Theory Paper

You charge to authenticate your compassionate and appraisal of perspectives. Choose and analysis about TWO perspectives amid the perspectives that we accept abstruse about during the semester. Examples of macro perspectives/theories include: battle theories, empowerment theory, feminist theories, functionalist theory, animal anatomy theory, ecosystems theory, acquirements theory, amusing barter theory, [social] systems theory. For anniversary perspective: ● Describe anniversary angle in agreement of its MAJOR ASSUMPTIONS. Describe the above concepts and emphases of anniversary perspective. ● Describe the STRENGTHS AND LIMITATIONS of anniversary perspective. ● Explain how anniversary angle does or does not annual for the access of SOCIAL PRIVILEGES AND SOCIAL OPPRESSIONS. ● You charge to altercate how anniversary angle helps you accept interactions amid bodies and macro amusing systems.   Part Two: Appliance of Theory  This allotment of the cardboard discusses how these two perspectives (theories) would access your amusing appointment convenance in a accurate framework. This takes up area allotment one of the appointment larboard off. You charge to highlight the key account of anniversary angle you acclimated in Allotment One. Specify the amusing appointment botheration (clientele) you are absorbed in alive with afterwards graduation. ● Identify the SOCIAL PROBLEM that you ambition to study ● Announce the SCOPE AND SOCIAL COST OF THE PROBLEM. In alternative words, argue me of the severity of the amusing botheration is by appliance evidence; commendation both studies, articles, and alternative abstracts sources. ● Specify the CLIENTELE in this amusing appointment convenance (service) setting. I.e., who are the audience in catechism and in what settings ability they be apparent in accord to this amusing problem.   ● What affectionate of INTERVENTIONS would you accommodate for this citizenry in accordance with the different framework of anniversary perspective? ● What are apparent affidavit abaft the interventions, or in alternative words, why do they or should they work? ● Be abiding to announce beneath what affairs anniversary angle (theory) would be advantageous and the kinds of questions anniversary angle (theory) ability advance you to ask about a client’s challenges. Be abiding to acknowledgment this for anniversary theory. Paper Basics (for both sections): 1. You charge use APA (6th edition) format, including a awning page, folio numbers, commendation appearance and references. 2. Anniversary allotment (parts 1 & 2 should be amid 3-4 pages and your final cardboard should be amid 7 and 10 pages continued (not including awning folio and references). 3. The use of the aboriginal being (I feel, I discovered, etc.) IS NOT adequate for this paper. 4. You may absorb agreeable and abutment from our arbiter about you are accepted to use alternative bookish sources. At a minimum you should use 2-3 bookish sources (peer advised journals) in allotment 1. While you may recite these references in allotment 2, you should accept a minimum of 3 new references in allotment 2, for a minimum of 5 bookish references for your abounding paper. argument and one alternative able antecedent (text book or account article). Please bethink to both abutment and cite! This agency you will adduce throughout your paper, as appropriate. 5. Your cardboard should authenticate a cogent akin of appliance of content.

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