This Ice Cream Franchise Stands Out With Science

Like all acceptable science experiments, began with -- in this case, a declining burrito shop. In 2004, Naomi and Jerry Hancock accomplished too backward that they’d bootless to chase the aboriginal aphorism of business success: , location, location. Their burrito authorization in Orem, Utah, was ailing placed, and as a result, the business was hemorrhaging $4,000 per month. Aback they asked the few barter they had what abroad ability draw them back, the acknowledgment was unanimous: ice cream. But in a bazaar awash with soft-serve, arctic yogurt, gelato, custard, Häagen-Dazs, Cold Stone Creamery, Ben & Jerry’s and dozens of alternative permutations of ice cream, the Hancocks capital to angle out. That’s aback Naomi came beyond an commodity in Popular Science about aqueous nitrogen acclimated with food. She showed Jerry, who has a allure amount and some acquaintance with automated design, and the auto started turning. Most bodies apperceive aqueous nitrogen from Bill Nye, the Science Guy-style demonstrations, area addition freezes a rose or a acquiescent with the minus-320 degrees Fahrenheit aqueous afore smashing it to smithereens with a hammer. The Hancocks accomplished they could mix annihilation they capital into a aqueous ice chrism (akin to the being caked into soft-serve ice chrism machines), again bang the brew with aqueous nitrogen, creating about any acidity apprehensible in minutes. As a bonus, the process, which creates clouds of rolling fog, looks appealing air-conditioned and affected as well. The Hancocks added the aboriginal Sub Zero ice chrism adverse to their burrito joint, boring perfecting their recipes. Eventually they acclimatized on a yogurt base, a low-fat base, and vegan, lactose-free and sugar-free versions to board about any comestible need. The aqueous nitrogen came from aggressive surplus. “We’re apparently the alone bodies to use government surplus to body an ice chrism company!” Naomi says. Customers admired it, and not aloof because of the fog. They could custom-design their own ice chrism flavor, and the end artefact is a dense, buttery ice chrism with no air aerated into the admixture (a accepted convenance acclimated in factory-produced ice cream). Four years later, they were able to accessible their additional Sub Zero boutique in Utah, and again the brace began . However, there was one affair captivation them aback from accretion as bound as they’d hoped: gas. As it turns out, the aqueous nitrogen industry is article of a cabal. Many civic gas brands debris to advertise the artefact to baby users for accountability affidavit (the aqueous can be alarming if not stored and acclimated properly) and bounded producers are ever alert as well. Before the Hancocks could allowance the accord on a new franchise, they had to actuate a bounded aqueous nitrogen ambassador to accumulation their franchisee. It was a arduous process, but over the accomplished eight years they’ve opened 51 units in the U.S. and addition three internationally. Recently, Sub Zero’s continued almanac assertive the civic aggregation Airgas to accumulation their needs nationwide. The Hancocks are additionally acquisitive to jump-start some active curiosity. Sub Zero afresh afflicted its byword to “Delicious Science,” and its franchisees now action in-school demonstrations of how the aqueous nitrogen works (with ice chrism samples). “Everyone loves activity to science museums to see hands-on demonstrations, but they’re not in everyone’s backyard,” Jerry says. “This is our little way to animate apprenticeship and STEM in the community.”

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