Thematic Analysis Essay of Acts

  Thematic Analysis Article 1, Acts 1:1–7:59 In an article of at atomic 875 words, assay the contemporary development of this aboriginal movement of the book of Acts. While this is not an absolute list, be abiding to abode the afterward elements: 1.  How does this articulation beforehand the affair of the geographical/ethnic beforehand of the announcement of the actuality presented in the key ballad of the book, Acts 1:8? Trace the development of this affair through this area of Acts. 2.  What alternative above capacity are developed in Acts 1–7 (of the capacity articular by Fowler in his video presentation “The Key Capacity of Acts”)? Trace the development of anniversary affair as applicable.  3.  Luke annal four of Peter’s evangelistic addresses in this section: his address on Pentecost (2:14–40), his address afterward the healing of the bruised man at the Beautiful Gate (3:12–26), and his affidavit in his two appearances afore the Sanhedrin (4:8–12; 5:29–32). Read these and analyze them; analyze the amount elements that Peter advised basic in his admonition of the gospel. 4.  What are the primary, alternating capacity in Stephen’s accent to the Sanhedrin? How are these capacity developed by Stephen? How does Stephen’s accent fit thematically into this movement of the book of Acts?

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