Time Series in SAS

Part of the time alternation assay action includes accepting to apple-pie or transform the data. For this assignment, you will be application SAS Studio Forecasting tasks to adapt and analyze the Retail dataset, which is a congenital dataset absolute 58 observations on 5 variables. Step 1: Review the Web assets video tutorial to accustom yourself with the time alternation appearance in SAS Studio.    Step 2: In SAS Studio, use the Time Alternation Abstracts Preparation (proc timedata) assignment to transform the Retail dataset beneath the SASHELP Library. Set your Simple Difference to 1, Show achievement data, and name your achievement dataset DiffRetail. Run your program.   Step 3. In SAS Studio, use the Time Alternation Exploration (proc timeseries) assignment application the DiffRetail dataset created in Footfall 2. Your abased capricious will be SALES and your absolute capricious will be DATE. Take the blow of the defaults and run the program.   Step 4. In a 15-slide presentation, adhesive your code, logs, and achievement from Steps 2 and 3 into your presentation. Briefly altercate anniversary footfall and outcome.

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