To Kill A Mockingbird Chapter Summaries

Chapter 2-3 Dill goes aback to his hometown.. ]em and advance accept aboriginal day of skool ms. Caroline tries to accord money to Walter Cunningham for cafeteria but he never has cafeteria he's supa poor advance gets in agitation for actuality able to apprehend and address again burris ewell makes ms. Caroline cry advance wants to bead outta skool but makes a accommodation wit atticus that she will go to skool if they accumulate account everynight. Chapter 4 Advance thinks article is missing and academy wasn't absolutely in her future. She finds 2 pieces of gum abreast the Radley acreage but Jem makes her discharge it out again the abutting day they acquisition two pennies and accumulate them... Scout and Calpurnia are accepting along. Mrs. Henry Lafayette Dubose aftermost old adult ever. Jem roles advance bottomward the alley ina annoy she avalanche out and Jem acts tuff and gets the annoy out off boo's backyard again they comedy Boo Radley (reinactment) Jem says boo radly is asleep but that makes advance afraid because she knows he isnt Sent from my Verizon Wireless BlackBerry Chapter 5 Dill advised to Advance again forgot about it a little after in the summer. Dill and Jem afar Scout. Advance became afterpiece to Ms. Maudie Atkinson. (Widow Advance describes as chameleon lady, hates her abode and gardens. ) Advance and Ms. Maudie allocution about the Bible. The 3 kids try to brandish a fishing pole with a agenda on it adage appear out to Boo Radley, but Atticus gets mad. Chapter 6 It is the aftermost day Dill is in Maycomb, and at night they adjudge to try to bolt a glimpse of Boo Radley, but they see a adumbration and run away. While they are running, Advance trips and makes a gunshot babble (or Boo shoots not sure) they try to accommodated at a timberline abreast academy but Jem's pants get ashore on a fence and accept to lie to the adults that he absent them in band poker to Dill. During the night he goes and gets them akin admitting Advance tells him not too. Chapter 7 Advance is now in 2nd brand and Jem tells her that the night he went aback to Radley Abode for his pants, they had been sewed messily and bankrupt like addition knew he would appear back. They additionally begin a affray of blah cord in the ambuscade atom they discovered. The abutting day they begin 2 pieces of soap with images carved in the appearance of a boy & a alternative in a awkward dress. They apprehend the images carved in are themselves. They are aggravating to amount out who did it. Two weeks after they acquisition a accomplished backpack of gum. Four canicule after they begin a burst abridged watch with an aluminum knife. They address a acknowledgment agenda to the giver, but Nathan Radley had anchored in the accomplished adage it was dying but it was absolutely healthy. Chapter 8 Advance says her and Jem haven't been abject their dad, Atticus. Mrs. Radley died but no one absolutely cared. It snows for the aboriginal time and Advance is afraid because she's never apparent snow. They accept a snow day and no one but them seems to like the snow. They accomplish a ample snow man abounding with clay because they don't accept abundant snow. Ms. Maudie's abode catches on blaze forth with Ms. Rachel's but abandoned Ms. Maudie's burns down. Somehow a abstruse absolute appears about Scout's shoulders. It is adumbrated that Boo Radley put it there. Jem comes apple-pie about all their secrets. They acknowledgment Ms. Maudie's hat and barrier clipper that they had adopted to diguise the snowman. Chapter 9 Advance gets mad because Cecil Jacobs says Atticus defends blacks (in court). Advance keeps aggravating to get out of activity to school. Atticus abandoned tells her yes (he does avert a black) and his name is Tom Robinson (a acceptable acquaintance of Cal's). He doesn't appetite to acquaint Advance what the case is. He says he took the case to accumulate respect. Advance talks about Accessory Ike. Uncle Jack stays with them for a anniversary and gives them air rifles. Then, they appointment Finch's landing for Christmas. Francis, her annoying cousin, additionally gives her agitation over Atticus demography Tom Robinson's case. Chapter 10 Atticus is actual old (50) clashing the childrens' classmates. He has a "boring" Job. He never drinks or annihilation so he isn't actual inconspicous. Atticus says its a sin to annihilate a mockingbird because all they do is sing. Advance tries to shoot Ms. Maudie's butt, so Atticus goes over to acquaint her. The kids go hunting and acquisition Tim a aching old dog, so they appetite to advice him, but Cal calls about to acquaint bodies about the mad dog. The ops appear and anybody locks themselves inside. Addition easily Atticus a gun to shoot the dog but he refuses. He ends up cutting the dog and his kids cannot accept he attempt the dog. They acquisition out that Atticus' appellation was old one shot. Ms. Maudie tells the kids he gave up hunting because he anticipation god gave him an arbitrary advantage. Chapter 1 1 Jem and Advance abhorrence Mrs. Dubose and anticipate she keeps a pistol concealed, and they approved not to accomplished her house. Atticus says Mrs. Dubose is old and ailing and not to let her get to Jem. Jem and Advance go to boondocks to buy himself a little beef agent and Advance a aton. But, Jem gets actual mad aback she says Atticus isn't any bigger than the n*ggers he defends. Advance pulls him away. Aback they airing aback home, Mrs. Dubose wasnt on the porch. Jem snatched her billy and ran through her backyard and larboard abandoned aback he bankrupt all of her camellia annual bushes, he bankrupt Scouts baton. Atticus gets mad at Jem for ruining Mrs. Dubose's garden and makes him go apologize to her. Atticus says he couldn't go to abbey if he didn't booty Tim Robinson's case. Mrs. Dubose has Jem apple-pie up her backyard and says every saturday he has to assignment on her backyard and every ay except Sundays tor a ages ne nas to apprehend to her. Scout describes ner as actual ugly. While he was reading, she began to become abroad (NOT in a acceptable way). They ask if she is okay. Atticus tells Advance what a n*gger lover is. They apprehend that the anxiety alarm has been activity off a little after anniversary day. They assuredly accomplishment all the account and are actual happy. Mrs. Dubose dies and Atticus brings a bonbon box home from her for Jem. Atticus wrote her will and she bankrupt herself from her morphine addiction appropriate afore she died. She died chargeless as the "mountain air" the box has a white camellia in it. He yells "Oh hell devil! Atticus capital Jem to see how adventuresome she was and adventuresomeness isn't a man with a gun it is addition that knows they are activity to lose but still goes through with whatever they are doing. Chapter 12 Jem is 12 and Advance realizes she shouldn't bother him. Jem tells her to be a girl. Summer comes and Dill doesn't appear because he has a new ancestor that he will be spending time with him. He starts account the cardboard and all that. Cal says the kids can go to abbey with her, they are excited. Anybody is admiring of the group, except for Lulu, who asks why Cal brought white kids to a n*gger church. No instruments or books inside, Just a board fan for everyone. Akin admitting the kids accept dimes, they booty Cal's. The priest introduces them and says, "you all apperceive their father. " They calculation the money and say no one can leave until they accept $10 to advice Tim's family. The priest says that Atticus was the church's best friends. Cal tells Advance that Tim is in Jail for allegedly raping Mr. Ewell's girl. Advance doesn't apperceive what a abduction is. The kids acquisition out that no one from the abbey can apprehend and that Cal's declared altogether is on christmas. Cal formed on Finch's Landing aback she could ork and has consistently formed for the Finchs. Cal told the kids that she batten like she was atramentous with her neighbors at abbey so she wouldn't be out of place. Chapter 13 Aunt Alexandra visits. Her and Atticus absitively it would be acceptable for Advance to accept a feminine role model. Atticus comes aback and tells the kids that he thinks it is a acceptable abstraction for Auntie to alive with them, but Advance knows it was Auntie's idea. She became secretary to a Maycomb club. The boondocks is so baby and anybody affiliated in it, so Advance says anybody looks alike. Auntie tells Atticus to do and he does acquaint the kids to alive up to the Finch name. Scout and Jem feels like Atticus isn't the aforementioned person, but he changes aback because Aunt Alexandra told him to. Chapter 14 Aback Jem and Advance are activity through town, bodies accumulate authoritative comments and addition says article about rape, so aback Atticus got home Advance asked him what abduction was. Atticus says abduction is "carnal ability of a changeable by force and after consent. " She asks him why Cal wouldn't acquaint her what abduction was if that was all it was. Advance asks if she can go to Cal's house, but Auntie acutely says no. Advance over hears Auntie adage they should get rid of Cal. Advance and Jem affray but Atticus eparates them. Scout thinks there's a snake beneath her bed but it turns out to be Dill. He hates his new ancestor and tells them that a adjacent agriculturalist had been agriculture him. Chapter 1 Dill advance and Jem chase atticus to boondocks area they acquisition him sitting in advanced of Tom robbinson's Jail cell, he waited until a huge mob of bodies cam in one of the bodies actuality the cunningham father. Advance starts sauing things about mr. Cunningham's son, and she gets the accomplished absolute mob to leave tom abandoned after akin acumen that she did so Chapter 16 The kids and Atticus go out in the night. In the morning Atticus says Braxton Underwood is a negro-hater, and Aunt Alexandra tells him not to say that infront of Cal, but Atticus says she apparently knows and she additionally knows how abundant she agency to them. Advance has noticed a change in Atticus over the accomplished three days. They allocution about how akin admitting Mr. Cunningham was accessible to annihilate Atticus with the mob they are still accompany and the mob bodies are still bodies contrarily Advance couldn't accept chock-full them. Advance says aback Walter comes aback to academy she's activity to annihilate him, but Atticus tells her NOT to. Atticus tells the kids not to go city that day. (NOTE: pg 218 acceptable adduce atticus' parenting and profession)

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