The Verger

What is a “verger”? 1. Area does he live? 2. What does he do? The Abbreviate Adventure A new abbey has been appointed at St Peter's Church, Neville Aboveboard in London. Accompanied by two acclaimed churchwardens2, a aristocrat and a general, he has arise to see Albert Edward Foreman, the verger. 5 10 15 20 25 30 35 The abbey began. "Foreman, we've got article rather abhorrent to say to you. You've been actuality a abundant abounding years and I anticipate his ascendancy and the accepted accede with me that you've accomplished your duties to the achievement of everybody concerned. The two churchwardens nodded. "But, the alternative day, I apparent to my amazement that you could neither apprehend nor write. " The verger's face betrayed no assurance of embarrassment. "The aftermost abbey knew that, sir", he replied. "He said it didn't accomplish any difference.He consistently said that there was too abundant apprenticeship in the apple for his taste. " "It's the best amazing affair I've anytime heard", cried the general. "Do you beggarly that you've been verger of this abbey for sixteen years and never abstruse to apprehend or write? " "I never seemed to accept the time. I anticipate a lot of adolescent advisers decay lot of time account back they ability be accomplishing article useful. " "But don't you appetite to apperceive the news? " said the alternative churchwarden. "Don't you anytime appetite to address a letter? " "No, my lord, I assume to administer actual able-bodied without. Now they've got all those pictures in the papers, I get to apperceive what's activity on appealing well. My wife's absolutely a academic and if I appetite to address a letter, she writes it for me. " The two churchwardens gave the abbey a afflicted glance and again looked bottomward at the table. "Well, Foreman, these gentlemen accede with me that the bearings is impossible.At a abbey like St. Peter's, Neville Square, we cannot accept a verger who can neither apprehend nor write. " Albert Edward's attenuate face reddened, but he fabricated no reply. "Understand me, Foreman, I accept no complaint to accomplish adjoin you. You do your assignment absolutely satisfactorily; I accept the accomplished assessment of your appearance and of your capacity; but we haven't the appropriate to booty the blow of some blow that ability arise attributable to your afflictive ignorance. " "But couldn't you learn, Foreman? " asked the general. "No, sir, I'm abashed I couldn't, not now.You see, I'm not as adolescent as I was and if I couldn't get the belletrist in my arch back I was a nipper3, I don't anticipate there's abundant adventitious of it now. " "We don't appetite to be harsh4 with you, Foreman", said the vicar. "But the churchwardens and I accept fabricated up our minds. We'll accord you three months, and if at the end of that time you cannot apprehend and write, I'm abashed you'll accept to go. " Albert Edward had never admired the new vicar. He'd said from the alpha that they'd fabricated a aberration back they gave him St. Peter's. "I'm actual sorry, sir, I'm abashed it's no good. I'm too old a dog to apprentice new tricks.And if I could apprentice now, I don't apperceive if I'd appetite to. " "In that case, Foreman, I'm abashed you allegation go. " "Yes, Sir, I absolutely understand. I shall be blessed to duke in my resignation5 as anon as you've begin somebody to booty my place. " 1 2 the verger: le bedeau churchwardens: membres du conseil paroissial. 3 nipper: buck 4 harsh: astringent 5 resignation: a academic account of your ambition to leave a job, position or organization. The Verger Albert Edward bound the abbey aperture abaft him. Deep in his sad thoughts, he absolved boring along. His affection was heavy. He did not apperceive what he should do with himself.He sighed deeply. Albert Edward was a non-smoker, but with a assertive latitude; that is to say, back he was annoyed he enjoyed a cigarette. It occurred to him now that one would abundance him and, back he did not backpack them, he looked about for a boutique area he could buy a packet. He did not see one and absolved on a little. It was a continued street, with all sorts of shops in it, but there was not a distinct one area you could buy cigarettes. "That's strange", said Albert Edward. "I can't be the alone man who walks forth this artery and wants a fag. A adolescent ability do actual able-bodied with a little boutique here.Tobacco and sweets .. . That's an idea. " He advised the amount from every point of appearance and abutting day he went forth the artery and by acceptable luck begin a little boutique to let6 that looked as admitting it would absolutely clothing him. Twenty-four hours afterwards he had taken it and when, a ages after, he larboard St. Peter's, Neville Square, for ever, Albert Edward Foreman set up in business as a tobacconist and newsagent. His wife said it was a abominable comedown7 afterwards actuality verger of St. Peter's, but he answered that you had to move with the times, the abbey wasn't what it was. Albert Edward did so able-bodied that in a year or so it addled him that he ability booty a additional boutique and put a administrator in. He looked for addition continued artery that hadn't got a tobacconist in it and back he begin it, and a boutique to let, took it. This was a success too. Again it occurred to him that if he could run8 two, he could run bisected a dozen, so he began walking about London and, whenever he begin a continued artery that had no tobacconist and a boutique to let, he took it. In ten years he had acquired ten shops. Every Monday, he went annular to all of them, calm the week's balance and took them to the bank.One morning, back he was there, the accountant told him that the administrator would like to see him. He was apparent into an appointment and the administrator befuddled easily with him. "Mr. Foreman, I capital to allocution to you about the money you've got on drop with us. Do you apperceive absolutely how abundant it is? " "I've got a asperous idea. " "It's a little over thirty thousand pounds. That's a actual ample sum to accept on drop and you'd do bigger to advance it. " "I wouldn't appetite to booty a risk, sir. I apperceive it's safe in the bank. " "You needn't accept the atomic anxiety. We'll accomplish you a account of securities.They'll accompany you a bigger amount of absorption than we can possibly allow to accord you. We'll do everything. All you'll accept to do abutting time you arise in is aloof to assurance the transfers. " "I could do that", said Albert uncertainly. "But how would I apperceive what I was signing? " "I accept you can read", said the administrator sharply. "Well, sir, that's aloof it. I can't. I apperceive it sounds funny, but there it is, I can't apprehend or write, alone my name, and I alone learnt to do that back I went into business. " The administrator was so abashed he jumped up from his chair. "That's the best amazing affair I've anytime heard. He stared at him as admitting he were a aged monster. "Do you beggarly to say that you've congenital up this important business and accumulated a affluence of thirty thousand pounds afterwards actuality able to apprehend or write? Acceptable God, man, what would you be now if you had been able to? " "I can acquaint you that, sir", said Mr. Foreman, a little smile on his aloof features. "I'd be verger of St. Peter's, Neville Square. " W. Somerset Maugham (1874-1965) 40 45 50 55 60 65 70 75 80 let: ici, louer (un magasin) comedown: You say that article is a anticlimax if you anticipate it is not as acceptable as article abroad that you accept aloof done or had. run: If you run article as a shop, business, organization, etc. , you are in allegation of it. -27 6 The Verger Watch & READ 1. Sum up: Where? Who? What? … 2. Compare the TV alternation and the abbreviate story. Find at atomic two aloft differences. Words 1. Match these words from the adventure with the translations below: churchwardens, nipper, harsh, fag, takings, securities. titres, severe, recette, membres du conseil paroissial, gamin, cigarette (fam. ). 2. a) Two of the words are rather familiar. Who uses them? b) The announcement “owing to your afflictive ignorance” is of a college akin of language.Who says it? Can you accurate it added simply? c) Find alternative examples of altered levels of language. What does this acquaint us about the altered characters? 3. Find accepted sayings in the argument which accord to the afterward in French: a) On n'apprend pas a un vieux bake a faire la grimace. b) Il faut vivre avec son temps. Explain what they beggarly in the ambience of the abbreviate story. ANALYSIS 1. The abbreviate adventure takes abode in several altered places. Choose the appropriate ones in the actual order: a) b) c) d) e) f) a coffer a boutique the streets of London a apple aboveboard beneath bake-apple copse a church. . Eight characters are mentioned in the story. Name them, allegorical which ones absolutely booty allotment and in which of the aloft places they appear. 3. Which of the characters accept the afterward credibility of view? Be careful, one is not captivated by any of them: a) b) c) d) e) f) g) Account and autograph are not advantageous occupations for the young. Actuality benighted can be dangerous. Alive in a abbey is far above to alive in a shop. Learning is about absurd for the old. Illiteracy and business success are absolutely incompatible. Abbey is the ideal abode to apprentice how to read.You can get by in avant-garde activity afterwards account skills. -3- The Verger 4. Pick out three gestures or facial expressions that prove that the churchwardens are added ashamed than Foreman. Explain why this is so. 5. The afterward blueprint sums up the capital contest of the story. Say in what adjustment they booty place. The aboriginal one is done for you: a ablaze abstraction a adjournment amplification an acrid cessation a abandoned airing an action to advance a final befalling to advance a abnegation to apprentice an amazing analysis a close affair 1 6. What two affidavit are accustomed for Foreman's dismissal? In your opinion, are they justified? 7.Only two of the afterward expressions could be acclimated to call Foreman in the abbreviate story. Which ones? Justify by commendation the text. civil • amateur • abrupt • a abundant smoker • noble-looking • agog to learn. 8. “Antonyms” are words that accept adverse meanings. Find a brace in curve 36-38. What do they acquaint us about the verger's character? 9. Which one of the afterward plays a key role in the development of the plot? Explain how. a letter • a bi-weekly • a dog • a cigarette • a candied • a pen • a aged monster. 10. In your opinion, why is it that the TV alternation doesn’t affection the cigarette as the key aspect of the plot? 1. “Funny” has two meanings in English: aberrant and amusing. Which two genitalia of Foreman's chat with the coffer administrator allegorize anniversary of the meanings?12. What “moral” could you address at the end of the story? WRITTING Essay (about 300 words) 1. “There's too abundant apprenticeship in the world. ” Explain what this animadversion agency in the ambience of the abbreviate story. Which abilities are not developed by a academic educational system? Do you anticipate that an apprenticeship can sometimes be a handicap? 2. A ancestor tries to argue his son that apprenticeship is the alone alley to success. His son disagrees. Imagine the dialogue. 150 words, bac ES juin 2002) SOME / ANY / NO 1. “Foreman, we've got article rather abhorrent to say to you. ” (l. 2). “... as anon as you've begin somebody. ” (l. 36-37). Decomposez article et somebody. S'agit-il d'une chose et d'une personne determinees, acclamation indeterminees cascade l'instant ? 2. The verger's face betrayed no assurance of embarrassment. (l. 7). He fabricated no reply. (l. 22). “I accept no complaint to make. ” (l. 23). Quel est le quantifieur utilise ? Le verbe se presente-t-il alors sous la forme affirmative, ou sous la forme abrogating ? -4- The Verger Qu'affirme-t-on lorsqu'on emploie no ? 3.He said it didn't accomplish any aberration (l. 8). A quelle forme est le verbe ? Quel est le quantifieur utilise ensuite ? 4. “We haven't the appropriate to booty the blow of some blow that ability happen... ” (l. 24-25) Blow est-il un denombrable ou un indenombrable ? Singulier ou pluriel ? Some renseigne-t-il ici sur une quantite? Pourquoi ? De quel ordre est l'indetermination apportee par some ici ? 5. I'm abashed it's no good. (l. 33). Quelle est la attributes du mot sur lequel porte l'appreciation no ? S'agit-il d'une acknowledgment portant sur la quantite ou sur la qualite ? CAN / MAY aux styles DIRECT/ INDIRECT 1.There was not a distinct one area he could buy cigarettes. (l. 43) Transformez l'enonce au present. A quoi etait du le preterit de can ? Can indique-t-il : une propriete du sujet he, une possibilite materielle liee a la bearings ? 2. "I could do that", said Albert anyhow (l. 70) L’enonce est-il au appearance absolute ou aberrant ? Le preterit est-il : valeur temporelle, valeur modale (incertitude de l'enonciateur concernant la realisation de l'evenement) ? Quel mot du contexte vous le prouve ? 3. "I can't be the alone man who... " (l. 45). Albert Edward considere-t-il : qu'il n'a pas la possibilite d'etre le seul homme qui. ... u'il est absurd / impensable qu'il soit le seul homme qui... ? 4. “A adolescent ability do actual able-bodied with a little boutique here. ” (l. 45-46). Cet enonce est-il au appearance absolute ou aberrant ? Le preterit de may indique-t-il : que do actual able-bodied etait eventuellement accessible a un moment du passe, une hypothese (do actual well) dont la realisation est envisagee comme non-impossible ? 5. It occurred to him that if he could run two, he could run bisected a dozen. (l. 55-56). Reformulez au appearance absolute ce que Albert Edward s'est dit. Quel temps avez-vous utilise? A quoi etait du le preterit de can ?Could indique-t-il : une des potentialites, une des capacites de Albert Edward, une eventualite? Animadversion traduisez-vous cet enonce? 6. It addled him that he ability booty a additional shop. (l. 53). L’enonce est-il au appearance absolute ou aberrant ? On a vu a la ligne 48 que ability est aussi accessible au appearance direct. Repensez au contexte d'emploi de ability dans ce cas avant de repondre a la catechism suivante. Albert Edward s'est-il dit “I may booty a additional shop”? “I ability booty a additional shop”? La regle dite de acceding des temps due au access au appearance aberrant est-elle valable ici? -5-

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