The textbook definition of evidence-based practice (EBP)


The arbiter analogue of evidence-based convenance (EBP) is “the careful affiliation of best analysis affirmation with analytic ability and patients’ ethics and needs in the commitment of high-quality, cost-effective bloom care” (Burns, 2015, p. 503).

Evidence-based convenance is apparent in all nursing settings.  It provides assurance and the best accessible affliction we can accord our patients.  Evidence-based convenance is acclimated in every aspect of actuality in the nursing profession.  It is acclimated with policies, procedures and guidelines we chase actuality a nurse.  I assignment in the ICU and see it actuality acclimated to anticipate VAP's, CAUTI's, falls, medication errors, sepsis alerts, axial band infections, accelerated acknowledgment teams, CAM array (assessing if aberration is present) and abounding more.  We accept assertive bundles that we chase back it comes to blockage of accommodating falls, urinary amplitude infection, axial band infections, and befitting clue of these capacity and additionally seeing who needs restraints.  These bundles are developed from EBP and are acclimated for blockage and assurance of patients.  As nurses it is our albatross to accommodate and accord the best accommodating affliction we can give.  EBP is acclimated in all altered types of nursing from home care, hospital, nursing homes, continued affliction facilities, association bloom nursing.  Nursing practitioners additionally await on EBT in their profession as able-bodied as all alternative bloom affliction providers. 


Grove, S., Gray, J., & Burns, N. (2015).  Understanding nursing research:  Building an evidence-based convenance (6th ed.). St. Louis, MO:  Elsevier/Saunders.  Retrieved from


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