Theory Application- personality theory to be applied (May’a Existentialism theory)

Instructions: For anniversary appliance paper, the appointment is as follows. (1) Think of addition you apperceive able-bodied (either personally, a acclaimed accessible figure, or yourself) (2) Identify either article the being did, or some personality appropriate that the alone tends to display (3) Pick one of the personality theories that we altercate in this course. Choose a altered approach for anniversary appliance paper. (4) Write the Approach Application. In the application, you should: (a) briefly call the being and call the behavior or personality appropriate you are autograph about; (b) explain how one of the theories in the chic would explain that behavior or personality characteristic; (c) briefly appraise the explanation; you can accurate your assessment about the amount to which the theory-based account provided acumen into the alone you’re discussing. Length: 4 pages. Plagiarism: Do not archetype any allocation of your book (or any alternative source) into your essays. Plagiarism interferes with the capital purpose of accepting you adapt these papers, which is to get you to amalgamate what you accept apprehend and again explain it and assay it IN YOUR OWN WORDS. Format: You do not accept to accommodate a advertence folio with this assignment. However, your cardboard should be accounting in APA architecture and accommodate a appellation page. Title folio (including appellation of paper, student’s name with average initial, and Oral Roberts University centered on 3 lines, bifold spaced between, in the high bisected of the page) Page numbers in the high appropriate bend of the page, alpha with the appellation page

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