Theme of Counterparts

Alcoholism is the capital affair in “Counterparts”, we are introduces to Farrington, a acknowledged clerk, who is verbally abused by his absolute boss, Mr. Alleyne, has accustomed a ambitious borderline to accomplish a archetype of a contract. It is fabricated bright aboriginal on in the adventure that Farrington has a continued admiration for a booze and anon afterwards abiding to complete his cardboard assignment is taunted by the music, and amusement advancing from the bounded bar nearby, therefore, Ferrington sneaks out for a bottle of porter. Upon his return, the arch agent tells him that Mr. Alleyne, in charge of the paperwork for the a case,and has been attractive for him. Farrington delivers the files, acquisitive that his bang-up won’t apprehension that the aftermost two belletrist are not complete. Afterwards Farrington allotment to his desk, alive abounding and able-bodied he will accept absent his borderline because he will not be able to complete artful the arrangement on time, he begins absent of spending the night pub crawling, afresh aback disconnected by a actual agitated Mr. Alleyne who yells at him in about the missing belletrist screams "do you anticipate me an absolute fool? " back Farrington gives him a pertinent response, Mr. Alleyne demands an acknowledgment which embarrasses Farrington and makes him added miserable. After on, Farrington hopes to get the aggregation accountant abandoned so he can borrow money adjoin his wages, but there's no achievement and the alone way he can get money for his booze is to assurance his watch, for which he gets six shillings. He meets his buddies Davy Byrne, O' Halloran and Paddy Leonard and falsely tells them that he was able to ambush his boss. They buy circuit of drinks and Higgins comes in and adds august embellishments to Farrington's altercation with Alleyne. Afterwards abundant drinks, they booty off for the Scotch House area they accommodated adolescent Weathers, an acrobat and an artist. They abide to booze and afterwards this bar closes they abide on to Mulligan's, area a woman catches Farrington's eye afresh rebuffs him. Then he becomes bearish and starts affliction his sorry, bankrupt life. He thinks of how he has spent his money on drinks and how adolescent Weathers drinks added than he buys. The night continues in archetypal bashed raucousness and arm affronted until Farrington, affronted now, accuses Weathers of cheating back he is defeated Farrington's acrimony continues to arise on his way home: "a actual bad-tempered man stood on the bend of O'Connell Bridge," and already afresh he abjure pawning his watch, abnormally back (he thinks) he isn't alike bashed . His acceptability as a boss man has been absent to adolescent Weathers: "he had absent his acceptability as a able man, accepting been defeated alert by a bald boy" and his "heart swelled with fury". Back he enters his home he finds a algid dinner. Tom, one of his bristles children, tells him his wife is at abbey and Farrington orders the boy to calefaction his dinner. Little Tom obeys but Farrington notices the blaze has gone out, chases the boy and beats him atrociously with a stick admitting the child's argumentation cries for mercy: "Don't exhausted me, Pa! I'll say a Hail Mary for you pa, if you don't exhausted me" . The clearest archetype of this affair is in "Counterparts," area the capital character, Farrington, can anticipate of annihilation alternative than how to get drunk. He jeopardizes his career and spends all his money on alcohol, briefly activity like an important man while cogent belief to his accompany in the bar. However, the furnishings of abundant bubbler bolt up with him after in the evening, back he is out of money but is not bashed abundant to balloon his problems. He goes home and takes his disappointment by beating.

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