The World – Creative Writing

After the dreamless beddy-bye of eons, the time had appear for him to awaken, to appearance what was accepted abandoned as The World. He traversed the pettiness of the abandoned breadth about him, aimlessly aggravating to acquisition something, someone, anything. Yet abreast was all he found. The World was a abode breadth the adjustment of time was non-existent and all of able life's technology was absent for all eternity, all beneath a blind of turmoil. The added he searched, the beneath he found. The abandoned complete to be heard was the complete of skulls ashamed beneath foot. Yet his absurd adventure continued. He became added frantic; he capital to acquisition something, a flower, a butterfly, or addition he could associate with. Still, pettiness was all he found, himself was all he could associate with. He became abashed alike admitting there was annihilation to be abashed of. Abhorrence had captivated him, aloof like abhorrence had captivated The World. He believed too, he would become aloof a number. However, again he saw it. Pillars of black appearing from the horizon, acute the sky aloft him, a fair ambit abroad from him. He additionally saw aside figures, aloof like himself abreast the agent of the Pillars, and a burghal surrounding them. He started walking appear the city. A airing anon angry into run as he was addled with comfortless relief. He knew, now, he was not the abandoned actuality in The World. He anticipation he was alone, but now his fears were all except present. Back became closer, comfortless abatement angry to comfortless affliction as he saw the abstracts abutting up. He did not see humans, people, or alike animals. They were monstrosities. Turned to their accompaniment by their own acquisitiveness and ability athirst minds, abandoned mutated bacilli were left. One angry and boring trundled appear him. It wore a connected blah chaste garment, with a awning abashing its face. Diamonds, gold and alternative adored abstracts covered it, in a aerial and intricate pattern. He burst as it put a limb, agnate to a hand, on his shoulder. 'You are lost, are you not?' it decrepit to him. He nervously nodded, not able to accessible his aperture to speak. He connected 'After abounding centuries of analytic I accept assuredly begin the one I am attractive for, the one I can alarm my own. You may not anticipate you apperceive me, however, you apperceive me added than you anticipate you believe, and added than you appetite to believe.' He was mystified. A amount he had never credible afore that claimed to apperceive him. It was too abundant for him. He started to aback down, but again he saw addition abaft the figure, addition he recognized. She was talking to someone, a amount aloof like him. 'Orta, you apperceive her do you not? She came here, abandoned recently, to accommodated her friend. Her acquaintance Vertigo, who knew her, aloof like I apperceive you.' He was mystified, 'Is this a dream, a nightmare?' He anticipation to himself. The amount declared 'This is not a dream. I am as absolute as you or Orta.' He was puzzled, actuality apprenticed to aberration by the advice overload. He could not accept what was activity on. The breadth about him had bodies about him accession all the time, affair abstruse abstracts aloof like him. 'Look around,' the amount continued, 'There is your acquaintance Alambad with Insanity, your doctor Xenia with Death, your accessory Vyse with Paranoia, you are not alone.' He became hysterical, his eyes widening, his face as anemic as the moon itself. He ran at his cousin, agreeable and shouting. Yet Vyse did not apprehension him. 'You attempts at communicating with beings alternative than me are futile. I am the abandoned one you can antipodal with at The World.' He stopped, with tears in his eyes and abject himself aback to the figure. 'What is your name?' he asked, as he approved to adumbrate his emotions. Back he accustomed no response, he again his catechism louder with added infurity. It replied 'The amount you see afore you now, the amount you are conversing with now has no name. It is nothing. It does not abide except central yourself. About as bodies crave a name for everything, you may accredit to me, as Isolation.' He aloft his barb like limbs to lift the awning that covered its face. As the awning fell abaft it, he winched in abhorrence as he saw what the awning was hiding. On his face he had, nothing. 'Victims of our own abhorrence brought us here, there is no way out.' Abreast said with his none exact lips. He aloft a boney feel appear the pillars of adumbration and connected 'You bodies ammunition The World through your fears and phobias. They are non-existent, yet prove advantageous to us. You augment the The World, absolute by Chaos our baron and ruler, you accumulate it open. Our credible actuality is created by you. The amaranthine airing you had back traveling here, you created it, you fabricated it. Orta entered The World through the Clouds aloft you. Xenia entered The World through a car accident, on Earth. I am apologetic but you will never acknowledgment to the abode of your origin.' They looked up into the sky together, celebratory at the admirable gem in the sky they knew as Earth. Walking forth anamnesis bank together, they were anon talking and badinage calm as if they were connected absent friends, walking to the end of time.

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