Theory/Worldview Paper (Due 11-19-17 by 12:00 noon)

   Discuss your after-effects from demography the Selective Approach Sorter in chic and allocution about the afterward (DO NOT accommodate questions as headers): The approach called is the Cognitive-Behavioral Theory. 1. How does your claimed appearance of the apple accede or disagree with the angle of your abstract orientation? 2. Are there any above areas of disagreements amid your claimed worldview and the angle of your abstract orientation? 3. What are some means that one of your top abstract orientations displays similarities with your worldview? 4. Given your altered worldview and abstract orientation, how ability a client's acquaintance with you be altered than with addition counselor? 5. Seek out at atomic two battleground sources (peer advised account articles) associated with your abstract orientation. A battleground antecedent is a seminal assignment that establishes a approach or abstraction aural the literature. Use these sources to allocution about the agent and base of your abstract orientation. Please ask questions about this allocation if you are unsure. Journal Accessories (to be congenital into the Counseling Approach Paper) These are credibility to address, but not in an outline anatomy (must use headings) for your paper. Minimum length: 3 pages of agreeable (not including appellation folio & advertence page)

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