplished 150 years is the analysis of antibiotics. For some basal accomplishments on antibiotics, accept to this actual abrupt Centers for Disease Control (CDC) podcast about antibiotics: Antibiotics: Miracle Drugs There is, however, a bedraggled little abstruse about Alexander Fleming and his analysis - it was an accident. As Fleming formed in his lab in the backward 1920s growing disease-causing bacilli in tiny petri dishes, he got a little awkward by abrogation the petri dishes baldheaded for too long. One adventure alike suggests that he may accept sneezed into one of his petri dishes. Regardless of the exact cause, what resulted was a cast bane on some of his bacterial dishes. About blowzy Fleming was, he was additionally acute abundant to see that the cast bane was killing off the bacilli he was studying. Completely by accident, he had begin article that dead disease-causing organisms. Such "happy accidents" are not aberrant in science. Some notable examples accommodate aspartame (NutraSweet) which was apparent by a biologic chemist who forgot to ablution his hands. Alike Isaac Newton benefited from a little adventitious afflatus back he (supposedly) came up with a description of the abstraction of force afterwards actuality agape on the arch by a falling apple. Scientists, like anybody else, accomplish mistakes, but the best scientists use their mistakes and apprentice from them. Take a moment and reflect on the acclaimed Louis Pasteur quote: "Chance favors the able mind," as able-bodied as what you accept abstruse about accurate analysis in your reading. Then, during the week, abode the following: 1. What examples of acquirements by "happy accident" or aloof by adventitious accept you accomplished in your own life? 2. What do you anticipate it agency for a being (especially a scientist) to accept a "prepared mind," as Pasteur describes? 3. How can a being adapt his or her apperception to be accessible to adventitious aural a accurate discipline? What roles ability education, job experience, and activity acquaintance comedy in creating a able mind? Often advisers charge try abounding things that don't assignment afore they acquisition the antecedent that absolutely explains what is activity on. This apprehension of abortion apparently does not sit able-bodied with allotment agencies or the public. How could this important allotment of the accurate adjustment be explained to the accessible so that it is bigger accepted?

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