The United States and Canadian Correctional system

From a actual point of view, Abundant Britain had afflicted the correctional arrangement in the United States and Canada. During the America’s Colonial period, United-States was beneath the British aphorism and its chastening arrangement today is afflicted by efforts fabricated during that time. While Canada is currently beneath the British aphorism and its chastening arrangement reflects their system. These two countries are amid in abutting adjacency to anniversary accession on the North American continent. In accession to administration the aforementioned abstemious and actuality afflicted by the aforementioned country, these two countries’ correctional systems are different. Primary, the United States arrangement puts added accent on corruption through imprisonment which accounts for its aerial incarceration bulk compared to accession countries. Canada expresses added accent on reforming, rehabilitation and reintegration of the offenders into society. To analyze the correctional arrangement of these two countries, a allusive assay will be conducted that will focus on the History, blazon of offenses or crimes, types of correctional system, correctional issues, and sentencing accession programs. Finally, apartment for absolute some of the best analytical issues adverse these two countries will be presented.


Early United States Correctional System

The Unites States Correctional arrangement had gone through abounding changes over the years. During the American Colonial time, beheading was alone acclimated for austere offenses. Anatomical corruption was generally acclimated as a anatomy of punishment. Offenders who accustomed anatomical corruption accustomed acrid treatment. For example, a convenance alleged bath stool was frequently used, in which offenders are placed on a armchair and dunked into a pond until they about drown. Accession blazon of corruption was branding band into accession skins, and was acclimated for both austere and petty offenses. According to Champion (1990) pillory, flogging, mutilations and adjournment were acclimated to sanction aberrant behavior. Those who were abandoned were beatific to the western territories and the offenders were subjected to actuality asleep by adverse Indians.

According to Champion (1990) Anatomical corruption chock-full in 1682 aback William Penn adapted the correctional arrangement by banning it. He alien fines and created jails in every canton in the accompaniment of Pennsylvania. Unfortunately, aback Penn died the Accompaniment of Pennsylvania afflicted aback to the anatomical punishment, which connected in every antecedents until the American Revolutionary War. Then from the seventeenth through eighteenth century, jails and prisons in the United States were fabricated with the ambition to accomplish accumulation off of the prisoners, which profited the affluent people. Champion (1990) mentioned that clandestine business interests were in ascendancy of North Carolina inmates, because the accompaniment and bounded governments abhorred the albatross of active prisons. This trend afflicted at the end of the civilian war aback the bedfellow citizenry increased; jails and bastille operation confused from clandestine activity to accompaniment assembly operations. However, some states bastille labors connected as a antecedent of acquirement and additionally for political support.

According to Champion (1990) from 1790 to 1815, the federal bastille citizenry added abundantly causing prisoners to be appear ancient from their sentences. Thus, federal commune board accepted bastille administrators the appropriate to ancient absolution or acquittal to abate bedfellow populations. Champion (1990) mentioned, during the ancient nineteenth century, acquittal and acquittal were accustomed as a non-incarcerative activity for managing offenders. In the 1930s, Acquittal started in called jurisdictions. In the ancient 1820s acquittal was implemented and by 1944 acquittal was in all states.

Early Canada Correctional System

During the seventeenth and eighteenth century, the afterlife amends was acclimated adjoin bedevilled austere offenders. According to Curt Griffiths and Simon Jones-Verdum (1990), transportation, banding, fines, whipping and bonds in stocks or pillory were forms of corruption for beneath austere crimes. Adjournment was ancient acclimated in the Upper Region of Canada in 1802 and Busline was acclimated in 1838 until 1853. The offenders who were abandoned were transported from Canada to England, Australia, and Bermuda. The purpose of these punishments was to acquired abashment to the offenders. It was acclimated as a accepted bridle for the community. Forms of basic and anatomical corruption were conducted in public. For example, the offenders’ asleep bodies were displayed for the accessible to see accepted bridle to crimes. Griffiths and Jones-Verdum (1994) acclaimed that in the ancient aeon of Canada corruption was swift, astringent and accelerating and there were little accord in sentencing accustomed by judges.

According to Griffiths and Jones-Verdum (1994), during the 1600s and 1700s incarcerating inmates as a anatomy of corruption was not widespread. For example, borough jails and lock-ups accessories alone captivated individuals who were apprehension trial, with the barring of a apprentice that was congenital in Nova Scotia, area prisoners were subjected to adamantine labor. In Nova Scotia, prisoners were exploited, and they had to pay for their commons and rents. According to Griffiths and Jones-Verdum (1994), abortion to pay will aftereffect in best break in Nova. The apprentice connected until the mid-1800 aback it was bent to be unfit for added habitation. Legislation was allowable to assemble added apprentice in the backward 1700s. However, abounding municipalities did not complete such accessories because the warehouses were bare for habitation. This convenance continues from the 1800s until the ancient twentieth century.

In 1835, the ancient penitentiary in Canada was in Kingston, Ontario. Griffiths and Jones-Verdum (1994) declared that the abstraction to body the penitentiary was afflicted by social, political and bread-and-butter changes in Canada. They acclaimed that, in the aftermost 1700s, accretion urbanization and industrialization, admission in population, and added amusing advancement had led to amusing control. Ancestors chaos and association bribery was believed to annual crime. Griffiths and Jones-Verdum (1994) acclaimed that penitentiaries were body to accommodate the all-important training and conduct to individuals who had no family, abbey and association influences. Additionally the Kingston penitentiary was congenital because abomination was apparent “as the aftereffect of immorality, intemperance, abridgement of religious practice, and idleness” (Griffiths and Jones-Verdum, 1994. p. 464). Also, abyss were apparent as a blackmail to society. In 1840, the boundless use of anatomical corruption in the Kingston Penitentiary led to an analysis and a aldermanic activity was implemented to abate the use of anatomical corruption in the Kingston Penitentiary. Giffiths and Jones-Verdum (1994) acclaimed that the Penitentiary Act of 1868 led to the architecture of several penitentiaries in the country.

According to Griffiths and Jones-Verdum (1994), afterwards Apple War II, abstruse training, educational programs forth with ameliorative techniques were alien into the federal and bigoted institutions. Griffiths and Jones-Verdum (1994) noted, in 1969, the Canadian Committee on Corrections assured that reforming the offenders was added able than apartment offenders in correctional institutions. However, in the 1980s, Canadian corrections alternate to the corruption based on reparation. Griffiths and Jones-Verdum (1994) acclaimed that in the 1990s the federal akin corrections are based on a admixture of affairs opportunities archetypal and rehabilitation model. The opportunities archetypal is based on the actuality that offenders are amenable for their behavior and not on personality ataxia or socio-economic conditions.

The actual aspects of the America and Canada chastening arrangement are important for penology to accept why one’s country is the way it is now. In the ancient period, based on the calmness of the abomination anatomical corruption was acclimated and as association got added affable imprisonment was acclimated to corruption abyss for assertive blazon of crime. Today, Canada defines abomination and punishes bent abnormally than the United States. The altered types of abomination and forms of corruption acclimatized by both countries will be explored.

Type of Crimes

United States

In U.S crimes are classified in two basic categories; misdemeanors and felonies. According to Champion (1990), misdemeanors are accessory or petty offenses that backpack beneath astringent penalties. Abomination offenses may aftereffect in fines and incarceration for beneath than one year in a bounded jail. For example, banking statement, prostitution, annexation and arrest are accede abomination offenses. Champion (1990) authentic felonies offenses as above crimes that backpack added astringent amends and may aftereffect in fines and/or incarceration for one or added years in a accompaniment or federal facility. For example, “arson, murder, rape, burglary, robbery, vehicular theft” (Champion, 1990, p. 52) are accede felonies offenses. In the United States crimes are categorized as either agitated or acreage crimes. Agitated crimes are crimes that annual concrete corruption to accession while acreage crimes are advised irenic crimes.


According to Griffiths and Jones-Verdum (1994), there are three above categories of abomination in Canada: approximate confidence offenses, bent offences and amalgam offenses-a aggregate of approximate confidence and bent offences. “Summary aesthetics offenses are the atomic austere and backpack the best allowing penalties ,while bent offences are the best austere and backpack the best astringent penalties” (Griffiths and Jones-Verdum, 1994, p. 216). Griffiths and Jones-Verdum (1994), mentioned that amalgam offenses lie about amid the two ahead acknowledgment crimes. Approximate aesthetics offenses may aftereffect in a accomplished of $2,000 and six months in jail. For example, committing blue act, accessible disturbance, corruption and active a motor agent afterwards the owner’s abatement beneath this category. permission. Griffiths and Jones-Verdum (1994) declared Bent offences include, murder, treason, acreage crimes, ascendancy of baseborn goods, advance and animal assault. According to Griffiths and Jones-Verdum (1994), these offenses may aftereffect in a two years to activity imprisonment in a federal penitentiary or bigoted bastille (only if the offenses are beneath than two years). Additionally Griffiths and Jones-Verdum (1994) connected to noted, that Amalgam offenses include, theft, artifice beneath $1,000, active beneath the influences and assaults (sexual advance and assaulting a badge officer).

Type of Corrections and Correctional Issues

United States

The American correctional arrangement is disconnected into the Local, Accompaniment and Federal system. Anniversary 50 states accept altered correctional organizations system. In fact, “no accompaniment is appropriate to chase any federal correctional arrangement or plan, and as a result, a admixture of agencies and organizations is found” (Champion, 1990 p.38) in every state. Anniversary state, canton and burghal maintains accessories to abode offenders. Champion (1990) mentioned that Accompaniment offenders are bedevilled to accompaniment prisons, those who abandoned bounded bent laws are bedevilled to burghal or canton jails, and federal offenders are bedevilled to federal correctional institutions (penitentiaries, bastille camps and apprehension centers). Champion (1990) additionally mentioned that recently, abounding federal prisons are acclimated to housed accompaniment and federal offenders to advice abate overcrowding. On the Federal Level, the Department of Amends oversees all federal correctional agencies which accommodate the Federal Bureau of Prisons and the U.S Acquittal Commission.

There are altered bonds accessories accustomed to abode prisoners, such as, minimum-security prisons, medium-security prisons, maximum-security prisons and Maxi-Maxi prisons. According to Champion (1990), minimum and boilerplate aegis prisons annual for 60 percent of all accompaniment and federal prisons in the United States. He added mentioned that the Federal Bureau of Prisons oversees abundant minimum aegis prisons and these prisons abode low-risk, irenic ancient time offenders and prisoners who are on their way adjoin parole. He additionally mentioned that the boilerplate aegis prisons abode acutely agitated and irenic offenders. In Boilerplate prisons, appearance privileges, freedoms of movements and admission to casework affairs are restricted. Champion addendum (1990) about 40 percent of U.S prisons are maximum-security accessories that housed escapers, agitated abomination recidivists and accession high-risk offenders. Maxi-Maxi prisons housed the affliction blazon of offenders, abnormally offenders who approved to escape prisons.

Regarding sentencing alternatives, legislators accept accustomed abundant boilerplate punishments to ascendancy bastille and bastille overcrowding. According to Champion (1990), legislators accustomed abundant forms of boilerplate sanction programs. Champion (1990) acclaimed that the types of boilerplate sanctions programs acclimated in abounding US jurisdictions, accommodate accelerated supervised probation, community-based corrections, abode arrest and cyberbanking monitoring. Accelerated supervised acquittal (ISP) involves abide or accelerated appearance by acquittal admiral on a annual basis. The basic purpose of community-based programs is to adjust probationers into their community. According to Champion (1990), Community-based programs accommodate center houses, furlong ecology accessories and halfway-in house. Champion (1990) cyberbanking ecology as circumscribed offenders to their abode of residences until their sentencing time is completed. According to Champion (1990), in the United States aberration affairs are accessible for accessory offenses, such as adventuresome drivers and disciplinarian beneath the influences. He declared that aberration programs includes, cerebral counseling for sex offenders, accumulation therapy, vocational/educational training, probation, victim amends and accession programs.

There are abundant issues adverse America’s prisons, such as overcrowding, riots, bastille architecture and ascendancy and ancestral alterity amid prisoners. Regarding bottleneck in the United States, “in 1987 the accompaniment capacities were 105 to 120 percent over their accommodation and the federal bastille were 37 to 73 percent over its capacity” (Champion 1994, p. 229). Today that arrangement accommodation percent bulk has increased. According to Goldstone and Useem (2002), alien pressures on bastille administrations, such as accuse in law or admission sentencing on inmates had afflicted bastille riots. They go on to accompaniment that, approximate rule, balance use of force by staff, accident of inmates’ services, acute abandon and abridgement of assurance for inmates has led to anarchism in United States prisons. Accession botheration in bastille is ancestral disparity. According to Anthony Doob and Julian Roberts (1997), in 1991, blacks annual for 12% of the accepted citizenry and 48% are confined in prisons and jails in America. Finally, bastille architecture and ascendancy are austere issues adverse American prisons.


The Correctional Casework of Canada and the Civic Acquittal Board Canada baby-sit all developed federal correctional agencies. The Bigoted Correctional Casework provides casework for bigoted areas in Canada. According to Giffiths and Jones-Verdum (1994), the Correctional Account of Canada bureau is organized into three levels: national, regional, and institutional or commune offices, and acquittal offices. The civic akin is amid in Ottawa. There are six bounded headquarter amid throughout altered regions in Canada and there are amenable for administering the maximum, medium, and minimum aegis facilities, association correctional casework and backwoods assignment camps. Griffiths and Jones-Verdum (1994) acclaimed that the Civic Acquittal Board is an absolute authoritative bureau with 36 abounding time associates who analysis cases on inmates either confined activity sentences and general sentences for alarming offenders, admission abounding and day acquittal to federal inmates and to bigoted inmates. Bigoted Correctional Casework accommodate casework for offenders confined beneath than two years in prison. Provinces governments are amenable for detaining offenders above-mentioned to their antecedent cloister appearances in acting lock-ups facilities.

Regarding sentencing alternatives, the Canadian Sentencing Agency mentions that sentencing guidelines should ensure a “greater assurance aloft association sanctions as adjoin to the amends of imprisonment” (Griffiths and Jones-Verdum, 1994, p.363). The Correctional Account of Canada and assorted bigoted correctional agencies action abundant boilerplate sanctions programs such as home confinement, Accelerated probations supervision, cyberbanking monitoring. Griffiths and Jones-Verdum (1994), there are additionally Association based-programs to assists inmates such as, abstruse training programs, educational programs, chaplaincy and religious services, medical, dental and psychiatric casework and anatomic and abstruse program.

Griffiths and Jones-Verdum, (1994), appropriate that Canada federal corrections are highly-Labor-Intensive due to abounding cadre who are amenable for authoritative in careful and non-custodial setting. As a result, “escalating costs of managing and authoritative bedevilled offenders at the federal level” (Griffiths and Jones-Verdum, 1994 p. 473) admission costs. Griffiths and Jones-Verdum (1994) acclaimed that to housed inmates in best aegis institutions is actual costly. They additionally mentioned, in 1994, to abode an bedfellow in a federal ability it bulk on boilerplate $136 per day. Anthony Doob and Roberts Julian (1994), declared that ancient and atramentous Canadians are overrepresented in the federal bastille facilities. They acclaimed that from 1993-94 aboriginals architecture 3.7 % of the citizenry and 12 % was confined in federal prisons and blacks accomplish up 2% and accounted for 5% of those confined in federal prisons. Bottleneck is a above affair in Canada Correctional Arrangement because it leads to ascent abandon in its prisons.

Comparative Analysis

There are abounding differences and few similarities amid Canada and United-State’s correctional arrangement in agreement of the types of correctional arrangement and types of crimes. The analytical issues adverse the correctional arrangement in the United States and Canada are actual similar. For example, overcrowding, riots and ancestral disparities are analytical issues both countries are adverse today. These two countries’ correctional goals are different. The American correctional institutions’ ambition is the rehabilitation of the offenders in prisons by accouterment training and adorning programs. However this ambition was apprenticed by accession factors; overcrowding, costs and bread-and-butter crisis. According to Griffiths and Jones-Verdum (1994), correctional institutions focus on the about-face and the reintegration. Thus, Canada correctional arrangement put added antecedence on institutional account programs to advice offenders afterwards they are appear from prisons. For example, Canadian accomplished the federal prisoners articulacy bulk was low. In fact, in 1991 “65% of bedfellow in federal correctional accessories had algebraic and accent abilities beneath the akin of brand eight” (Griffiths and Jones-Verdum, 1994 p. 514) and an ABE bastille apprenticeship affairs were created to abate the articulacy rate.

Historical basic corruption was acclimated for austere crimes and anatomical corruption was acclimated for beneath austere crimes in Canada and in the United States. Amusing changes, such as, admission in population, prisons and jails advance to the constructions of penitentiaries and warehouses to housed prisoners in both countries. In the ancient twentieth century, both countries accomplished acquittal and acquittal programs to accord with the bottleneck bastille population. Currently, both countries accept are abounding cocky advance programs to advice offenders and inmates to advance themselves in society.

In both countries, sentences are based aloft the akin of calmness of the crimes. The sentencing for beneath austere and best austere crimes in the United States and Canada varies. In Canada the minimum book for austere offenses is best compared to the United States. And in the United States the minimum book for beneath austere offenses is best compared to Canada. For assertive austere offenses (murder) depending on the administration in the US, basic corruption is actionable as adjoin to Canada were basic corruption is illegal. Banning basic corruption accept added the cardinal of prisoners confined activity sentences. According to Griffiths and Jones-Verdum (1994), in adjustment to accord with the abounding numbers of bodies incarcerated, the government adopted the Canadian Sentencing Agency advocacy that sentencing guidelines should put abundant dependences on association sanction programs as adjoin to imprisonment to abate the bastille population. Thus, correctional administrators and board accept advance for the development of accession sentencing programs to abate the aerial incarceration rated.

The blazon of correctional systems in the United States and Canada are altered in agreement of what authoritative bureau oversees the bounded and federal akin bastille system. In the United States, correctional accessories are disconnected into several levels; federal, state, canton and cities. In contract, Canada correctional accessories are disconnected two levels; federal and provincial. In the United States all 50 states, including countries and cities set its own rules and regulations on how to run prisons. Griffiths and Jones-Verdum, (1994) mentioned beforehand that Canada bounded jails and acting lock-up ability (temporary housed bodies cat-and-mouse for trail) are beneath the ascendancy of the bigoted government. And, the Correctional Account of Canada (federal agency) oversees the national, all bounded and institutional/district admiral and operates 73 acquittal offices. Similarly, the Department of Amends (federal agency) oversees the all States, Federal and inmates on parole. However, Canada’s Bigoted Correctional Casework (non-federal agency) shares amenable by accouterment acquittal and acquittal casework to Canadians. This is due to the actuality that the Civic Acquittal Board bureau that is delegated to oversees all bedfellow on acquittal and probations are not amid in some bigoted regions. United States and Canada both accept federal government agencies that baby-sit all maximum, minimum and boilerplate aegis prisons.

The accession of boilerplate sanction programs and analysis programs in the United States and Canada was implemented for altered reasons. Based on Champion (1994), the 1973 President Agency of Law Enforcement and Administration of Amends created community-based affairs to abate the prisons citizenry in the US. In contrast, Griffiths and Jones-Verdum, (1994), stated, in 1993, Canada federal government anesthetized a bill that resulted in the amplification of boilerplate sanctions affairs that focuses on allowance and befitting offenders out of prison. United States is added absorbed in backbreaking the offenders through imprisonment while Canada is added absorbed in accouterment alternatives efforts to confinement. It’s one of the basic affidavit the United States incarceration bulk in the United-States is the accomplished in the world. Both countries accept apparent the allowances of boilerplate sanctions as a beggarly to adjust and to adjust offenders into the association as a way to accommodate their costs and abate their incarceration rate. Both countries acclimated boilerplate sanctions, such as accelerated acquittal administration (IPS), community-based programs, home bonds and cyberbanking ecology as a beggarly to abate the incarceration bulk and adjust offenders. However both countries cited that boilerplate sanctions programs accept resulted in “widening the net” creating an admission numbers of offenders in the bent amends system. A abrogating aftereffect of accretion the numbers of boilerplate sanctions programs is admiral who are assigned to adviser these offenders will not accord abundant time and efforts rehabilitating every offenders. Nevertheless, these programs accept contributed in some way or accession in adjust offenders.


There are apartment the United States and Canada can administer for prisons bottleneck riots and aerial disparities amid minorities. Regarding bottleneck solutions, both countries can apparatus “front-door solutions” (Champion, 1990, p.229), which recommends prosecutors and board to accept greater use of aberration affairs and community-based casework for offenders. A additional advocacy for bottleneck is “back-door solutions” (Champion, 1990, p.229), which involves acceding prisoners ancient absolution or parole, furlough and authoritative discharge. Currently, Canada is added into practicing the use of boilerplate sanctions added than the United States. As a result, their incarceration citizenry decreased and accommodate their cost. In accession accepting clandestine businesses advance in the active of bastille accessories will abate administration cost.

Bert Useem and Jack Goldstone (2002) agenda that bastille riots are acquired by accompaniment or civic admiral arty new demands on prisons administrations, bare casework provided to prisoners, captive corruption by aegis guards and more. Bert Useem and Jack Goldstone (2002) appropriate that the Above Rudolph Giuliani apparent prisons riots in New York by appointing Michael Jacobson and Bernad Devik who apparatus new ameliorate actions. Such as, creating accord and adherence in action amid the administrator and alteration staff, accretion the assurance of prisoners, annoyance boundless use of force by agents and administration abrupt and able responses to inmates provocations. Those New York Bastille ameliorate account can be implemented in every accompaniment in the US and Canada. Accession band-aid for bastille riots is to acclaim agents to adviser prisoners who behave in prisons by acceding those prisoners ancient release. One above issues that both countries face is ancestral disparity, for US it is African Americans and for Canada it is Blacks and Ancient Canadians. Solutions for ancestral alterity accommodate alteration binding sentencing law for assertive offenses that tend to discriminate adjoin minorities.


The United-States believes that the rehabilitation of offenders is an ideal ambition to be met in their correctional system, but in absoluteness abounding offenders reenter into the bent amends system. One acumen cited beforehand is that correctional admiral do not get abounding time committed to ecology offenders’ antidotal advance because of abundant caseload and the abounding bulk of bodies in accession sentencing programs. In contrast, Canada’s chastening arrangement puts added accent on the use of accession sentences programs that focuses on alleviative the blackmailer as adjoin to imprisonment. Canada believes added in giving the blackmailer an befalling to bigger one’s self. Thus, Canada has a admixture of opportunities and rehabilitation model. In fact, Canada sentencing agency and accession authoritative bodies accept fabricated it an accomplishment to accord offenders the charge to become a advantageous affiliate of society. Both countries implemented correctional programs and accession sentencing programs to abate bottleneck and costs. But the United States implemented those blazon of programs to abate bottleneck and costs instead of rehabilitating the offenders.


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