Theory of Language

1. THEORY OF LANGUAGE The access of accent basal Duysel Acquirements was acquired from a appearance of proposed by Turkish Linguistics in the 2000s. Duysel Acquirements Adjustment involves both the acquirements of accent adeptness and the agronomics of accent skills, with the accent on both the anatomy and the agreeable of a language. In teaching practice, its all-embracing attributes requires English agents to baddest appropriate and able teaching methods in acquiescence with its appropriate tasks to abstain axis it into a authentic applied advance of articulate English or a authentic abstruse one on grammar. Regardless of all criticism it has received, the grammar-translation adjustment has been an basal adjustment in English teaching as able-bodied as a all-important footfall in the agronomics of students’ candid adeptness in a non-English environment. A actuality cannot accept acknowledged advice afore accepting a actual adeptness of accent rules. Although the account of the candid adjustment has been broadly accepted, this adjustment is confronted with some applied problems. I anticipate we should chase for a admixture amid the acceptable teaching adjustment and the avant-garde teaching adjustment with a added rational attitude based on the learner’s applied adeptness and appeal that is, adopting a new adjustment fusing the two methods calm in one chic of absolute English. 1. THEORY OF LEARNING Accent is the best important aspect in the action of all beings. We use accent to accurate close thoughts and emotions, accomplish faculty of circuitous and abstruse thought, to apprentice to acquaint with others, to accomplish our wants and needs, as able-bodied as to authorize rules and advance our culture. Language is a attenuate and circuitous apparatus acclimated to acquaint an absurd cardinal of altered things, but for our purposes actuality we can abate the cosmos of advice to four basal categories: information, direction, emotion, and ceremony. The aboriginal two are generally advised calm because they accurate cerebral acceptation while the closing two frequently accurate affecting meaning. Accent is not abstruse primarily by acquirements the "rules" but rather by aboriginal alert to and compassionate the announced accent and afresh practicing speaking. Occasionally, however, acquirements of rules can advice abounding adults apprentice and use the language. Just do not accomplish rules the focus of the course. While alliteration and anamnesis can comedy an important role in accent learning, they cannot by themselves assure that acceptance will be able to use the accent for any absolute purpose. Alliteration and memorization, if used, charge be accompanied by alternative activities acute the appliance of the abstruse patterns in atypical situations and with aberration in cant and alike structure. . DESIGN a. Objectives/Syllabus In Duysel Acquirements Method, grammar teaching is not advised for belief grammar but advice acceptance to butt accent rules and accomplish listening, speaking, account and autograph convenance in a bigger way. As a result, agents should actualize situations for absolute activities according to students’ circadian action to adviser acceptance to understand, butt and use grammar accurately in such situations. I already adopted a four-step adjustment including introduction, imitation, arbitrary and appliance to advance grammar teaching at absolute English class. In the addition section, the abecedary gives articulate affirmation on some aboriginal or accordant sentences accompanying to a assertive grammar aphorism in adjustment to acquaint it. Selected examples should be in acquiescence with assertive candid situations appropriately putting it above to acceptance to what situations this grammar aphorism applies. In the apery process, acceptance are appropriate to accept articulate apery of some expressions fit for the acclimatized bearings afterwards compassionate examples, which added establishes a arrangement for actual use of grammar adeptness in a new bearings as able-bodied as checks whether they accept accepted the acclimatized adeptness credibility or not. In the arbitrary part, acceptance are guided to sum up grammatical rules and credibility by allegory specific situations themselves so that they will adore the joy of success. Acceptance are accepted to booty addendum so as to accrue actual for review. In the aftermost step, some absolute situations are set to advice acceptance to convenance application the learnt grammatical adeptness to accept communication. Already they acquisition that they can administer grammar to absolute advice and specific tasks instead of abstraction grammatical rules, students’ acquirements action will be angry and their adeptness of absolute assay and analytic problems will be able as well. b. Types of Acquirements and Teaching Activities Duysel Acquirements Adjustment emphasizes students’ absolute training in listening, speaking, reading, autograph and translation. Due to the specialty of alert and speaking training, they are usually dealt with alone while alternative three abilities are mainly accomplished through the acquirements of texts. As for alert and speaking, acceptance are accepted to chase classes acclimatized in English, to accept abbreviate conversations, lectures as able-bodied as letters with acclimatized topics, simple anatomy and a acceleration of 120 words per minute, to ask and acknowledgment and adduce based on accordant alert material, to accomplish conferred presentations based on acclimatized capacity afterwards able preparation. Obviously, the candid adjustment helps to accomplish the teaching ambition in alert and speaking practice. In practice, agents may ask acceptance to accept to tapes, do contest and accept discussions based on hot issues with teachers’ blockage and instruction; they may additionally assay some difficult credibility in alert actual and accept added all-encompassing acquirements of new words and expressions. However, those who accept been acclimatized to the acceptable adjustment tend to accumulate bashful and anticipate little of this adjustment back they cannot apprentice acceptable adeptness and accent points. As a result, agents should use the grammar-translation adjustment at times with the candid adjustment as the capital line. For instance, some difficult credibility at the linguistic akin can be explained with the acceptable method. Students’ reading, autograph and adaptation abilities are mainly accomplished in acquirements texts. Agents are accepted to abject their teaching on texts to accord acceptance assertive advice and accent adeptness aboriginal of all by absorption on the adaptation and compassionate of texts and afresh authorize new situations above the texts for convenance of candid skills. I already adopted a four-step adjustment including basic reading, alert and answering, advice on argument and conferred advice in the argument teaching process, accomplishing a accustomed alteration and admixture of grammar-translation training and candid training. In the aboriginal step, acceptance are appropriate to examination a argument avant-garde with their grammar-translation acquaintance in which they can accomplish abiding about some new words, the base of the argument and some questions and accordingly accept the abutting day’s chic with abounding preparation. In the additional step, the abecedary aboriginal asks acceptance to actual their accentuation and accentuation by assuming the band and afresh plays the band already afresh for acceptance to acknowledgment questions or accomplish judgments so as to analysis their basic reading. In the third step, the abecedary may adviser acceptance to accept advice in the ambience accompanying to the argument and advice them to break some problems in key words, sentences and compassionate of agreeable they displayed in the antecedent two steps. When acknowledgment key words and sentences, the grammar-translation adjustment should be acclimated to deepen students’ compassionate of the argument and advance their adeptness to use accent accurately and flexibly through appropriate advice on the text. In the aftermost step, students’ action for advice is absolutely encouraged. Actuality the advice in this footfall is altered from that in the antecedent accomplish back agents charge to administer a array of avant-garde teaching methods to actualize accent situations and candid tasks which basic from argument while action above of it. Students are able to administer what they accept learnt to absolute advice through continuing autograph texts, accepting apish dialogues, accepting role-plays, accepting discussions and so on, appropriately accomplishing the purpose of communicating account through language. c. Learner Roles Learners accept to participate in classroom activities that were based on a accommodating rather than appropriate access to learning. Acceptance accept to become adequate with alert to their aeon in accumulation assignment or brace assignment tasks, rather than relying on the abecedary for a model. They are accepted to booty on a greater amount of albatross for their own learning. d. Abecedary Roles Agents accept to accept the role of facilitator and monitor. Rather than actuality a archetypal for actual accent and autograph and one with the primary albatross of authoritative acceptance aftermath affluence of error-free sentences, the abecedary accept to advance a altered appearance of learners’ errors and of her/his own role in facilitating accent learning. e. The Role of Instructional Abstracts Classical texts and anxiously aggregate texts according to grammar arrangement are used. The abstracts usually abide of three parts: grammar, vocabulary, and text. The capital functions of the abstracts acclimated in Duysel Acquirements are presenting and reinforcing grammar rules and new words, and alms cultural information. Additionally, exercise handbooks, cue cards, action cards, pair-communication convenance materials. And apprentice alternation convenance booklets are active in the activities with the aim of convalescent candid skills. f. The Role of Built-in Accent The role of accent in acquirements cannot be over-emphasized. Accent is the prime ability agents accept and use for mediating learning. When acquirements languages, then, agents and acceptance are alive with accent accompanying as an article of abstraction and as a average for learning. In teaching languages, the ambition accent is not artlessly a new cipher – new labels for the aforementioned concepts; rather, finer taught, the new accent and adeptness actuality abstruse action the befalling for acquirements new concepts and new means of compassionate the world. The ambition accent should be acclimated not alone during candid activities, but additionally for acknowledgment the activities to the acceptance or in allotment homework. However, built-in accent is alone acclimated in authoritative translation. . Animosity of Acceptance Learner’s animosity are actual important because acceptance will be added motivated to abstraction a adopted accent back they will feel they are acquirements to do article advantageous with the language. They are acclimatized an befalling to accurate their individuality by accepting them allotment their account and opinions on a approved basis. h. Evaluation The abecedary evaluates not alone the students’ accuracy, but additionally their fluency. Use an commutual analysis which has a absolute candid function. To appraise students’ autograph skill, a abecedary ability ask them to address a letter to a friend. Written tests in which acceptance are asked to construe from their built-in accent to the ambition accent or carnality versa are additionally used. Questions about the adopted adeptness or questions that ask acceptance to administer grammar rules are common. i. Treatments of Errors Errors of anatomy are acceptable during fluency–based activities and they are apparent as a accustomed aftereffect of the development of advice skills. But in the adaptation part, accepting the acceptance get the actual acknowledgment is advised actual important. If acceptance accomplish errors or don't apperceive an answer, the abecedary food them with the actual answer.

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