Three Day Road Essay

Elijah and Xavier were consistently the best of friends. From the day they met at Residential School, they started to bond, and had a affiliation as able as two brothers. However, they were eventually breach apart, as Xavier had absitively to accomplish his role as a backcountry Indian, and larboard with his Aunt Niska to animate in the wilderness. Aback years had passed, Xavier got lonely, and the abandoned actuality he capital to accept by his ancillary was Elijah; thus, their accord was rekindled. Now, abounding years later, they still accept not larboard anniversary others side. They accede anniversary alternative as brothers, and yet, Xavier ends up killing Elijah. In the book Three Day Road, it is bright that Xavier enables Elijah’s accomplishments afore and during war that advance to Elijah’s closing death, causing Xavier to abatement ultimately amenable for Elijah’s death. After Xavier, Elijah would not accept succeeded in war. He abstruse how to shoot, coursing and accept killer-instinct from Xavier, axis him into an closing barbarous killing machine. The aboriginal archetype of Xavier actuality amenable for the training of Elijah comes from the aboriginal arena in the book, aback both boys are out calm for the aboriginal time. After hunting and finer communicable a marten, they doubtable it to be dead. As they airing afterpiece to the Marten, it is bright to both characters that it is still absolutely animate and disturbing to breach chargeless from the allurement that Xavier and Elijah had laid. Panicking, Elijah says: “What do we do, Xavier? ” (2) Xavier bound responds, after hesitation, by active appear the abutting log he can find, and atrociously smashing the marten to afterlife with it. Elijah, in shock, is told that it had to be done by Xavier. He believes him. It is bright that the aboriginal archetype of barbarous abandon that Elijah was apparent to afore the war was both with and produced by Xavier. This one moment is what affronted closing quotes from Elijah in the novel, such as: “Killing is in my blood. ” (236). After Xavier, Elijah wouldn’t accept accepted how to annihilate an animal, let abandoned a man, accordingly causing the battlefields of Europe to be no abode for Elijah Whiskyjack. Xavier is a artlessly quiet and acquiescent person, which ultimately resulted in consistently acceptance Elijah to abide on with his atrocious accomplishments during the war. “He seems to be spending added and added time with Grey Eyes, but I don’t ask abundant of it” (Xavier, 124). Elijah advertence that, “Scalping Fritz feeds my unger” (312), and administration that, “I apperceive you don’t like what happens next, so I won’t accord you the details” (Elijah speaking to Xavier about scalping, 286). Anniversary of these quotations are examples in the book of Xavier audition or witnessing article Elijah adage or doing. Xavier sees Elijah accomplishing things about amiss all the time, and consistently does annihilation about it. He doesn’t alike absolute a word. Aback Grey Eyes started spending time with Elijah, Xavier automatically afflicted that Elijah wouldn’t try morphine, as it ‘isn’t in his nature’ to do such a thing. He did. When Xavier noticed the scalps axle up in Elijah’s army bag, he feared that article was amiss with Elijah. He feared alike added aback Elijah declared that scalping Fritz fed his hunger. But surely, anticipation Xavier, Elijah would not become Windigo; he did. As it is bright to see, Xavier did not articulation his assessment at important stages in Elijah’s life. Perhaps if Xavier had artlessly told Elijah that Grey Eyes was not abandoned a bad access on him, but a bad actuality in accepted due to his abundant morphine use, Elijah would accept listened to him and not afraid about with Grey Eyes, and never become absorbed to the drug. Maybe if Xavier had afflicted Elijah to stop scalping and booty a animation from reality, Elijah would accept accomplished that he was accepting out of duke and stop demography Fritz scalps altogether. This way, he never would accept angry Windigo. As you can see, there are two bright times in the atypical area Xavier should accept been a accurate acquaintance and accurate his assessment appear Elijah about his problems, but not already did he do so. This acquired Elijah to not see any problems with the things that he was accomplishing or alike apprehend what a abhorrent actuality he was becoming. It could accept all been prevented. Xavier afflicted not abandoned the contest arch up to Elijah’s death, but actually was the one to annihilate him. In fact, he attempted to annihilate him twice. The aboriginal time was in an army tent. Aback Xavier doubtable Elijah to be sleeping, he pulled out a aggravate abounding with morphine from Elijah’s army kit. He plunged the aggravate into one of Elijah’s beyond veins, but concluded up not activity through with the injection, as Elijah woke up confused, allurement Xavier what he was doing. Xavier bound responded, adage that he was giving him morphine, and again “slowly pulled the aggravate from Elijah’s arm and placed it aback in his kit” (323). This attack of killing Elijah went miserably wrong, and acquired Elijah to catechism whether or not he could assurance Xavier as a acquaintance anymore. It is bright that Xavier did not accept the best clue almanac with Elijah at this point. He accomplished him for War at a adolescent age and did not allege out about both morphine addiction and scalping enemies. Furthermore, he attempted to annihilate Elijah with morphine, fearing that he had gone mad. By not activity through with killing Elijah in the aboriginal place, it advance to him accepting to accord with him one on one in the average of a atrium on the battlefield (368-372). Elijah, alive that Xavier would accept dead him the aboriginal adventitious they were alone, planned to jump Xavier in the crater. Xavier, at this point, had no best but to annihilate Elijah; the war apparatus that he himself had created. He concluded up afterwards in this, abandoned to acquisition himself in a hospital canicule later. The absolute action to the afterlife amid two best accompany could accept gone either way, however, it never should accept occurred in the aboriginal place. If abandoned Xavier had fabricated altered decisions in account to Elijah as their accord progressed, the afterlife of Elijah never would accept occurred. Xavier is ultimately amenable for the afterlife of Elijah.

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