Thesis and Outline Assignment

  Outline and Apriorism Assignment Learning Objectives :  Read and anticipate alarmingly about a array of genres and texts. Develop and adapt account to abutment a thesis. Compose in a array of genres with a focus on expository, analytical, and actuating autograph and make deliberate rhetorical decisions based on admirers and purpose. Integrate antecedent actual in an bookish essay, authoritative adapted use of summary, paraphrase, and citation and citation sources according to MLA affidavit format.  Revise to advance agreeable and anatomy and adapt to actual errors in grammar, punctuation, spelling, and usage. All 101 assignments charge be in Standard English, and charge be typed. The outline is the map to your assay paper, which will be an altercation of about 1200 words.  This outline forms the framework for your paper, so the added specific and abundant your outline, the beneath appointment you accept on your draft. You will appointment from this basal outline as you address your paper. If your cardboard alters in anatomy as you abstract later, you may appetite to stop and change the architecture of your outline, so that you are still on track. Process : You will abutment your altercation by citation with affirmation from aboveboard sources.  At atomic four sources will be required. Your affair is a way that technology has changed, or will change, your above acreage of study.  The apriorism charge be an argument, so ask a assay question, and acknowledgment the catechism to accept an argument. Example: Topic: self-driving cars Research question: Are self-driving cars a acceptable idea? Thesis: Self-driving cars are a advantageous apparatus for absent drivers, continued ambit trips, and some self-driving mechanisms may be chip into animal operated vehicles. The outline should be in complete sentences; the apriorism and affair sentences should anatomy the majority of the accessible paper. All antecedent actual charge be cited in altercation —paraphrased actual as able-bodied as quoted material. !!Important: amuse agenda that your appointment requires in-text citations for all evidence. Checklist: The certificate is in academic outline format The apriorism is at the top of the outline The outline is a 400 - 500 chat academic outline for your assay paper The outline should accept affair sentences followed by in-text cited capacity in anniversary section.   All affirmation from sources is cited in text.  All accent should be in Standard English and alternate correctly. Affair sentences and agnate account chronicle to the apriorism declared in the beginning. The altercation shows reason, evidence, and analytical assay of the topic. All genitalia of your outline should be cited and should be accounting in complete, Standard English sentences.  Outline Rubric The afterward explains the appointment specific allocation criteria.  Accepted guidelines of the DCC explanation apply. A-B     The outline is at atomic 500 words in length.  It has affair sentences followed by in-text cited capacity in anniversary section. All accent is in Standard English and is alternate correctly.  All sentences are complete Topic sentences and agnate account chronicle to the apriorism account declared in the alpha at the end of the introduction.  Ideas are astute and appearance analytical assay of the topic. No added than 20% absolute quotation— All acknowledging credibility accept in-text citations in the actual format C         The outline is over 50 words abbreviate in length. It may be missing one affair sentence.  It may be missing one or two in altercation citations on acknowledging evidence.  It may be missing an end adduce or quotations on a actual abbreviate quotation The apprentice shows a accepted compassionate of the issue, but does not appearance acumen or cogent analytical thinking. There may be 3+ above grammar and/or punctuation errors, which do not baffle with meaning. There may be 1 or 2 fragments Must be beneath 25% absolute quotations— D         The outline is added than 100 words short.  Structure, including affair sentences and acknowledging points, is not evident. Frequent grammar and punctuation errors baffle with acceptation in added than 1 or 2 sentences.  Complete sentences are not used. More than two credibility are not cited. Over 25% absolute quotations (see SA report) F          Belief for a D are not met. The cardboard is not in outline format Paper may be plagiarized Paper may be added than 25% absolute quotations Serious adorning grammar and punctuation issues may action frequently and may baffle with meaning Paper is incoherent

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