Theory review

   Develop a PowerPoint presentation reviewing anniversary of the afterward theories  1. Nightingale’s Environmental Theory 2. Orem’s Self-Care Deficit Theory. 3. Orlando’s approach guide 4. King’s Conceptual System Theory 5. Roy Adaptation Model 6. Leininger's Culture Care Model 7. Parse’s Human Becoming Theory Answer the afterward questions for anniversary of the theories listed above. You should accept 2-4 slides per approach with a absolute of 8 theories discussed.  Describe the theory Provide 3 examples of how the approach applies to accepted      practice Provide 3 absolute accommodating outcomes consistent from      utilizing the theory Explain 3 allowances to nursing achievement back      utilizing the theory Describe two barriers to application the approach in convenance      and at atomic one adjustment for advantageous anniversary barrier (support methods with      sources) Abutment from abstract acutely acclaimed throughout The PowerPoint presentation should accommodate at atomic two alfresco references. The presentation should accommodate 2 to 4 slides per theory, for a absolute of 16 to 32 slides.

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