Their Eyes Were Watching God

Hannah Ricci 11. 28. 11 p. 1 Their Eyes Were Watching God Essay 2. In her alliance to Jody, Janie is bedeviled by his power. At several points, however, it is accessible that he feels threatened by her. Why does Jody charge to be in ascendancy of anybody about him? How does Janie abuse Jody and his faculty of control? Ability and ascendancy are both capital capacity in the book Their Eyes Were Watching God, and Jody is the apotheosis of both of these things. He exerts his ability over the boondocks and over Janie in means that are political, banking and physical. While Janie tends to be submissive, Jody is threatened by the ability that Janie holds in her own way, and with this, Jody’s own ability begins to deteriorate. Undoubtedly, Jody's bulk of ability decidedly permeates all aspects of the townspeople, Eatonville, and Janie's life. Jody puts abundant affliction and absorption into people's opinions of him. On one occasion, Jody buys Matt Bonner's busy mule and sets it free. The townspeople chronicle him to Abraham Lincoln and the capitalism of slaves. When Jody banned to acquiesce Janie appear the mule’s funeral, Jody prioritizes issues of affable behavior over Janie’s happiness. He would rather accumulate her actualization in the boondocks as a absolute adult instead of appointment to her wishes. Jody's able-bodied affected act of "humility" accelerates his political power. Jody alone feels blessed and defended aback he's in ascendancy of aggregate about him. While alive in the boondocks store, Janie is affected to accumulate her beard tucked abroad and covered. Although she despises accomplishing it, she complies with Jody's wishes and he continues to feel a faculty of ascendancy over Janie. Just in the aforementioned way, Janie blockage quiet at analytical times in her alliance with Jody added reinforces his ascendancy over her. He blames her for her bender with administration money and armament her to break in the abundance and delay on ladies aback she'd rather be outside. Both times she chooses to accumulate her aperture closed, furthering her acerbity for Jody and his charge of control. Jody slaps Janie during a close banquet one night and aback Janie would best like to accurate her acrimony appear him, she stays bashful and keeps a calm exterior. When Janie does allege out adjoin Jody's wishes, he aback feels afraid and threatened by her able opinions. Hearing his wife disagree with him was an adverse draft to his ego. Moreover, Jody's concrete abasement correlates with his accident of ascendancy and power. Janie notices that he's actually afraid with his alteration looks. Jody's exact attacks on Janie become added atrocious and appear added frequently as his actualization deteriorates as well. He begins to abase her in advanced of the abundance barter and calumniating her looks. Since she knows that Jody is afraid about his own crumbling affability and she is continuing to attending active and charming, she lashes aback out on Jody by calumniating his billowing anatomy and advertence that he looks like “de change uh life” aback naked. After this exact advance from his wife, he realizes his newfound abridgement of ability that he already had. He believes that his acceptability amid the boondocks folk is beneath aback alternative men apprehend Janie allocution back. He berserk hits her and she fled from the store. Jody notices for the aboriginal time the bulk of access Janie has on his amusing standing. After the confrontation, he moves into a abstracted allowance and refuses to allocution to her. As he wallows in cocky pity, Janie is alpha to feel chargeless for the aboriginal time back affective to Eatonville. While ability and access are abundantly important to Jody, this begins to abatement afar already Janie starts advance ability of her own. Jody cannot authority on to his ability over his wife, the boondocks and eventually over himself. His afterlife exhibits this final accident of his ability and in return, the ability that Janie gained.

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