timed writing : tough guise

https://youtu.be/fSzjOe_9kjA https://dcccd.kanopy.com/video/tough-guise-2 Click on the red Connect Now button on the awning above. Click Login in the high appropriate bend and use your claimed annual advice to admission the film. Watch and booty accurate addendum over the documentary (above). Complete the timed autograph over the documentary below. Works Cited Katz, Jackson, and Jeremy Earp. Tough Guise 2: Violence, Manhood & American Culture. Dir. Jeremy Earp. Prods. Sut Jhally and Jason Young. Media Education Foundation, 2013.  Jackson Katz analyzes how men are accomplished what it agency to be a man from media and from alternative macho abstracts in their lives, abnormally fathers and coaches. Watch carefully at how he proves that media leads the way in defining what it agency to be a man. Also attending at how the after-effects of that analogue accept a devastating effect on adolescent men, their self-esteem, and their relationships with women and alternative men. You will be accomplishing article agnate back you assay your commercials. After you assay your commercials, you will explain the after-effects to men and women of reinforcing stereotypes of adulthood in media.  ***Trigger Warning: This blur contains graphic depictions of real-life abandon and terroism. For this assignment, you will address a complete article that answers a alert over the documentary Tough Guise. You will accept 50 account to complete your essay. Your article charge accommodate the afterward parts: An introduction       A apriorism statement  Body paragraphs (you charge added than one!)      Open with a claim Include affirmation from the work Explain how that affirmation proves your thesis A conclusion Grading rubric: Introduction                                                  10       Introduces the work Thesis Body paragraphs that acknowledgment the prompt    65       Topic sentence Provides an example Explains the example Conclusion                                                   10       Answers the prompt Restates the thesis Correct grammar                                         15 Total                                                            100

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