Toll Roads

Directions:   Each column submitted should be amid 150 and 250 words. Keep them short, specific, and clear. Use paragraphs as appropriate.Very diffuse posts do not accommodate an allurement to be read. Remember to certificate all use of sources by application citations and references. These should be in APA format. This anniversary we are activity to appraise acting goods, highways and a bit about how we pay for highways.  Video Private roads Highway architecture and aliment are adjourned mainly by motor ammunition taxes (the gasoline tax).  There is a federal gasoline tax (an customs tax) which is 18.4 cents per gallon for gasoline and 24.4 cents per gallon for agent fuel.  Then there are accompaniment taxes per gallon and, in some states, a sales tax as able-bodied as a gallonage tax.  For an overview of accompaniment motor ammunition taxes go to the American Petroleum Institute's Motor Ammunition Taxes page.  Since alone those who accept cartage pay the motor ammunition tax, it is additionally alleged a User Fee. The federal motor fuels tax goes into the Federal Artery Assurance Armamentarium (it additionally funds accessible transit) which is a aloft antecedent of artery allotment nationally.  However, as cartage use beneath ammunition because of college mileage, the Assurance Armamentarium antithesis becomes bereft to accommodated the basement needs. The accompaniment artery assurance funds are experiencing the aforementioned problems.  Thus, states are attractive for another means to armamentarium new highways. Which brings us to this week's altercation topic: Assessment Roads. Assignment Summary: Watch the video aloft and apprehend "In the News: The Case for Assessment Roads" from Chapter 11 (pages 220-221)  Anniversary 3.pdf - the commodity is the aforementioned in both the 7th and 8th editions, aloof the art assignment is different. Also analysis the advice on motor ammunition taxes and the antithesis in the Federal Assurance Armamentarium application the links above.  You may ambition to do a chase for your state's artery assurance armamentarium antithesis and motor ammunition taxes. What are the advantages and disadvantages of assessment anchorage for driver?  Why ability an alone adopt to pay a assessment than to use a chargeless road? Are there another means to pay for highways another than tolls or college motor ammunition taxes?  (Oregon is researching an another user fee system, you may ambition to chase for that information.) Are there ecology aspects to the use of assessment anchorage against chargeless roads? Post your angle to the altercation lath and accredit to at atomic two altered concepts from this week’s Chapters. Your analogy of concepts MUST accommodate an account why you anticipate they are accordant to the week’s affair application specific advice from the articles, videos and another analysis that you accept done. accounting cost/economic costs Fixed and capricious costs Cost curves How markets fail Negative externalities Price gouging

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