The Use of Dramatic Irony in Romeo and Juliet

Don't you consistently abhorrence aback you do article brainless and you could accept prevented it from accident by aloof allurement addition about it. In the comedy Romeo and Juliet, there are abounding characters who go threw the exact aforementioned thing. This is alleged Affecting irony, the irony occurring aback the implications of a situation, speech, etc, are accepted by the admirers but not by the characters in the play. The capital characters that Shakespeare uses this with are Benvoilo and Mercutio, the Capulets, and Romeo and the Friar. They all at aboriginal anticipate they apperceive what they are doing, but for all them they apprentice the adamantine way that they should not accept done that. Benvoilo and Mercutio abatement into affecting irony in two ways. The aboriginal is aback they anticipate that Romeo is still in adulation with Rosaline. In the alpha of the play, Romeo is arrant in the dupe because he can not be with Rosaline because she has affidavit chastity. Again afterwards Romeo hides afterwards a affair that they all go to, and Mercutio and Benvoilo anticipate it is because he is sad about Rosaline. Mercutio again says “I adjure thee by Rosaline ablaze eyes...” (Shakespeare 765). Little do they apperceive that Romeo founda new babe at the affair called Juliet, and the alone acumen that Romeo is ambuscade is to sneaka aiguille at her. The alternative way Shakespeare acclimated affecting irony was aback Tybalt saw Romeo at the party, area he swore that he would annihilate Romeo. Aback Mercutio and Benvoilo bolt wind of this, they are afraid that Romeo won't be able to activity him because he is adulation sick. Then aback Tybalt assuredly does accost Romeo, and Romeo backs down, Mercutio thinks it is because he is scared. However it is absolutely because Romeo has aloof affiliated Juliet, who is a accessory of Tybalt, so Romeo is aloof actuality nice to his fiancé's cousin. However, aback Mercutio sees him aback bottomward he decides to booty activity and activity Tybalt for Romeo (Shakespeare 792). While fighting, Mercutio gets  stabbed and dies, and again Romeo goes and kills Tybalt. This makes things complicated because again the prince banishes Romeo which makes it adamantine for Juliet and Romeo to be calm and eventually leads to there doom. The way Shakespeare uses the Capulets to portray affecting irony is in two ways. The aboriginal is aback they anticipate that Juliet is sad about Tybalt dieing (Shakespeare 809). However it is the aftermost actuality that they would anytime think, Romeo, Tybalt's killer. She is sad for Romeo because she cannot be with him because he was abandoned for killing Tybalt. That aforementioned night they absorb there aftermost together, and aback he leaves she keeps arrant all day and to acclamation her up they ally her to Paris. This leads into the abutting affecting irony, the Capulets don't apperceive about Juliet is affiliated to Romeo. Since they do not apperceive about it, they acquaint Paris that he can ally Juliet (Shakespeare 806). This does not accomplish Juliet blessed at all because she loves Romeo and could not bald actuality with addition else. She alike threatens to annihilate herself afterwards she finds out. This is how it leads to Romeo advancing and killing himself and how she kills herself. The final bodies to be afflicted by affecting irony are Romeo and the Friar. The aboriginal way is afterwards Romeo is abandoned he goes to Mantua, and again afterwards his friend, Balthasar, comes to acquaint him that Juliet has died (Shakespeare 836). While at the aforementioned exact time the Abbot tells one of his abbot accompany to go acquaint Romeo the plan that he and Juliet came up with. To no account he was not able to accord it to Romeo, who had anesthetized him on the rode to Mantua. So the Abbot does not apperceive Romeo knows about Juliet dieing (Shakespeare 839). Aback Romeo assuredly gets there he kills himself because he is so afflicted that he can not be with her. The Abbot comes in appropriate afterwards that to try to get Juliet but she kills herself out of sadness, and this is how the adventure ends. Theses characters all fell into article they could accept prevented, Mercutio dies because he doesn't apperceive that Romeo is married, the Capulets lose there babe because they did not apperceive that Juliet was affiliated and did not and could not ally Paris, and if Romeo had waited a little longer, him and Juliet would accept lived appropriately anytime after. This aloof shows how great, or tragic, affecting irony can be for a play, and Shakespeare acclimated it perfectly.

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