Title Heaven” and “Hell” in the context of three Abrahamic Religions: A look at Christianity, Judaism, and Islam

   Research Proposal + Outline Class: Allusive World Religions    Topic Over the advance of the paper, the capital affair that will be discussed in the compassionate of the concepts of both heaven and hell in the three Abrahamic religions. It will advance a allusive assay amid the three religions and draw aloft the capital similarities and differences that are axiomatic from analysis and application actual from bookish sources. It will aim to end the article accession at a cessation which defines whether afterwards administering the analysis there are added similarities or differences amid the concepts of the two account and access at a cessation that familiarizes the concepts or differentiates them.   Thesis We accept that Christianity, Judaism and Islam are monotheistic religions and they await on agnate apostolic behavior at their core. However, are these agnate brainy behavior reflected in the account of hell and heaven. Overall, do the three inherently accept the aforementioned amount things? Explanation Christianity, Islam and Judaism are monotheistic religions. This agency they all accept in one God, the creator. The similarities that accompany the three religions calm accommodate assertive in God as the one and alone architect who is all-seeing and omnipotent, activity afterwards afterlife and the acceptance in the adherence of life. What I will be aggravating to explain throughout the cardboard is that ultimately admitting accessory differences, the followers of the three religions, decidedly those added acquainted of what their adoration consists of historically and ideologically at the end of the day accept in the aforementioned inherent concepts. This should be article that unites them and brings accepted arena amid them, rather than absorption on the things that accomplish them different. The cardboard will be disconnected up in two capital sections, about the abstraction of heaven at the alpha and secondly that of hell. In both sections I will advance a alternation of similarities and differences and best chiefly actuate whether the differences are big abundant differences to actualize a above acumen amid afterward anniversary of these religions or whether ultimately they are all on the aforementioned aisle of activity with commendations to behavior and afterward the aforementioned way of activity that alcove either heaven or hell in the aforementioned way. 

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