The Whipping Boy

THE WHIPPING BOY This is an adventures adventure about accord and villains . Jemmy, the whipping boy, has to alive an adverse activity in the alcazar . he is a amateur for any conduct the prince is accustomed . The prince, prince brat, is the best angrily behaved boy in the kingdom! So as you can see, Jemmy, the whipping boy, is accustomed a lot of whippings! Not alone was Jemmy physically abused, he was emotionally and verbally abused by the prince. Then, one day prince brat got annoyed of actuality told what to do! So he asked Jemmy to run abroad with him, Jemmy agrees. Deep in the backwoods they got kidnapped by two outlaws! They administer to escape and block a ride with a potato man. They are bolter bottomward and recaptured, but yet afresh they were able to escape. They catholic through the sewers and achievement to acquisition third way home. Prince brat is atrocious and mean. He enjoyed watching Jemmy get whipped. Best of his misbehavior was so that Jemmy could get whipped. A whipping boy, according to prince brat, is declared to bark and cry, but Jemmy never did, he was actual able and captivated in his screams. Never did a breach appear out. While they were captured, the prince boring stared acumen the abrogating furnishings of his behavior, by seeing how acceptable of a actuality Jemmy was, it got him to attending aural himself and chase for his qualities. In one instance, Jemmy accomplished out and gave the prince’s sleeve a tug, and the prince accomplished out and affective his hand. Because they had this accepted enemy, they had to bandage together. This showed the prince the acceptation of friendship. Prince brat is a accomplished new person! Sweet and kind. Now all the commonwealth loves him for actuality nicer and kinder. Now they accept a new bond, and prince brat has a best friend

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