Time Value of Money Calculations

  The purpose of this appointment is to acquiesce the acceptance to accept and convenance the altitude of present value, approaching value, and absorption amount application Microsoft® Excel®.  Assignment Steps  Resources: Microsoft® Office® 2013 Accessibility Tutorials, Microsoft® Excel®, Time Amount of Money Calculations Template Calculate the afterward time amount of money problems application Microsoft® Excel®: If we abode $8,592.00 in a accumulation annual advantageous 7.5 percent absorption circuitous annually, how abundant will our annual accumulate to in 9.5 years? What is the present amount of $992 to be accustomed in 13.5 years from today if our abatement amount is 3.5 percent? If you bought a banal for $45 dollars and could advertise it fifteen years after for three times what you originally paid. What was your acknowledgment on owning this stock? Suppose you bought a abode for $3,250,000 to accomplish it a nursing home in the future. But you accept not committed to the activity and will adjudge in nine years whether to go advanced with it or advertise off the house. If absolute acreage ethics access annually at 1.5%, how abundant can you apprehend to advertise the abode for in nine years if you accept not to advance with the nursing home project? If your babe wants to acquire $215,000 aural the abutting twenty-three years and the salaries abound at 4.45% per year. What bacon should she alpha to ability her goal?

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