The Turning Point In Novel “Of Mice and Men”

A bright axis point is apparent in the novel, “Of Mice And Men” by John Steinbeck. Set in Soledad California in the 1930’s, back America was disturbing with the problems of the Great Depression. Unemployment in America rose to 25%, jobs were acutely bound and adamantine to appear by. The adventure follows two casual workers, Lennie and George, who are aggravating to ability their “American Dream”. The adventure is based about the capacity of accord and loyalty, and helped me accept how able accompany can be. The axis point of the atypical is back Lennie accidentally murders Curly’s wife. This accident changes the administration of the atypical as it armament George to accomplish an important decision. Throughout the story, Lennie’s brainy incapability’s arrest George and himself, none added than back he kills Curly’s wife. Lennie’s backbone is one of his above absolute attributes for his assignment belief and workload about the ranch, but additionally a abrogating affection due to his brainy handicap, which renders him clumsy to ascendancy his strength. This is portrayed through the mice and the baby pup he kills. Curly’s wife enters the barn agilely and tries to animate Lennie afterwards he has dead his puppy. She tries to affected her claimed bareness of her loveless alliance by talking to the alternative agronomical hands. But Lennie is alert because he has a slight compassionate that she is alarming and not to be messed about with. But she outwits him and he begins to allocution to her. He boring starts to achievement her hair, harder and harder until she starts to scream. In alarm of actuality bent by George, Lennie all-overs Curly’s wife and break her neck. He realizes what he has done, and shows his adherence and assurance in George by active to the atom George asked of him. Lennie wants added than annihilation to amuse George but he has insipid, and has abhorrent decision-making. This reveals Lennie’s abridgement of intelligence, his vulnerability and his assurance on George. He provides Lennie with aggregate he lacks. He is a accustomed built-in leader, intelligent, worldly, and he shows his animation by afraid with Lennie throughout the novel, and additionally assuming his accepted sense, by adapting to accomplish the appropriate decisions for Lennie and himself back Lennie gets them into trouble. However George additionally needs Lennie’s concrete strength, and assignment belief at the agronomical so they can advance their jobs and assignment appear their aggregate “American Dream”. The backbone of their accord helps them to affected the boxy ambiance they are in and furthermore, helps them to affected the bareness of the time through companionship. Their trust, assurance and adherence in anniversary alternative give’s them achievement in accomplishing their goal. But afterwards this accurate incident, the dream is assuredly shattered. George has to adjudge what is best for Lennie that shows his adulation for him. As a aftereffect of Lennie killing Curly’s wife, George kills Lennie. George realizes that Lennie will be dead by Curly, so he takes it aloft himself in caring for Lennie. He steals a gun from the ranch, finds Lennie and kills him peacefully. George shows his adulation for Lennie by killing him, which was the ultimate act of kindness. Lennie had a abundant incapability’s that prevented him from extensive his dream, but he did accept some admirable traits. His adherence to George was paramount, apparent through his assignment belief on the ranch. The adventure has abounding capacity such as accepting to accomplish important decisions alike if they are acutely difficult, but best chiefly the accord and the accompaniment amid Lennie and George.

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