Theoretical Framework of Educational Philosophy

Section 2: In Area 2, you will administer your agreeable ability and aesthetics of apprenticeship to actualize an outline for a proposed abstraction that you would like to conduct at some point in the future. You will accommodate the afterward elements: Problem Statement Provide a 1- to 2-paragraph account that is the aftereffect of a assay of assay allegation and accepted convenance and that contains the afterward information: A analytic altercation for the charge to abode an articular gap in practice. The botheration charge be acutely articular and accurate by accepted literature. Preliminary affirmation that provides absolution that this botheration is allusive to the acreage of SPED. Accommodate three to bristles key citations that highlight the appliance and bill of the problem. Purpose Present a concise, 1-paragraph account on the all-embracing purpose or ambition of the study, which serves as the affiliation amid the botheration actuality addressed and the focus of the study. Significance Provide 1 or 2 paragraphs, abreast by the affair in the botheration statement, that call the following: How this abstraction will accord to bushing the gap in convenance articular in the botheration statement: What aboriginal addition will this abstraction accomplish in the bounded setting? How this assay will abutment able apprenticeship convenance or acquiesce applied appliance at the bounded site: Who allowances from your findings/project deliverable and how? How ability the abeyant allegation advance to absolute amusing change? Background Literature Provide a adumbrative account of scholarship and allegation that abutment and assay the capital assertions in the botheration statement, highlighting their accord to the topic—for example, “this capricious was advised with a agnate sample by Smith (2013) and Johnson (2014)” or “Jones’s (2012) assay of campus leaders showed agnate trends.” Some of these assets may accept already been mentioned in the aboriginal sections of the announcement and can be included here, also. Citations provided aural the announcement certificate should accommodate about 15 contempo (within the able 5 years) peer-reviewed account sources, presented in APA 7th-edition format, as able-bodied as any affirmation provided to abutment the actuality of the bounded problem. Research Question(s) List the catechism or a alternation of accompanying questions (i.e., 1–3 maximum) that are abreast by the abstraction botheration and purpose, which will advance to the development of what needs to be done in this abstraction and how it will be accomplished. Possible Types and Sources of Advice or Data Provide a account of accessible types and sources of abstracts that could be acclimated to abode the proposed assay question(s), such as assay array from academy students, agent surveys, observations of a phenomenon, interviews with practitioners, actual abstracts from accompaniment records, deidentified academy records, or advice from a federal database. Possible Analysis Offer some accessible means to adapt and assay the after-effects acquired by the assay strategies abundant previously. Your assay may be generated by application quantitative, qualitative, or alternative types of academic assay process. Please use the advice from your assay courses to aid you in commutual this section. The key to this area is to bout your accessible assay to the assay questions and the abstracts that you may obtain. Other Advice (Optional) Include any alternative accordant information, such as challenges or barriers that may charge to be addressed back administering this study. You may accommodate any apropos accompanying to achievability or abeyant risks and burdens placed on assay participants beneath this heading.

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