What are your thoughts  Spiritual affliction consists of altered accoutrement that can abetment and accomplish the chat easier and genuine. “A person’s adherence and acceptance ethics appulse his or her compassionate of affliction as able-bodied as bloom affliction decisions” (Evans, 2020). I feel that my claimed strengths in facilitating airy affliction accommodate my adeptness to acquaint with my patients or their abutment system. I feel that the way I access them and allocution with them allows them to feel adequate to altercate the added claimed capacity such as end of activity decisions or alternative airy considerations. I feel one of my weaknesses is that I generally times don’t consistently feel I accept the appropriate affair to say in assertive situations and feel awkward but I anticipate with added acquaintance this will become article that isn’t my anemic point in airy care. If I was the patient, my admired ones would accept the ethical decisions authoritative in difficult situations. I am not affiliated yet but if I were it would be my bedmate who would accomplish the ethical decisions but until that time comes; I would accept my brother accomplish any decisions for me because I apperceive he would accomplish the decisions that I would ambition for.

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