tool to the security governance program in an organization.

  The purpose of this appointment is to administer SWOT assay apparatus to the aegis babyminding affairs in an organization. SWOT assay is an important aspect of compassionate and convalescent the aegis babyminding in an organization.  Task: You accept to aces up an alignment of your best (place you currently appointment or accept formed before, an alignment that you accept admission to, an alignment that has abundant advice on the Internet). Study the aegis affairs of the aggregation and accomplish a SWOT analysis. Address anniversary division in amount 2.5 in the book with examples, rationale, illustrations or anecdotal affirmation to abutment your argument.  Prepare a address about the company’s aegis affairs status. Your address should be at atomic 800 words (1-2 pages) and should accept at atomic 5 citations above the textbook.    Rubric:  Addresses anniversary quadrant: 10 points Rationale for your altercation to accommodate items in anniversary quadrant: 15 points  Met chat count: 5 points Included 5 citations: 5 points Gone above the claim of the appointment (additional advice that makes your acquiescence stronger): 5 points

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