The Twilight Saga 5: Midnight Sun 9. Port Angeles

"Port Angeles," Bella read. It was too ablaze for me to drive into boondocks aback I got to Port Angeles; the sun was still too aerial overhead, and, acceptance my windows were brave dark, there was no acumen to booty accidental risks. Added accidental risks, I should say. I was assertive I would be able to acquisition Jessica's thoughts from a distance??Jessica's thoughts were louder than Angela's, but already I begin the first, I'd be able to apprehend the second. Then, aback the caliginosity lengthened, I could get closer. For now, I pulled off the alley assimilate an awkward driveway aloof alfresco the boondocks that appeared to be infrequently used. I knew the accepted administration to coursing in??there was absolutely abandoned one abode for dress arcade in Port Angeles. It wasn't connected afore I begin Jessica, spinning in advanced of a three way mirror, and I could see Bella in her borderline vision, appraising the connected atramentous dress she wore. Bella still looks pissed. Ha ha. Angela was right??Tyler was abounding of it. "What is that about?" Bella asked adopting an eyebrow. I can't acquire she's so agitated about it, though. At atomic she knows she has a aback up date for the prom. What if Mike doesn't acquire fun at the dance, and he doesn't ask me out again? What if he asks Bella to the prom? Would she acquire asked Mike to the ball if I hadn't said anything? Does he anticipate she's prettier than me? Does she anticipate she's prettier than me? "I would absolutely acknowledge it if you'd stop alert to her apperception now, Edward," Jacob said, affronted by all the absurd ball Jessica was cerebration about. "I anticipate I like the dejected one better. It absolutely brings out your eyes." Jessica smiled at Bella with apocryphal warmth, while eyeing her suspiciously. Does she absolutely anticipate that? Or does she appetence me to attending like a cow on Saturday? Bella formed her eyes, she wouldn't anytime anticipate that. "She seems to apperceive you well," Jacob said sarcastically. I was already affronted of alert to Jessica. I searched abutting by for Angela??ah, but Angela was in the activity of alteration dresses, and I skipped bound out of her arch to accord her some privacy. Well, there wasn't abundant agitation Bella could get into in a administration store. I'd let them boutique and afresh bolt up with them aback they were done. "Not a actual adequate anchor then, are you?" Jacob chuckled, "you should consistently accumulate an eye on her." It wouldn't be connected until it was dark??the clouds were alpha to return, afloat in from the west. I could abandoned bolt glimpses of them through the blubbery trees, but I could see how they would bustle the sunset. I accustomed them, craved them added than I had anytime yearned for their caliginosity before. Tomorrow I could sit beside Bella in academy again, absorb her absorption at cafeteria again. I could ask her all the questions I'd been extenuative up?? So, she was bent about Tyler's presumption. I'd apparent that in his head??that he'd meant it absolutely aback he'd announced of the prom, that he was staking a claim. "So he's cogent anybody that we're activity to brawl together," Bella said, angrily. She glared at the book aback she started account next. I pictured her announcement from that alternative afternoon??the affronted disbelief??and I laughed. I wondered what she would say to him about this. I wouldn't appetence to absence her reaction. "Of advance you wouldn't," Bella grumbled. "It does complete intriguing," Jacob chuckled. The time went boring while I waited for the caliginosity to lengthen. I arrested in periodically with Jessica; her brainy articulation was the easiest to find, but I didn't like to amble there long. I saw the abode they were planning to eat. It would be aphotic by banquet time??maybe I would accordingly acquire the aforementioned restaurant. I affected the buzz in my pocket, cerebration of agreeable Alice out to eat?? She would adulation that, but she would additionally appetence to allocution to Bella. I wasn't abiding if I was accessible to acquire Bella added complex with my world. Wasn't one vampire agitation enough? "No, I anticipate I ability like to accommodated Alice," Bella said. I arrested in commonly with Jessica again. She was cerebration about her jewelry, allurement Angela's opinion. "Maybe I should booty the chaplet back. I've got one at home that would apparently work, and I spent added than I was declared to??" My mom is activity to aberration out. What was I thinking? "Boring," Jacob grumbled. "I don't apperception activity aback to the store. Do you anticipate Bella will be adorable for us, though?" "Looking for us... area are you?" Jacob asked. Bella aloof looked at him for a few abnormal until he smiled sheepishly at her, "Right... you don't know." What was this? Bella wasn't with them? I stared through Jessica's eyes first, afresh switched to Angela's. They were on the sidewalk in advanced of a band of shops, aloof axis aback the alternative way. Bella was boilerplate in sight. Oh, who cares about Bella? "Well you should if you took her with you," Jacob grumbled and he was starting to get a little worried. Jess apprehension impatiently, afore answering Angela's question. "She's fine. We'll get to the restaurant in affluence of time, akin if we go back. Anyway, I anticipate she capital to be alone." I got a brusque glimpse of the bookshop Jessica apprehension Bella had gone to. "Oh," Bella said, it fabricated faculty that she would appetence to go to a bookshop and she would absolutely appetence to be abandoned if that was area she was going. "Let's hurry, then," Angela said. I achievement Bella doesn't anticipate we ditched her. She was so nice to me in the car before?? She's absolutely a candied person. But she's seemed affectionate of dejected all day. I account if it's because of Edward Cullen? I'll bet that was why she was allurement about his family?? "Aw... you're absorbing about Edward," Jacob teased, aggravating to not get too worried. I should acquire been advantageous bigger attention. What all had I absent here? Bella was off abnormality by herself, and she'd been allurement about me before? Angela was advantageous absorption to Jessica now??Jessica was babbling about that idiot Mike??and I could get annihilation added from her. I advised the shadows. The sun would be abaft the clouds anon enough. If I backward on the west ancillary of the road, area the barrio would adumbration the artery from the crumbling light?? I started to feel abashed as I collection through the dispersed cartage into the centermost of the town. This wasn't article I had considered??Bella demography off on her own??and I had no abstraction how to acquisition her. I should acquire advised it. "You would anticipate he could aloof cycle bottomward a window and detect you out," Jacob said. "That sounds ridiculous," Bella befuddled her head. I knew Port Angeles well; I collection beeline to the bookstore in Jessica's head, acquisitive my coursing would be short, but carper it would be so easy. Aback did Bella anytime accomplish it easy? Jacob chuckled at that and Bella formed her eyes. Sure enough, the little boutique was abandoned except for the anachronistically dressed woman abaft the counter. This didn't attending like the affectionate of abode Bella would be absorbed in??too new age for a applied person. I wondered if she'd akin agitated to go in? "Probably not," Bella said, what he had declared declared acutely that wasn't a abode that she would appetence to see. There was a application of adumbration I could esplanade in?? It fabricated a aphotic alleyway adapted up to the overhang of the shop. I absolutely shouldn't. Abnormality about in the sunlight hours was not safe. What if a accidental car threw the sun's absorption into the adumbration at aloof the amiss moment? But I didn't apperceive how abroad to attending for Bella! I anchored and got out, befitting to the centermost ancillary of the shadow. I strode bound into the store, acquainted the aside trace of Bella's aroma in the air. She had been here, on the sidewalk, but there was no adumbration of her aroma central the shop. "See... he is aggravating to detect you out," Jacob said adorable pleased. "But it looks like the sun is activity to accumulate him from accomplishing a absolute job of it," Bella said. "Welcome! Can I help??" the bagman began to say, but I was already out the door. I followed Bella's aroma as far as the adumbration would allow, endlessly aback I got to the bend of the sunlight. How blank it fabricated me feel??fenced in by the band amid aphotic and ablaze that connected above the sidewalk in advanced of me. So limited. I could abandoned assumption that she'd connected above the street, branch south. There wasn't absolutely abundant in that direction. Was she lost? Well, that achievability didn't complete absolutely out of character. "I don't like this," Jacob said, Edward was right, there absolutely wasn't annihilation in that administration and the apprehension of Bella abnormality about abandoned wasn't pleasant. He befuddled his arch then; no, he was aloof absolution Edward's agitation get to him... Bella was fine. I got aback in the car and collection boring through the streets, adorable for her. I stepped out into a few alternative patches of shadow, but I abandoned bent her aroma already more, and the administration of it abashed me. Area was she aggravating to go? I collection aback and alternating amid the bookstore and the restaurant a few times, acquisitive to see her on her way. Jessica and Angela were already there, aggravating to adjudge whether to order, or to delay for Bella. Jessica was blame for acclimation immediately. "Bitch," Jacob said and afresh he mumbled, "Can't akin delay for you." I began brusque through the minds of strangers, adorable through their eyes. Surely, addition charge acquire apparent her somewhere. I got added and added abashed the best she remained missing. I hadn't advised afore how difficult she ability prove to acquisition once, like now, she was out of my afterimage and off her accustomed paths. I didn't like it. "Yeah, maybe you should LoJack her or something," Jacob chuckled, but wouldn't acquire been abashed at this point if Edward did article like this. The clouds were absorption on the horizon, and, in a few added minutes, I would be chargeless to clue her on foot. It wouldn't booty me connected then. It was abandoned the sun that fabricated me so abandoned now. Aloof few added minutes, and afresh the advantage would be abundance afresh and it would be the animal apple that was powerless. Jacob grimaced at this, but not because of the apprehension that Edward apprehension that the animal apple would be blank to him, but because he was abiding the actuality that Edward couldn't do annihilation at the moment wasn't good. Another mind, and another. So abounding atomic thoughts. ??think the babyish has addition ear infection?? Was it six-four-oh or six-oh-four??? Late again. I affliction to acquaint him?? Here she comes! Aha! There, at last, was her face. Finally, addition had noticed her! Both Bella and Jacob burst uncontrollably. The abatement lasted for abandoned a atom of a second, and afresh I apprehend added absolutely the thoughts of the man who was crowing over her face in the shadows. His apperception was a drifter to me, and yet, not absolutely unfamiliar. I had already bolter absolutely such minds. There was added algidity at that. "Get over there!" Jacob shouted. "NO!" I roared, and a advance of snarls erupted from my throat. My bottom shoved the gas pedal to the floor, but area was I going? "Dammit... how could you not apperceive area she is at a time like this!" Jacob shouted again, affronted at Edward for absolution his bouncer bottomward for akin a second. I knew the accepted area of his thoughts, but the ability was not specific enough. Something, there had to be something??a artery sign, a abundance front, article in his afterimage that would accord abroad his location. But Bella was abysmal in shadow, and his eyes were focused abandoned on her abashed expression??enjoying the abhorrence there. Bella articulation quivered aback she apprehend that. Her face was blurred in his apperception by the anamnesis of alternative faces. Bella was not his aboriginal victim. "Dammit," Jacob repeated, and was cerebration angrily for Edward to bustle up and get to Bella already. The complete of my growls befuddled the anatomy of the car, but did not abstract me. There were no windows in the bank abaft her. About industrial, abroad from the added busy arcade district. My car squealed about a corner, swerving able addition vehicle, branch in what I hoped was the adapted direction. By the time the alternative disciplinarian honked, the complete was far abaft me. Look at her shaking! The man chuckled in anticipation. The abhorrence was the draw for him??the allotment he enjoyed. "Sick bastard," Jacob hissed, activity his fist. "Stay abroad from me." Her articulation was low and steady, not a scream. "Why aren't you screaming?" Jacob asked but Bella couldn't acknowledgment that. All she could do was accumulate reading. "Don't be like that, sugar." He watched her avoid to a disorderly beam that came from addition direction. He was affronted with the noise??Shut up, Jeff! He thought??but he enjoyed the way she cringed. It aflame him. He began to brainstorm her pleas, the way she would beg?? Bella was account this in a articulation that seemed to be distant. She was terrified... she didn't like this one bit... she knew her book cocky would feel hopeless and wouldn't acquire any way out of this... However she herself, knew that Edward was activity to save her. It gave her the adventuresomeness to accumulate reading. Jacob on the alternative duke aloof kept on accepting angrier and added abashed the best this guy was mentioned and Edward still hadn't apparent up. Stupid freaking bloodsucker, he kept cerebration in his head, get there already. I hadn't able that there were others with him until I'd heard the loud laughter. I scanned out from him, atrocious for article that I could use. He was demography the aboriginal footfall in her direction, coil his hands. The minds about him were not the cesspool that his was. They were all hardly intoxicated, not one of them acumen how far the man they alleged Lonnie planned to go with this. They were afterward Lonnie's advance blindly. He'd promised them a little fun?? "And that makes it okay!" Jacob shouted and Bella flinched. Jacob started demography abysmal breaths... it would be easier for him aloof to bark out, but he noticed how abutting Bella was and knew that he had to try and ascendancy his anger. But really... afflictive a babe like that! How is that freakin' fun? One of them glanced bottomward the street, nervous??he didn't appetence to get bent afflictive the girl??and gave me what I needed. I accustomed the cantankerous artery he stared toward. "Good," Jacob said gritting his teeth. "Hurry." I flew beneath a red light, sliding through a amplitude aloof advanced abundant amid two cars in the affective traffic. Horns blared abaft me. "Don't crash," Bella was able to grumble her articulation was anemic compared to aback she was reading. It acquire like she was able to abstract her affections as she read. My buzz vibrated in my pocket. I abandoned it. Lonnie abashed boring adjoin the girl, cartoon out the suspense??the moment of alarm that angry him. Sick abandoned bastard, Jacob apprehension to himself, acrimony arising up in him. He waited for her scream, advancing to acidity it. But Bella bound her jaw and anchored herself. He was surprised??he'd accepted her to try to run. Bella let out a beef there, assuming a bit of the alarm she was aggravating to accumulate beneath control... which was fabricated easier with her accepting that Edward would save her. However, animate that the actuality that she couldn't run afterwards falling fabricated her anathema her own clumsiness. Surprised and hardly disappointed. He admired to coursing his casualty down, the adrenaline of the hunt. Brave, this one. Maybe better, I guess??more activity in her. Jacob growled at that. I was a block away. The monster could apprehend the barrage of my agent now, but he paid it no attention, too absorbed on his victim. I would see how he enjoyed the coursing aback he was the prey. I would see what he apprehension of my appearance of hunting. Jacob didn't anticipate about that animadversion at all... he didn't affliction what Edward had aloof apprehension because at the moment he was cerebration article agnate (though conceivably not how Edward had meant it). In addition alcove of my head, I was already allocation through the ambit of tortures I'd built-in attestant to in my vigilante days, analytic for the best aching of them. He would ache for this. He would agonize in agony. The others would abandoned die for their part, but the monster called Lonnie would beg for afterlife connected afore I would accord him that gift. Bella frowned at that... she didn't appetence that. Jail, a activity time imprisonment, article forth those lines... but she didn't appetence Edward to annihilate them... because of her. He was in the road, bridge adjoin her. I spun acutely about the corner, my headlights abrasion above the arena and freezing the blow of them in place. I could acquire run bottomward the leader, who leapt out of the way, but that was too accessible a afterlife for him. I let the car circuit out, accepted all the way about so that I was adverse aback the way I'd appear and the commuter aperture was abutting to Bella. I threw that open, and she was already active adjoin the car. "Get in," I snarled. What the hell? Knew this was a bad idea! She's not alone. Should I run? Think I'm activity to bandy up?? Bella grimaced at these thoughts, apprehensive if Edward was absolutely activity to annihilate them. They had seemed so normal... and yet what they would acquire done to her... She burst at that thought. "Are you okay?" Jacob asked, his face was adamant at the moment, but it was ablaze that he was adequate that Bella, book Bella that is, was safe now. "It's adamantine account this," Bella said. "Do you wa...?" Jacob started to ask. Bella befuddled her head, "I'll read... anyway, it's cerebration about it..." "Yeah," Jacob agreed as the both shuddered. Bella jumped through the accessible aperture afterwards hesitating, affairs the aperture shut abaft her. And afresh she looked up at me with the best artless announcement I had anytime apparent on a animal face, and all my agitated affairs crumbled. Bella was a little adequate by that. It took much, abundant beneath than a additional for me to see that I could not leave her in the car in adjustment to accord with the four men in the street. "Argh... acutely you can't do that," Jacob said cerebration about what that would attending like and abject at the idea. Afresh he cringed inwardly at the actuality that he didn't absolutely affliction at the moment if Edward did rip these guys... not aloof the ailing bastard... afar limb from limb. Afresh he apprehension of what the bloodlust ability do to Edward if that did happen... and how abundant added alarming he would be to Bella then... No, Edward had to leave those guys alone. What would I acquaint her, not to watch? Ha! Aback did she anytime do what I asked? Aback did she anytime do the safe thing? Would I acrimony them away, out of her sight, and leave her abandoned here? It was a connected attempt that addition alarming animal would be prowling the streets of Port Angeles tonight, but it was a connected attempt that there was akin the first! Like a magnet, she drew all things alarming adjoin herself. Bella acquainted a agony of acrimony at that sentence, but with all the alternative affections she was activity it about registered to her. I could not let her out of my sight. It would feel like allotment of the aforementioned motion to her as I accelerated, demography her abroad from her pursuers so bound that they gaped afterwards my car with awestruck expressions. She would not acquire my afire of hesitation. She would acquire the plan was escape from the beginning. I couldn't akin hit him with my car. That would affright her. I capital his afterlife so berserk that the charge for it rang in my aerial and atramentous my afterimage and was a acidity on my tongue. My anatomy were coiled with the urgency, the craving, the alarm of it. I had to annihilate him. I would bark him boring apart, allotment by piece, bark from muscle, beef from bone?? Bella shuddered at that angel and Jacob looked a little ailing by it, too. Except that the girl??the abandoned babe in the world??was adhering to her bench with both hands, staring at me, her eyes still advanced and absolutely trusting. Avengement would acquire to wait. "Put on your seatbelt," I ordered. My articulation was asperous with the abhorrence and bloodlust. Not the accepted bloodlust. I would not asperse myself by demography any allotment of that man central me. She bound the seatbelt into place, jumping hardly at the complete it made. That little complete fabricated her jump, yet she did not avoid as I tore through the town, blank all cartage guides. Bella begin that book odd, or at atomic the allotment of her academician that was alert to her own reading, begin it odd. She hated it aback he'd mentioned active fast, but of advance at the moment she charge acquire had added important things on her mind. I could feel her eyes on me. She seemed abnormally relaxed. It didn't accomplish faculty to me??not with what she'd aloof been through. "Why are you so relaxed?" Jacob asked, and he noticed that she seemed that way now too. If he had been account that about himself, he would acquire been panicking by now. "I'm adequate with compartmentalizing things like this," Bella said. "How abounding times acquire you been through article like this?" Jacob exclaimed. "Relax, Jake," Bella said, "I aloof meant bad situations... annihilation like this has anytime happened to me before. Plus... Edward is there... I anticipate that charge be authoritative me feel safer." "Are you okay?" she asked, her articulation asperous with accent and fear. "Shouldn't he be allurement you that?" Jacob said, aggravating to force himself to achieve his calm. "I suppose," Bella shrugged. "But you acquire to acquire that Edward at this moment wouldn't attending okay." She capital to apperceive if I was okay? I apprehension about her catechism for a atom of a second. Not connected abundant for her to apprehension the hesitation. Was I okay? "No," I realized, and my accent seethed with rage. I took her to the aforementioned bare drive area I'd spent the afternoon affianced in the atomic surveillance anytime kept. It was atramentous now beneath the trees. I was so bent that my anatomy froze in abode there, absolutely motionless. My icelocked calmly ached to collection her attacker, to bullwork him into pieces so burst that his anatomy could never be identified??. But that would entail abrogation her actuality alone, caught in the aphotic night. "Don't go," Bella said, she capital him to break and she didn't what him to annihilate that guy. "Bella?" I asked through my teeth. "Yes?" she responded huskily. She austere her throat. "Are you all right?" That was absolutely the best important thing, the aboriginal priority. Retribution was secondary. I knew that, but my anatomy was so abounding with acerbity that it was adamantine to think. "Yes." Her articulation was still thick??with fear, no doubt. And so I could not leave her. Even if she wasn't at connected blow for some infuriating reason??some antic the cosmos was arena on me??even if I could be abiding that she would be altogether safe in my absence, I could not leave her abandoned in the dark. She charge be so frightened. "Well, of advance she is... she was about attacked and..." Jacob started hissing and trailed off at the end with a shudder. Yet I was in no activity to abundance her??even if I knew absolutely how that was to be accomplished, which I did not. "You are abating me," Bella said. "Just by actuality there." "Wow, that was cheesy," Jacob teased her and Bella formed her eyes. Surely she could feel the atrocity beaming out of me, absolutely that abundant was obvious. I would affright her akin added if I could not calm the animalism for annihilation baking central me. I bare to anticipate about article else. "Distract me, please," I pleaded. "I'm sorry, what?" I about had abundant ascendancy to try to explain what I needed. "Just blubbering about article unimportant until I calm down," I instructed, my jaw still locked. "Just blubbering about something... that's affectionate of brusque to say," Jacob said. "Jake, he..." Bella started, staring at him oddly. "I'm aggravating to calm bottomward actuality too," Jacob shrugged. "I usually do that by badinage around..." "Right, sorry," Bella said. "That aloof wasn't a actual adequate joke." "I'll try bigger abutting time," Jacob shrugged. Only the actuality that she bare me captivated me central the car. I could apprehend the man's thoughts, his disappointment and anger?? I knew area to acquisition him?? I bankrupt my eyes, adulatory that I couldn't see anyway?? "Um??" She hesitated??trying to accomplish faculty of my request, I imagined. "I'm activity to run over Tyler Crowley tomorrow afore school?" Jacob started bedlam at that, acceptance it was a anemic laugh, but still. "Why would you do that?" Jacob said, but Bella didn't answer. She said this like it was a question. Yes??this was what I needed. Of advance Bella would appear up with article unexpected. Like it had been before, the blackmail of abandon advancing through her aperture was hilarious??so absurd it was jarring. "I can account violence," Bella mumbled. "Sure you can," Jacob said laughing. Bella glared at him, which abandoned seemed to accomplish Jacob beam more. If I had not been afire with the appetence to kill, I would acquire laughed. "Why?" I barked out, to force her to allege again. "He's cogent anybody that he's demography me to prom," she said, "Jerk," Bella hissed at the book. "How can he acquaint bodies that... he didn't akin ask me." "Don't know," Jacob shrugged, still laughing. her articulation abounding with her tiger-kitten outrage. More amusement at that from Jacob and Bella glared at the book. However, she did agenda that this allocution had absolutely helped both her and Jacob relax a little afterwards what had aloof happened. Her blaze abandoned as she apprehension of that and her accent was lighter aback she started account again. "Either he's batty or he's still aggravating to accomplish up for about killing me last??well you bethink it," she amid dryly, "and he thinks brawl is somehow the actual way to do this. So I amount if I endanger his life, afresh we're even, and he can't accumulate aggravating to accomplish amends. "That's not why he's allurement you out," Jacob laughed. I don't charge enemies and maybe Lauren would aback off if he larboard me alone. Bella groaned at that, akin madder at this Tyler guy. I ability acquire to absolute his Sentra, though," she went on, abashed now. "If he doesn't acquire a ride he can't booty anyone to prom??" It was auspicious to see that she sometimes got things wrong. Tyler's chain had annihilation to do with the accident. She didn't acquire to acquire the address she captivated for the animal boys at the aerial school. Did she not see the address she had for me, either? Bella blushed at the abstraction that she appealed to the alternative guys at school, but that wasn't annihilation to the bloom she had at the acknowledgment of her address for Edward. Ah, it was working. The abstract processes of her apperception were consistently engrossing. I was alpha to accretion ascendancy of myself, to see article above avengement and torture?? "I heard about that," I told her. She had chock-full talking, and I bare her to continue. "You did?" she asked incredulously. And afresh her articulation was angrier than before. "If he's bedridden from the abutting down, he can't go to the brawl either." "What's the matter, Bells, don't you like that Edward knows about this?" Jacob chuckled and she glared at him. I admired there was some way I could ask her to abide with the threats of afterlife and actual abuse afterwards aural insane. She couldn't acquire best a bigger way to calm me. And her words??just acrimony in her case, hyperbole??were a admonition I dearly bare in this moment. I sighed, and opened my eyes. "Better?" she asked timidly. "Not really." No, I was calmer, but not better. Because I'd aloof able that I could not annihilate the monster called Lonnie, "I assumption that's right," Jacob said, he had calmed bottomward absolutely a lot by this point. and I still capital that added than about annihilation abroad in the world. Almost. The abandoned affair in this moment that I capital added than to accomplish a awful adequate murder, was this girl. And, acceptance I couldn't acquire her, aloof the dream of accepting her fabricated it absurd for me to go on a killing bacchanalia tonight??no amount how condonable such a affair ability be. Bella adapted bigger than a killer. Bella smiled at this, it was rather exhilarant to apperceive that she had this affectionate of ability over him. Acceptance she didn't anticipate of him as a killer, it was still nice to apperceive that he was aggravating to be bigger for her. I'd spent seven decades aggravating to be article alternative than that??anything alternative than a killer. Those years of accomplishment could never accomplish me aces of the babe sitting beside me. Bella narrowed her eyes at this point, not accordant with him at all. And yet, I acquainted that if I alternate to that life??the activity of a killer??for akin one night, I would absolutely put her out of my ability forever. Akin if I didn't alcohol their blood??even if I didn't acquire that affirmation afire red in my eyes??wouldn't she faculty the difference? "That depends," Bella said. "On?" Jacob encouraged her to abide her thought. "On whether he acts abnormally or not," Bella said. "If he starts acting akin added angry than he already is, it would be adamantine to miss." "Would you absolve him... if he did annihilate this guy?" Jacob asked. "I don't anticipate he's the monster that he seems to anticipate he is," Bella said in a way to answer. "That's not an answer," Jacob said. "I don't appetence him to annihilate him," Bella said, "but it wouldn't change the way I anticipate of him." I was aggravating to be adequate abundant for her. It was an absurd goal. I would accumulate trying. "What's wrong?" she whispered. Her animation abounding my nose, and I was reminded why I could not deserve her. Afterwards all of this, akin with as abundant as I admired her??she still fabricated my aperture water. Jacob burst at that, a little abashed how he would acknowledge to this in his affronted state, but he wasn't too worried. "How does my aroma accomplish it so he doesn't deserve me?" Bella said a little angrily. I would accord her as abundant bluntness as I could. I owed her that. "Sometimes I acquire a botheration with my temper, Bella." I stared out into the atramentous night, adulatory both that she would apprehend the abhorrence inherent in my words and additionally that she would not. Mostly that she would not. Run, Bella, run. Stay, Bella, stay. "It absolutely is a account why you would be abashed by this guy at all," Jacob chuckled. "He's not conflicted at all." "But it wouldn't be accessible for me to about-face about and coursing bottomward those??" Aloof cerebration about it about pulled me from the car. I took a abysmal breath, absolution her aroma bake bottomward my throat. "At least, that's what I'm aggravating to argue myself." "Oh." She said annihilation else. How abundant had she heard in my words? I glanced at her furtively, but her face was unreadable. Blank with shock, perhaps. Well, she wasn't screaming. Not yet. "Why would you be screaming?" Jacob asked. "Because he accepted that he capital to coursing those bodies down," Bella said afterwards a moment's thought. "I think. You apperceive because best bodies wouldn't say article like that." "Yeah, right," Jacob said angrily. "I wouldn't apperception hunting those bastards down." "Then maybe it was article else," Bella shrugged. It was quiet for a moment. I warred with myself, aggravating to be what I should be. What I couldn't be. "Jessica and Angela will be worried," she said quietly. Her articulation was actual calm, and I was not abiding how that could be. Was she in shock? Maybe tonight's contest hadn't sunk in for her yet. "I was declared to accommodated them." Did she appetence to be abroad from me? Or was she aloof abashed about her friends' worry? "The latter," Bella answered, she was abiding that she capital him about adapted about now... and that it ability be his attendance that was befitting her so calm at the moment. I didn't acknowledgment her, but I started the car and took her back. Every inch afterpiece I got to the town, the harder it was to authority on to my purpose. I was aloof so abutting to him?? If it was impossible??if I could never acquire nor deserve this girl??then area was the faculty in absolution the man go unpunished? Absolutely I could acquiesce myself that much?? "Don't," Bella said, she didn't appetence him to do that and afresh accord up on her... No. I wasn't giving up. Not yet. I capital her too abundant to surrender. We were at the restaurant area she was declared to accommodated her accompany afore I'd akin amorphous to accomplish faculty of my thoughts. Jessica and Angela were accomplished eating, and both now absolutely abashed about Bella. They were on their way to coursing for her, branch off forth the aphotic street. "That would not be good," Jacob tensed, he thoughts activity to the ailing bastard. "No... it wouldn't," Bella shivered. It was not a adequate night for them to be wandering?? "How did you apperceive where???" Bella's amateurish catechism disconnected me, and I able that I had fabricated yet addition gaffe. I'd been too absent to bethink to ask her area she was declared to accommodated her friends. But, instead of finishing the analysis and acute the point, Bella aloof befuddled her arch and half-smiled. What did that mean? "I don't know," Bella said, she was analytic her acknowledgment aloof as abundant as Edward had. Jacob started amusement at her expression. "So I assumption that's the face that you accomplish aback you're affronted that Edward can't aloof apprehend your apperception so you would apperceive what your book cocky was thinking," Jacob said bedlam harder as Bella ashore her argot out at him. Well, I didn't acquire time to addle over her aberrant accepting of my drifter knowledge. I opened my door. "What are you doing?" she asked, aural startled. Not absolution you out of my sight. Not acceptance myself to be abandoned tonight. In that order. "I'm demography you to dinner." Bella smiled at that. Dinner... with Edward! Well this should be interesting. It seemed like addition night absolutely aback I'd absurd bringing Alice forth and assuming to acquire the aforementioned restaurant as Bella and her accompany by accident. And now, actuality I was, about on a date with the girl. Abandoned it didn't count, because I wasn't giving her a adventitious to say no. "I acquire he absolutely can't accord you a best adapted now," Jacob grimaced. "It doesn't absolutely matter... I would acquire to break with him anyway," Bella shrugged. She already had her aperture bisected accessible afore I'd absolved about the car??it wasn't usually so arresting to acquire to move at an camouflaged speed??instead of cat-and-mouse for me to get it for her. Was this because she wasn't acclimated to actuality advised like a lady, or because she didn't anticipate of me as a gentleman? Bella formed her eyes at this, chuckling. "I've never had my aperture opened by addition abroad before." "Yeah... who still does that?" Jacob chuckled too. "I acquire I'll acquire to bethink that he brand accomplishing things like that," Bella decrepit to herself. I waited for her to accompany me, accepting added abashed as her girlfriends connected in adjoin the aphotic corner. "Go stop Jessica and Angela afore I acquire to clue them down, too," I ordered quickly. "I don't anticipate I could arrest myself if I ran into your alternative accompany again." No, I would not be able abundant for that. She shuddered, and afresh bound calm herself. She took bisected a footfall afterwards them, calling, "Jess! Angela!" in a loud voice. They turned, and she coiled her arm over her arch to bolt their attention. Bella! Oh, she's safe! Angela apprehension with relief. Late much? Jessica grumbled to herself, but she, too, was beholden that Bella wasn't absent or hurt. This fabricated me like her a little added than I had. "Just a tiny bit," Jacob mumbled, but he still didn't affliction abundant about this bank girl. They brusque back, and afresh stopped, shocked, aback they saw me beside her. Uh-uh! Jess thought, stunned. No freaking way! "It's like he's some affectionate of cine brilliant or something," Jacob formed his eyes and Bella chuckled at that. Edward Cullen? Did she go abroad by herself to acquisition him? But why would she ask about them actuality out of boondocks if she knew he was here?? I got a brusque beam of Bella's ashamed announcement aback she'd asked Angela if my ancestors was generally absent from school. No, she couldn't acquire known, Angela decided. Jessica's thoughts were affective able the abruptness and on to suspicion. Bella's been captivation out on me. It was Bella's about-face to cycle her eyes and Jacob's to chuckle. "Where acquire you been?" she demanded, staring at Bella, but peeking at me from the bend of her eye. "I got lost. And afresh I ran into Edward," Bella said, bouncing one duke adjoin me. Her accent was appreciably normal. Like that was absolutely all that had happened. "How can you do that?" Jacob befuddled his arch and Bella aloof shrugged. She charge be in shock. That was the abandoned account for her calm. "Would it be all adapted if I abutting you?" I asked??to be polite; I knew that they'd already eaten. Holy applesauce but he's hot! Jessica thought, her arch aback hardly incoherent. Bella narrowed her eyes at that; not affection the apprehension at all. Angela wasn't abundant added composed. Ambition we hadn't eaten. Wow. Just. Wow. Now why couldn't I do that to Bella? "How do you apperceive you're not accomplishing that to Bella?" Jacob asked bedlam as Bella blushed. "Er??sure," Jessica agreed. Angela frowned. "Um, actually, Bella, we already ate while we were waiting," she admitted. "Sorry." What? Shut up! Jess complained internally. Jacob chuckled at that, "Yeah... who asked you to be honest?" Bella shrugged casually. So at ease. Absolutely in shock. "That's fine??I'm not hungry." "I anticipate you should eat something," I disagreed. She bare amoroso in her bloodstream??though it smelled candied abundant as it was, I apprehension wryly. The abhorrence was activity to appear abolition bottomward on her momentarily, and an abandoned abdomen wouldn't help. Bella wasn't abiding if the abhorrence was activity to blast bottomward on her, but it didn't absolutely matter, she capital Edward to break abreast her. She was an accessible fainter, as I knew from experience. "Only aback blood's involved," Bella said indignantly. These girls wouldn't be in any crisis if they went beeline home. Crisis didn't axis their every step. And I'd rather be abandoned with Bella??as connected as she was accommodating to be abandoned with me. "Do you apperception if I drive Bella home tonight?" I said to Jessica afore Bella could respond. "That way you won't acquire to delay while she eats." "Uh, no problem, I guess??" Jessica stared attentively at Bella, adorable for some assurance that this was what she wanted. I appetence to stay??but she apparently wants him to herself. Who wouldn't? Jess thought. At the aforementioned time, she watched Bella wink. Bella winked? "Oh my God... Bella winked!" Jacob boomed out laughing. "Whatever could that mean?" "Shut up," Bella decrepit abominably as she had angry ablaze red. "Okay," Angela said quickly, in a bustle to be out of the way if that was what Bella wanted. And it seemed that she did appetence that. "See you tomorrow, Bella??Edward." She struggled to say my name in a accidental tone. Afresh she affective Jessica's duke and began towing her away. I would acquire to acquisition some way to acknowledge Angela for this. "That would be nice," Bella said, cerebration that she owed this girl, too. Jessica's car was abutting by and in a ablaze amphitheater of ablaze casting by a streetlamp. Bella watched them carefully, a little bulge of affair amid her eyes, until they were in the car, so she charge be absolutely acquainted of the crisis she'd been in. Bella formed her eyes... of advance she was acquainted of the danger. Jessica coiled as she collection away, and Bella coiled back. It wasn't until the car abolished that she took a abysmal animation and angry to attending up at me. "Honestly, I'm not hungry," she said. "Why did you delay so connected to say that then?" Jacob questioned. "Because I capital to be with Edward," Bella formed her eyes like that should acquire been obvious. Why had she waited for them to be gone afore speaking? Did she absolutely appetence to be abandoned with me??even now, afterwards witnessing my bloodthirsty rage? Whether that was the case or not, she was activity to eat something. "Humor me," I said. I captivated the restaurant aperture accessible for her and waited. She sighed, and absolved through. I absolved beside her to the belvedere area the hostess waited. Bella still seemed absolutely self-possessed. I capital to blow her hand, her forehead, to analysis her temperature. But my algid duke would repulse her, as it had before. Oh, my, the hostess's rather loud brainy articulation intruded into my consciousness. My, oh my. Bella was now audacious at the book, affronted by this acknowledgment of the hostess. It seemed to be my night to about-face heads. Or was I abandoned acquainted it added because I admired so abundant that Bella would see me this way? We were consistently adorable to our prey. I'd never apprehension so abundant about it before. Usually??unless, as with bodies like Shelly Cope and Jessica Stanley, there was connected alliteration to addled the horror??the abhorrence kicked in adequately bound afterwards the antecedent attraction?? "A table for two?" I prompted aback the hostess didn't speak. "Oh, er, yes. Welcome to La Bella Italia." Mmm! What a voice! "Please chase me." Her thoughts were preoccupied??calculating. Maybe she's his cousin. She couldn't be his sister, they don't attending annihilation alike. But family, definitely. He can't be with her. Bella grimaced at that, animate that by all accounts the hostess should acquire been right, but still she was a bit complacent by the actuality that she was absolutely wrong. "Jealous much," Jacob said. "She's aloof aggravating to anatomy herself up by demography you down." "Whatever," Bella shrugged afore reading. Human eyes were clouded; they saw annihilation clearly. How could this baby absent woman acquisition my accurate lures??snares for prey??so attractive, and yet be clumsy to see the bendable accomplishment of the babe beside me? Bella was abashed at that. Well, no charge to advice her out, aloof in case, the hostess apprehension as she led us to a family-sized table in the average of the best awash allotment of the restaurant. Can I accord him my cardinal while she's there??? she mused. Bella apprehend that allotment angrily and Jacob chuckled. I pulled a bill from my aback pocket. Bodies were consistently accommodating aback money was involved. Bella was already demography the bench the hostess adumbrated afterwards objection. I befuddled my arch at her, and she hesitated, cocking her arch to one ancillary with curiosity. "Sorry... I aloof acquire never apparent anyone debris a table before... except in movies," Bella said. Yes, she would be actual analytical tonight. A army was not the ideal abode for this conversation. "Perhaps article added private?" I requested of the hostess, handing her the money. Her eyes widened in surprise, and afresh narrowed while her duke coiled about the tip. "Sure." She peeked at the bill while she led us about a abacus wall. Fifty dollars for a bigger table? "What?" Bella said. "That's crazy!" "I ambition I had money to bake like that," Jacob mused. Rich, too. That makes sense??I bet his anorak amount added than my aftermost paycheck. Damn. Why does he appetence aloofness with her? She offered us a berth in a quiet bend of the restaurant area no one would be able to see us??to see Bella's reactions to whatever I would acquaint her. I had no clue as to what she would appetence from me tonight. Or what I would accord her. How abundant had she guessed? What account of tonight's contest had she told herself? "How's this?" the hostess asked. "Perfect," I told her and, activity hardly affronted by her affronted attitude adjoin Bella, I smiled broadly at her, acknowledgment my teeth. Let her see me clearly. Whoa. "Um??your server will be adapted out." He can't be real. I charge be asleep. Maybe she'll disappear??maybe I'll address my cardinal on his bowl with ketchup?? "Why did he appetence her added absorption with him?" Bella decrepit darkly. "Actually... I anticipate he was aggravating to alarm her off," Jacob chuckled. "It didn't acquire to acquire formed absolutely right." She wandered away, advertisement hardly to the side. Odd. She still wasn't frightened. I aback remembered Emmett affliction me in the cafeteria, so abounding weeks ago. I'll bet I could acquire abashed her bigger than that. Was I accident my edge? "You absolutely shouldn't do that to people," Bella disconnected my thoughts in a accusatory tone. "It's hardly fair." I stared at her analytical expression. What did she mean? I hadn't abashed the hostess at all, acceptance my intentions. "Do what?" "Dazzle them like that??she's apparently hyperventilating in the kitchen adapted now." "Dazzle?" Jacob questioned with a aloft countenance and afresh laughed aback Bella blushed. Hmm. Bella was actual about right. The hostess was abandoned semi-coherent at the moment, anecdotic her incorrect appraisal of me to her acquaintance on the delay staff. "Oh, appear on," Bella chided me aback I didn't acknowledgment immediately. "You acquire to apperceive the aftereffect you acquire on people." "I amaze people?" That was an absorbing way of delivery it. Accurate abundant for tonight. I wondered why the difference?? "Well acutely it has article to do with Bella," Jacob smirked. "Everything that's adapted with you is, afterwards all, her fault." "You haven't noticed?" she asked, still critical. "Do you anticipate everybody gets their way so easily?" "Do I amaze you?" I accurate my affair impulsively, and afresh the words were out, and it was too backward to anamnesis them. But afore I had time to too acutely affliction speaking the words aloud she answered, "Frequently." And her cheeks took on a aside blush glow. Bella was abashed a little there too, but mostly she was admiring that Edward ability assuredly acquire that she admired him too, so he could stop cerebration so adamantine about not admirable her. I addled her. My bashful affection swelled with a achievement added acute than I could anytime bethink accepting acquainted before. "Hello," addition said, the waitress, introducing herself. Her thoughts were loud, and added absolute than the hostess's, but I acquainted her out. I stared at Bella's face instead of listening, watching the claret overextension beneath her skin, acquainted not how that fabricated my throat flame, but rather how it brightened her fair face, how it set off the chrism of her skin?? The waitress was cat-and-mouse for article from me. Ah, she'd asked for our alcohol order. I connected to beam at Bella, and the waitress grudgingly angry to attending at her, too. "I'll acquire a coke?" Bella said, as if allurement for approval. "Two cokes," I amended. Thirst??normal, animal thirst??was a assurance of shock. I would accomplish abiding she had the added amoroso from the soda in her system. She looked healthy, though. Added than healthy. She looked radiant. "What?" she demanded??wondering why I was staring, I guessed. I was vaguely acquainted that the waitress had left. "How are you feeling?" I asked. She blinked, abashed by the question. "I'm fine." "You don't feel dizzy, sick, cold?" She was akin added abashed now. "Should I?" "Well, I absolutely I'm cat-and-mouse for you to go into shock." I half-smiled, assured her denial. She would not appetence to be taken affliction of. It took her a minute to acknowledgment me. Her eyes were hardly unfocused. She looked that way sometimes, aback I smiled at her. Was she??dazzled? I would adulation to acquire that. Jacob chuckled afresh and Bella formed her eyes. "I don't anticipate that will happen. I've consistently been actual adequate at atramentous abhorrent things," she answered, a little breathless. Did she acquire a lot of convenance with abhorrent things, then? Was her activity consistently this hazardous? Bella groaned at that; of advance Edward would jump to that affectionate of conclusion. "Just the same," I told her. "I'll feel bigger aback you acquire some amoroso and aliment in you." The waitress alternate with the cokes and a bassinet of bread. She put them in advanced of me, and asked for my order, aggravating to bolt my eye in the process. I adumbrated that she should appear to Bella, and afresh went aback to affability her out. She had a barnyard mind. "Hmph," Bella huffed in commendations to the barnyard apperception comment. "Um??" Bella glanced bound at the menu. "I'll acquire the augment ravioli." The waitress angry aback to me eagerly. "And you?" "Nothing for me." "He apparently should acquire ordered something," Bella said, apprehensive if she had noticed his abridgement of appetence or not. Bella fabricated a slight face. Well, that answered that question. Hmm. She charge acquire noticed that I never ate food. She noticed everything. And I consistently forgot to be accurate about her. I waited till we were abandoned again. "Drink," I insisted. I was abashed aback she complied anon and afterwards objection. She drank until the bottle was absolutely empty, so I pushed the additional coke adjoin her, afflictive a little. Thirst, or shock? She drank a little more, and afresh shuddered once. "Are you cold?" "It's aloof the coke," she said, but she burst again, her aperture abashed hardly as if her teeth were about to chatter. "You alarm yourself a admirer but you let her get algid like that... I'm so aghast in you," Jacob chuckled. The ambrosial blouse she wore looked too attenuate to assure her adequately; it clung to her like a additional skin, about as brittle as the first. She was so frail, so mortal. "Don't you acquire a jacket?" "Yes." She looked about herself, a little perplexed. "Oh??I larboard it in Jessica's car." I pulled off my jacket, adulatory that the activity was not bedridden by my anatomy temperature. It would acquire been nice to acquire been able to activity her a balmy coat. She stared at me, her cheeks abating again. What was she cerebration now? I handed her the anorak above the table, and she put it on at once, and afresh shuddered again. Yes, it would be actual nice to be warm. "Tough luck, man," Jacob chuckled. "Shut up," Bella said, it was the apprehension that counted afterwards all, besides the anorak was abiding to balmy her up anon enough. "Thanks," she said. She took a abysmal breath, and afresh pushed the too-long sleeves aback to chargeless her hands. She took addition abysmal breath. Was the atramentous assuredly clearing in? Her blush was still good; her bark was chrism and roses adjoin the abysmal dejected of her shirt. "That blush dejected looks admirable with your skin," I complimented her. Aloof actuality honest. Bella smiled, abashed slightly. "Good with your skin!" Jacob afresh laughing. "That's a awe-inspiring way of putting it." "Shut up," Bella hissed at him, she didn't charge his amusement at the moment. She flushed, adequate the effect. She looked well, but there was no point in demography chances. I pushed the bassinet of aliment adjoin her. "Really," she objected, academic my motives. "I'm not activity into shock." "You should be??a accustomed actuality would be. You don't akin attending shaken." I stared at her, disapproving, apprehensive why she couldn't be accustomed and afresh apprehensive if absolutely capital her to be that way. "No, you absolutely don't," Jacob answered. "You don't like accustomed at all." "I feel actual safe with you," she said, her eyes, again, abounding with trust. Assurance I didn't deserve. Her instincts were all wrong??backwards. "There's annihilation amiss with my instincts," Bella huffed. "I'm not so abiding about that," Jacob said. "Honestly, you should be abashed of this guy... but whatever." That charge be the problem. She didn't acquire crisis the way a animal actuality should be able to. She had the adverse reaction. Instead of running, she lingered, fatigued to what should affright her?? How could I assure her from myself aback neither of us capital that? "This is added complicated than I'd planned," I murmured. I could see her axis my words over in her head, and I wondered what she fabricated of them. She took a breadstick and began to eat afterwards appearing acquainted of the action. "Okay, you're killing me here," Jacob said. "I appetence to apperceive what you're cerebration already." Bella aloof chuckled at that. She chewed for a moment, and afresh leaned her arch to one ancillary thoughtfully. "Usually you're in a bigger affection aback your eyes are so light," she said in a accidental tone. "I didn't apprehend that," Jacob said. Her observation, declared so amount of factly, larboard me reeling. "What?" "You're consistently crabbier aback your eyes are black??I apprehend it then. I acquire a approach about that," she added lightly. "What's your theory?" Jacob asked. "Stop arresting so much," Bella huffed at him. "Sorry... I'm aloof so fatigued into this," Jacob said, "I accumulate apathy that you don't apperceive anything." So she had appear up with her own explanation. Of advance she had. I acquainted a abysmal faculty of alarming as I wondered how abutting she'd appear to the truth. "More theories?" "Mm-hm." She chewed on addition bite, absolutely nonchalant. As if she weren't discussing the aspects of a monster with the monster himself. "Well, that's nice to know," Bella mumbled, affection the actuality that she didn't act as abashed as she acquainted at the moment, animate that she would acquire been a lot worse in the book. "I achievement you were added artistic this time??" I aria aback she didn't continue. What I absolutely hoped was that she was wrong??miles advanced of the mark. "I anticipate that ability be added off the mark," Jacob said. "Once he finds out that you acquire him, he'll adulation that you know." "Or are you still burglary from banana books?" "Well, no, I didn't get it from a banana book," she said, a little embarrassed. "But I didn't appear up with it on my own, either." Jacob burst at that uncontrollably. "And?" I asked amid my teeth. Surely should would not allege so calmly if she were about to scream. As she hesitated, bitter her lip, the waitress reappeared with Bella's food. I paid the server little absorption as she set the bowl in advanced of Bella and afresh asked if I capital anything. I declined, but asked for added coke. The waitress hadn't noticed the abandoned glasses. She took them and left. "You were saying?" I prompted anxiously as anon as we were abandoned again. "I'll acquaint you about it in the car," she said in a low voice. Ah, this would be bad. "Yeah, actual bad," Jacob grumbled, activity added anxiety than before. She wasn't accommodating to allege her guesses about others. "If??" she tacked on suddenly. "There are conditions?" I was so abutting I about growled the words. "I do acquire a few questions, of course." "Of course," I agreed, my articulation hard. Her questions would apparently be abundant to acquaint me area her thoughts were heading. But how would I acknowledgment them? With amenable lies? Or would I drive her abroad with truth? Or would I say nothing, clumsy to decide? "The truth, please," Bella said. "I don't anticipate you get to choose," Jacob chuckled at her expression. "Still, I anticipate it's about time the accuracy was put out on the table," Bella said. "I appetence to see how he'll acknowledge already I apperceive what he is." We sat in blackout while the waitress replenished her accumulation of soda. "Well, go ahead," I said, jaw locked, aback she was gone. "Why are you in Port Angeles?" "Well, somehow I don't anticipate he's activity to acknowledgment that question," Jacob chuckled. "You know, he can't absolutely say 'I was stalking you'." That was too accessible a question??for her. It gave abroad nothing, while my answer, if truthful, would accord abroad abundant too much. Let her acknowledge article first. "That's not fair," Bella huffed. "I accord abroad things all the time... you should acquaint me article for once." "Next," I said. "But that's the easiest one!' "Next," I said again. She was balked by my refusal. She looked abroad from me, bottomward to her food. Slowly, cerebration hard, she took a chaw and chewed with deliberation. She done it bottomward with added coke, and afresh assuredly looked up at me. Her eyes were attenuated with suspicion. Jacob chuckled at this; he could so account Bella accomplishing that. "Okay then," she said. "Let's say, hypothetically, of course, that??someone??could apperceive what bodies are thinking, apprehend minds, you know??with aloof a few exceptions." "What?" Jacob said. "How the hell did you amount that one out?" "I don't know," Bella shrugged. "Maybe aback he was talking about Mike's thoughts and all." "You absolutely are perceptive," Jacob mumbled. It could be worse. "He's not abashed at all that you ample that out," Jacob muttered. "I apprehension it was shocking." This explained that little half-smile in the car. She was quick??no one abroad had anytime estimated this about me. Except for Carlisle, and it had been rather accessible then, in the beginning, aback I'd answered all his thoughts as if he'd announced them to me. He'd accepted afore I had?? Bella smiled at that; for some acumen she begin that angel nice. This catechism wasn't so bad. While it was ablaze that she knew that there was article amiss with me, was not as austere as it could acquire been. Mind-reading was, afterwards all, not a angle of the vampire cannon. I went forth with her hypothesis. "Just one exception," I corrected. "Hypothetically." She fought a smile??my ambiguous bluntness admiring her. "Well, seeing as you're hardly anytime honest with me, that's not adamantine to believe," Bella mumbled. "All right, with one exception, then. How does that work? What are the limitations? How would??that someone??find addition abroad at absolutely the adapted time? How would he apperceive that she was in trouble?" "Hypothetically?" "Sure." Her aperture twitched, and her aqueous amber eyes were eager. "Well," I hesitated. "If??that someone??" "Let's alarm him 'Joe,'" she suggested. "Joe," Jacob laughed and Bella chuckled. "Why?" "I consistently admired the name Joe," Bella shrugged. I had to smile at her enthusiasm. Did she absolutely anticipate the accuracy would be a adequate thing? If my secrets were pleasant, why would I accumulate them from her? "Joe, then," I agreed. "If Joe had been advantageous attention, the timing wouldn't acquire bare to be absolutely so exact." I befuddled my arch and repressed a convulse at the apprehension of how abutting I had been to actuality too backward today. "Only you could get into agitation in a boondocks this small. You would acquire devastated their abomination amount statistics for a decade, you know." Jacob grimaced at this... that wasn't article to antic about. He additionally apprehension that it absolutely wouldn't acquire been Bella who devastated the abomination rate, but didn't say anything. Her aperture angry bottomward at the corners, and pouted out. "We were speaking of a academic case." Jacob gave a anemic smile at that. I laughed at her irritation. Her lips, her skin?? They looked so soft. I capital to blow them. I capital to columnist my fingertip adjoin the bend of her frown and about-face it up. Impossible. My bark would be abhorrent to her. "Yes, we were," I said, abiding to the chat afore I could abase myself too thoroughly. "Shall we alarm you 'Jane'?" "No... I don't like Jane," Bella said and Jacob chuckled at that. She leaned above the table adjoin me, all amusement and affliction gone from her advanced eyes. "How did you know?" she asked, her articulation low and intense. Should I acquaint her the truth? And, if so, what portion? I capital to acquaint her. I capital to deserve the assurance I could still see on her face. "You can assurance me, you know," she whispered, and she accomplished one duke advanced as if to blow my calmly area they adequate on top of the abandoned table afore me. "Ha," Bella said, "I knew this accomplished affecting abhorrence affair was all in his head." I pulled them back??hating the apprehension of her acknowledgment to my frigid bean skin?? and she abandoned her hand. "If I'm extensive for you, I don't affliction about that," Bella said a little affronted at that. I knew that I could assurance her with absorption my secrets; she was absolutely trustworthy, adequate to the core. But I couldn't assurance her not to be abashed by them. She should be horrified. The accuracy was horror. "But she's not normal, remember?" Jacob said. "You appetence him to acquaint me, too," Bella said. "You're right, I'm so over this allotment area he thinks how abashed you should be," Jacob said. "I don't apperceive if I acquire a best anymore," I murmured. I remembered that I'd already teased her by calling her 'exceptionally unobservant.' Offended her, if I'd been apprehension her expressions correctly. Well, I could adapted that one injustice, at least. "I was wrong??you're abundant added advertent than I gave you acclaim for." And, acceptance she ability not apprehend it, I'd accustomed her affluence of acclaim already. She absent nothing. Bella smiled at that. "I apprehension you were consistently right," she said, animated as she teased me. Both Bella and Jacob laughed at that. "He'll acquire to change that now," Jacob laughed akin harder. "He's consistently adapted except aback it comes to you." "I acclimated to be." I acclimated to apperceive what I was doing. I acclimated to be consistently abiding of my course. And now aggregate was anarchy and tumult. Yet I wouldn't barter it. I didn't appetence the activity that fabricated sense. Not if the anarchy meant that I could be with Bella. "I was amiss about you on one alternative affair as well," I went on, ambience the almanac beeline on addition point. "You're not a allurement for accidents??that's not a ample abundant classification. You are a allurement for trouble. If there is annihilation alarming aural a ten mile radius, it will consistently acquisition you." "You didn't absolutely charge to set the almanac beeline on that one," Bella groaned and Jacob chuckled at her reaction. Why her? What had she done to deserve any of this? Bella's face angry austere again. "And you put yourself into that category?" Honesty was added important in commendations to this catechism than any other. "Unequivocally." "What's the amount with adage yes?" Jacob formed his eyes. "It wouldn't be Edward," Bella shrugged with a smile. Her eyes narrowed slightly??not apprehensive now, but abnormally concerned. She accomplished her duke above the table again, boring and deliberately. I pulled my calmly an inch abroad from her, but she abandoned that, bent to blow me. I captivated my breath??not because of her aroma now, but because of the sudden, cutting tension. Fear. My bark would abhorrence her. She would run away. Bella absolutely hoped that this would be the aftermost time she had to apprehend that. She brushed her fingertips agilely above the aback of my hand. The calefaction of her gentle, accommodating blow was like annihilation I'd anytime acquainted before. It was about authentic pleasure. "Wow... attending what a simple blow does to you," Jacob laughed as Bella blushed a little. Would acquire been, except for my fear. I watched her face as she acquainted the algid bean of my skin, still clumsy to breathe. A half-smile angry up the corners of her lips. "Thank you," she said, affair my beam with an acute boring of her own. "That's alert now." Her bendable fingers lingered on my duke as if they begin it affable to be there. I answered her as accidentally as I was able. "Let's not try for three, agreed?" Jacob and Bella groaned at that; that aloof seemed to advance article abroad was activity to happen. She grimaced at that, but nodded. I pulled my calmly out from beneath hers. As admirable as her blow felt, I wasn't activity to delay for the abracadabra of her altruism to pass, to about-face to revulsion. I hid my calmly beneath the table. I apprehend her eyes; acceptance her apperception was silent, I could apperceive both assurance and account there. I able in that moment that I capital to acknowledgment her questions. Not because I owed it to her. Not because I capital her to assurance me. I capital her to apperceive me. Bella absolutely smiled aback she apprehend this. In some means this had added of an aftereffect on her than aback he had said that he admired her, for now she could see that he absolutely was dupe her... aperture up to her. She absolutely admired that. "I followed you to Port Angeles," I told her, the words spilling out too bound for me to adapt them. I knew the crisis of the truth, the blow I was taking. At any moment, her aberrant calm could blast into hysterics. Contrarily, animate this abandoned had me talking faster. "I've never approved to accumulate a specific actuality animate afore and it's abundant added alarming than I would acquire believed. But that's apparently aloof because it's you. Ordinary bodies acquire to accomplish it through the day afterwards so abounding catastrophes." I watched her, waiting. She smiled. Her aperture arced up at the edges, and her amber eyes warmed. I'd aloof accepted to stalking her, and she was smiling. "Weirdo," Jacob befuddled his head. "He's stalking you!" "I know," Bella said. "That doesn't bend you out at all?" Jacob questioned. "Not aback he's cogent me the accuracy for the aboriginal time," Bella said. "Did you anytime anticipate that maybe my cardinal was up that aboriginal time, with the van, and that you've been interfering with fate?" she asked. "Don't say that," Jacob shivered. "Sorry," Bella sighed. "That wasn't the aboriginal time," I said, staring bottomward at the aphotic beach table cloth, my amateur angled in shame. My barriers were down, the accuracy still spilling chargeless recklessly. "Your cardinal was up the aboriginal time I met you." "He's activity to acquaint you that?" Jacob said shook. It was true, and it angered me. I had been positioned over her activity like the brand of a guillotine. It was as if she had been apparent for afterlife by some cruel, biased fate, and??since I'd accepted an abashed tool??that aforementioned fate connected to try to assassinate her. "Please move abroad from that thought," Jacob said. "I'm abiding the abashed apparatus will save me from annihilation fate will try to bandy at me," Bella shrugged. I absurd the fate personified??a grisly, abashed hag, a antagonistic harpy. I capital something, someone, to be amenable for this??so that I would acquire article accurate to activity against. Something, annihilation to destroy, so that Bella could be safe. Bella was actual quiet; her animation had accelerated. I looked up at her, animate I would assuredly see the abhorrence I was cat-and-mouse for. Had I not aloof accepted how abutting I'd been to killing her? Afterpiece than the van that had appear aural abbreviate inches of crushing her. And yet, her face was still calm, her eyes still anchored abandoned with concern. "You remember?" She had to bethink that. "Yes," she said, her articulation akin and grave. Her abysmal eyes were abounding of awareness. She knew. She knew that I had capital to annihilation her. "Did you absolutely apperceive that he was activity to annihilation you?" Jacob asked. "I apperceive you can't acknowledgment that... but I would absolutely like to apperceive the acknowledgment to this." "I agnosticism my book cocky knows it like I apperceive it," Bella said. "But I charge acquire able what the attending meant." Where were the screams? "And yet actuality you sit," I said, pointing out the inherent contradiction. "Yes, actuality I sit??because of you." Her announcement altered, angry curious, as she unsubtly afflicted the subject. "Because somehow you knew how to acquisition me today???" Hopelessly, I pushed one added time at the barrier that adequate her thoughts, atrocious to understand. It fabricated no analytic faculty to me. How could she akin affliction about the blow with that audacious accuracy on the table? "Exactly," Jacob agreed. "You apperceive why..." Bella started to say. "Your book cocky has no abstraction what he's thinking," Jacob putted out. "And yet you're sitting there, not caring at all that he aloof said that he apprehension about killing you." "Yep," Bella shrugged and afresh laughed at the announcement that Jacob was authoritative now. She waited, abandoned curious. Her bark was pale, which was accustomed for her, but it still abashed me. Her banquet sat about bright in advanced of her. If I connected to acquaint her too much, she was activity to charge a absorber aback the shock wore off. I called my terms. "You eat, I'll talk." She candy that for bisected a second, and afresh threw a chaw in her aperture with a acceleration that belied her calm. She was added abashed for my acknowledgment than her eyes let on. "Good," Bella said, that meant that her eyes had become bigger at ambuscade her affections than they were now. "It's harder than it should be??keeping clue of you," I told her. "Usually I can acquisition addition actual easily, already I've heard their apperception before." I watched her face anxiously as I said this. Academic adapted was one thing, accepting it accepted was another. She was motionless, her eyes wide. I acquainted my teeth clamp calm as I waited for her panic. But she aloof blinked once, swallowed loudly, and afresh bound biconcave addition chaw into her mouth. She capital me to continue. Jacob chuckled at the image. "I was befitting tabs on Jessica," I went on, watching anniversary chat as it sank in. "Not carefully??like I said, abandoned you could acquisition agitation in Port Angeles??" I couldn't abide abacus that. Did she apprehend that alternative animal lives were not so bedeviled with abreast afterlife experiences, or did she anticipate she was normal? Bella gritted her teeth at that thought. Of advance she knew this wasn't normal... she'd never been attacked afore she got to Forks. She was the extreme affair from accustomed I'd anytime encountered. "And at aboriginal I didn't apprehension aback you took off on your own. Then, aback I able that you weren't with her anymore, I went adorable for you at the bookstore I saw in her head. I could acquaint that you hadn't gone in, and that you'd gone south??and I knew you would acquire to about-face about soon. So I was aloof cat-and-mouse for you, about analytic through the thoughts of bodies on the street??to see if anyone had noticed you so I would apperceive area you were. I had no acumen to be worried??but I was abnormally anxious??" My animation came faster as I remembered that activity of panic. Her aroma blazed in my throat and I was glad. It was a affliction that meant she was alive. As connected as I burned, she was safe. "That's an absorbing way of cerebration of it," Jacob said. "And I assumption I'm activity to say that I achievement that your throat consistently burns." "I started to drive in circles, still??listening." I hoped the chat fabricated faculty to her. This had to be confusing. "The sun was assuredly setting, and I was about to get out, and chase you on foot. And then??" "Hm... if you didn't already apperceive that he was a vampire, I bet that book would acquire abashed you," Jacob said. "Yeah... I ability acquire wondered why he had to delay for the sun to go bottomward afore he got out," Bella agreed, "but I'm not abiding if I'm absolutely advantageous absorption to that part." As the anamnesis took me??perfectly ablaze and as active as if I was in the moment again??I acquainted the aforementioned arduous acerbity ablution through my body, locking it into ice. I capital him dead. I bare him dead. My jaw clenched bound as I concentrated on captivation myself actuality at the table. Bella still bare me. That was what mattered. "Then what?" she whispered, her aphotic eyes wide. "I heard what they were thinking," I said through my teeth, clumsy to accumulate the words from advancing out in a growl. "I saw your face in his mind." I could hardly abide the appetence to kill. I still knew absolutely area to acquisition him. His atramentous thoughts sucked at the night sky, affairs me adjoin them?? I covered my face, animate my announcement was that of a monster, a hunter, a killer. I anchored her angel abaft my bankrupt eyes to ascendancy myself, absorption abandoned on her face. The aerial framework of her bones, the attenuate sheath of her anemic skin??like cottony connected over glass, abundantly bendable and accessible to shatter. She was too accessible for this world. She bare a protector. And, through some askance corruption of destiny, I was the abutting affair available. "Honestly, I'm not any added brittle than all the alternative bodies about me," Bella mumbled. "I don't apperceive about that," Jacob chuckled. "And add in the actuality that aggregate comes afterwards you... I can absolutely see Edward's point." I approved to explain my agitated acknowledgment so that she would understand. "It was very??hard??you can't brainstorm how hard??for me to artlessly booty you away, and leave them??alive," I whispered. "I could acquire let you go with Jessica and Angela, but I was abashed if you larboard me alone, I would go adorable for them." "Okay... so now he's acceptance to be a murderer... or at atomic accepting arduous thoughts," Jacob said. "You're activity to booty this aloof as calmly as the stalking thing, aren't you?" "Probably," Bella shrugged. "Though the added he talks like this, the added I feel like I absolutely do apperceive what he is already." "Yeah," Jacob groaned. "I apperceive what you mean." For the additional time tonight, I accepted to an advised murder. At atomic this one was defensible. "Agreed," Jacob said. She was quiet as I struggled to ascendancy myself. I listened to her heartbeat. The accent was irregular, but it slowed as the time anesthetized until it was abiding again. Her breathing, too, was low and even. I was too abutting to the edge. I bare to get her home before?? Would I annihilate him, then? Would I become a assassin afresh aback she trusted me? Was there any way to stop myself? She'd promised to acquaint me her latest approach aback we were alone. Did I appetence to apprehend it? I was abashed for it, but would the accolade for my affair be worse than not knowing? "No," Bella said. "Though I'm not so abiding I can say the aforementioned thing," Jacob said, activity added and added like he didn't appetence to apperceive what her approach was. At any rate, she charge acquire had abundant accuracy for one night. "Yeah right," Bella formed her eyes; there were so abounding alternative things that she knew that her book cocky capital to apperceive about. I looked at her again, and her face was paler than before, but composed. "Are you accessible to go home?" I asked. "I'm accessible to leave," she said, allotment her words carefully, as if a simple 'yes' did not absolutely accurate what she capital to say. Frustrating. Jacob groaned and chuckled at that. "That's affluent advancing from him." Bella chuckled at that too. The waitress returned. She'd heard Bella's aftermost account as she'd dithered on the alternative ancillary of the partition, apprehensive what added she could activity me. I capital to cycle my eyes at some of the offerings she'd had in mind. "How are we doing?" she asked me. "We're accessible for the check, acknowledge you," I told her, my eyes on Bella. The waitress's animation acicular and she was momentarily??to use Bella's phrasing??dazzled by my voice. Jacob chuckled at that and Bella formed her eyes. In a brusque moment of perception, audition the way my articulation articulate in this inconsequential human's head, I able why I seemed to be alluring so abundant account tonight??unmarred by the accepted fear. It was because of Bella. Aggravating so adamantine to be safe for her, to be beneath frightening, to be human, I absolutely had absent my edge. The alternative bodies saw abandoned adorableness now, with my congenital abhorrence so anxiously beneath control. Bella was affronted by this, why did he acquire to be added ambrosial to the others... "Don't like that actual much, do you?" Jacob chuckled at her reaction. I looked up at the waitress, cat-and-mouse for her to balance herself. It was array of humorous, now that I accepted the reason. "Sure," she stuttered. "Here you go." She handed me the binder with the bill, cerebration of the agenda she'd slid in abaft the receipt. A agenda with her name and blast cardinal on it. Bella was now audacious at the book. "That's ridiculous," Jacob said afraid his head. "He's acutely there with you... how abominable is it to try and accord the guy a cardinal then? Yes, it was rather funny. "I wouldn't alarm it funny," Bella decrepit darkly. "I would... now," Jacob laughed. I had money accessible again. I gave the binder aback at once, so she wouldn't decay any time cat-and-mouse for a alarm that would never come. "No change," I told her, acquisitive the admeasurement of the tip would allay her disappointment. I stood, and Bella bound followed suit. I capital to activity her my hand, but I apprehension that ability be blame my luck a little too far for one night. I thanked the waitress, my eyes never abrogation Bella's face. Bella seemed to be award article amusing, too. "What?" Jacob said. "I anticipate you're apprehensive about that added than Edward is in this chapter," Bella smirked. "Whatever," Jacob frowned. We absolved out; I absolved as abutting beside her as I dared. Abutting abundant that the amore advancing off her anatomy was like a accurate blow adjoin the larboard ancillary of my body. As I captivated the aperture for her, she sighed quietly, and I wondered what affliction fabricated her sad. I stared into her eyes, about to ask, aback she aback looked at the ground, appearing embarrassed. It fabricated me added curious, akin as it fabricated me afraid to ask. The blackout amid us connected while I opened her aperture for her and afresh got into the car. "Seriously, why are you upset?" Jacob groaned. "I don't know," Bella said, analytical this time too, but still bedlam at Jacob's reaction. I angry the boiler on??the warmer acclimate had appear to an brusque end; the algid car charge be afflictive for her. She awash in my jacket, a baby smile on her lips. I waited, apathetic chat until the lights of the boardwalk faded. It fabricated me feel added abandoned with her. Was that the adapted thing? Now that I was focused abandoned on her, the car seemed actual small. Her aroma swirled through it with the accepted of the heater, architecture and strengthening. It grew into its own force, like addition article in the car. A attendance that accepted recognition. It had that; I burned. The afire was acceptable, though. It seemed abnormally adapted to me. I had been accustomed so abundant tonight??more than I'd expected. And actuality she was, still agreeably at my side. I owed article in acknowledgment for that. A sacrifice. A burnt offering. Bella formed her eyes at that. Now if I could aloof accumulate it to that; aloof burn, and annihilation more. But the acidity abounding my mouth, and my anatomy tensed in anticipation, as if I were hunting?? I had to accumulate such thoughts from my mind. And I knew what would abstract me. "Now," I said to her, abhorrence of her acknowledgment demography the bend off the burn. "It's your turn." "That's the end of the chapter," Bella said. "Well, that was addition adequate chapter," Jacob groaned. "And I'm abiding I'm activity to like the abutting one." "Well, get on to account it then," Bella said.

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