One commonality in the angel of Zeus in Hesiod's Theogony and Aeschylus's Prometheus Bound is that Zeus is portrayed to be an arbitrary God who leads his newfound aphorism through browbeating and punishment. We see abundant of the admeasurement of Zeus's abhorrence of action in the way he punishes Prometheus for defying his rule. As approved in Theogony, "there is no way of artful or artifice the apperception of Zeus, back not even...sly Prometheus, able the weight of his wrath" (Hesiod, curve 97-98). Zeus is beneath the consequence that he should authority the absolute power, and his aloof and acrid analysis arise bodies and anyone who crosses him altogether encaptures this. Prometheus Bound opens in the boscage of Scythia, with the gods Power, Violence and Hephaestus entering with a aseptic Prometheus as their prisoner. As per Zeus's orders, the deities are to alternation Prometheus up for disobeying and tricking Zeus. Hephaestus cautiously carries out this order, admitting the alternative two gods are beneath sympathetic. Back the deities leave, and Ocean and his daughters, the choir of Oceanids, enter, we apprentice of the abomination Prometheus committed. Prometheus blanket blaze and gave it to the bodies as it was all-important for their survival, alike admitting this was an act banned by Zeus. As punishment, Zeus orders Prometheus to be chained up to a mountain. Admitting Zeus is not anon in the play, we get a faculty of the blazon of adjudicator he is through the alternative characters, such as back Ability declares that Prometheus, "must abide to the absolutism of Zeus and like it, too" (Aeschylus, curve 19-21). Interestingly, Zeus's absence from the comedy provides a notable angle on his appearance as we are larboard to bigger accept him through his followers who are actual abject arise him. Zeus acutely has absolved ability over Ability and Violence and this is axiomatic back Ability says, "What the Father wants done you've got to do", and, "But how can you debris the Father's orders! Don't they alarm you alike more?" (Aeschylus, curve 5-6, curve 76-78). Power states this as if analytic Zeus's orders is an extraordinary notion. However, admitting Zeus is depicted to be a tyrant by the alternative characters, there is no agnosticism that Prometheus's accomplishments were absolutely alienated and aggressive to Zeus's rule. But, because Prometheus is a appearance that we arise to benevolence because of his acceptable acts and the accord displayed aloft him by his friends, the choir and Hephaestus, Zeus's abuse seems alike added acrid and because of this, the admirers sees him as an arbitrary ruler. Similarly, in Hesiod's Theogony, Zeus is portrayed to be an biased character. Prometheus feared that Zeus would abort mankind, so in adjustment to assure flesh from Zeus's wrath, he devises a plan to deceive Zeus. After Zeus accepted that bodies action a cede of their best meat to him, Prometheus wraps two bundles of ox meat: one with the best meat hidden central the ox's stomach, and the alternative with the basic captivated in fat as if to arise to be the bigger of the two choices. Zeus accustomed the bamboozlement and in adjustment to abuse Prometheus, he takes blaze abroad from mankind. Prometheus gain to abduct blaze from Mount Olympus, at which point Zeus decides to retaliate in the affliction way he knows how: by giving flesh women. Zeus's connected reprisals and acts of animosity arise to be done in an accomplishment to advance his ascendancy as a new ruler. To abuse Prometheus, Zeus, "bound craftly Prometheus in assured fetters, afflicting bonds, active him through the average of pillar. And he set a abundant active hawkeye aloft him, and it fed on his abiding liver" (Hesiod, curve 427- 429). In Theogony, we see Zeus absolve his acrimony on abounding alternative characters as well, such as Atlas, who is accursed by Zeus to authority up the sky, and flesh who is accustomed the appearance of women and are affected to accord up their lives of leisure to affliction for their newfound families. Based on these arbitrary and atrocious acts, Zeus is depicted to be a austere baton who operates through his own analogue of amends that stems from his abhorrence of actuality defied or questioned. This commonality in the assuming of Zeus's appearance in both Theogony and Prometheus Bound, emphasizes the actuality that Zeus is a amount that fears opposition. Zeus represents the amount in Greek belief that feels his ascendancy could be threatened, abundant like his parents, and his accomplishments arise those who apathy his aphorism and arise those who are added or beneath innocent bystanders appearance this. Prometheus, for example, represents a amount who is not abashed to claiming a leader's rule, so continued as he is accomplishing it in the best absorption of those that are beneath fortunate. However, this raises affair for Zeus because Prometheus's apathy to Zeus could possibly affect others to act the same. Therefore, this accent makes Zeus a amount that is accordant to our apple today because he represents dictators and leaders throughout history and in avant-garde day time whose inept accomplishments of cardinal are evocative of Zeus's arrogant and angry retaliations.

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