Topic 09 Assignment: Policy Brochure

HA3010 - Introduction to US Healthcare Delivery Topic 09 Assignment: Action Brochure Imagine that you are the administrator of accommodating acquaintance at a ample outpatient affliction facility. Accept one new federal or accompaniment action that affects your patients. Architecture a advertisement for for your cat-and-mouse allowance that explains the specifics of this change and how it will affect patients. Since this advertisement is for patients, it should be accounting at about an 8th brand account level. Be artistic and use cartoon and formatting to present your advice n an ambrosial way.  You may use formatting, graphics, and Chat templates to architecture your brochure. Alternatively, you may accept to use an online infographic conception apparatus such as Piktochart--just ensure that you accept a way to upload the book or the articulation to your advertisement to the dropbox. Formatting Specifics/General Information: .The advertisement charge ample both abandon of a accepted 8” x 11” area of paper. .Set your advertisement up in either the account or mural architecture – either folio blueprint acclimatization will be able to accommodate facts on the advanced and aback abandon of the paper. .NOTE: The mural acclimatization can be bankrupt into a 3-panel brochure. .Name your actuality area or advertisement specific to the new federal or accompaniment bloom policy. .Use actual spelling, grammar and punctuation. .Use chantry no abate than 10 pt. .You may use a advertisement template, provided it can be opened in Microsoft chat or as a PDF file.  Remember that this advertisement is for patients! It should be addressed to and accounting with them in mind.

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