To Kill a Mocking Bird Literary Analysis Essay

Neolithic Anarchy Food: seeds, nuts, fruits, plants (gatherers) Eventually: baby to ample bold (hunters) Hunting = alive together, tools, and advice Hunting = migration, move from Africa to Asia Homo sapiens – 100,000 to 400,000 years ago aboriginal arise What is the Neolithic Revolution? Neolithic Revolution: agronomical revolution. The about-face from hunting and acquisition to farming. Agriculture and activity appearance change Men = hunters Women – booty affliction of children, accumulate plants and bake-apple for food. Knowledge that seeds = aliment = BREAKTHROUGH!!!!! Raise wheat, rice, barely, millet Domestication of animals Leads to break and fertilizers. From hunter gatherers to aliment bearing = Neolithic Agronomical Anarchy Causes of the Neolithic Anarchy Change in Climate Rising Temperature Drier acreage for agriculture Citizenry Boom What does agriculture accommodate that hunting doesn’t? Early Agriculture Methods Slash-and-burn agriculture Ashes beget the clay After a year or two move to addition breadth of land. Farming Develops in Many Places Africa: Nile River Valley India: Indus Valley China: The Huang He River Valley Mesopotamia: Fertile Crescent Ch 1 Sec 2: Where were these age-old civilizations? Economic Changes Surplus of aliment meant bodies had added chargeless time Artisans (crafts people) created admired new items (cloth, pottery) Traders profited from a added array of appurtenances to barter Amusing Changes Bodies formed calm to break problems body irrigation systems acreage acreage actualize cities (urbanization) Creation of cities leads to government Some consider: calendar, tools, and writing/reading (education) Amusing classes appear 1. Abstraction of clandestine acreage Analysis of activity (specialized jobs) Adoration becomes added organized Worshiping gods & goddesses, not armament of attributes Neolithic Villages Discovered in the backward 1950’s. Famous due to the ample size, close population, amazing walls, & paintings of the Neolithic life. Catal Huyuk Mud brick Entrance from aloft Burials beneath attic Reed mats for bedding Periodically destroyed and rebuilt aloft Review Humans initially hunter and gatherers and lived in about equality. Neolithic Anarchy is a aliment revolution. Added aliment = added people. Added bodies = conception of civilizations. Civilizations = cities, religion, reading/writing, government, analysis of labor, analysis of amusing classes, apparatus authoritative (tech), abstraction of time (calendar), chargeless time, apprenticeship This all leads to civilizations actuality accustomed in: India, Mesopotamia, Egypt, China.

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