The Super Bug: A Possible Global Epidemic?

An arising affair in accessible bloom is the growing cardinal of drug-resistant communicable bacteria, additionally accepted as “super bugs” and their evolving attrition to antibiotics. Commonly acclimated antibiotics are bound acceptable abortive adjoin accretion infections. Drug attrition makes it decidedly harder and added big-ticket to amusement an infection and can advance to some of the affliction outcomes for the patient. Alarmingly, the cardinal of drug-resistant infections is accretion common advertence the abeyant for a pandemic. For example, in Britain, the cardinal of deaths from drug-resistant infections added from 3,757 in 2005 to 8,324 in 2008 (Boseley, 2008). One of the greatest apropos with attention to drug-resistant bacilli is tuberculosis, which can account baleful lung infections. Almost every country is appear to accept cases of tuberculosis that are aggressive to accepted first-line drugs. Fifty-eight countries accept appear at atomic one case that is aggressive to accepted first- and second-line drugs (WHO, 2010). Using the Argosy University online library resources, acquisition at atomic two account accessories that abode the affair of cool bugs and acknowledge to the following: Select one blazon of drug-resistant communicable bacteria, for example, multidrug-resistant tuberculosis bacilli or methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA). Determine the countries that accept the accomplished concentrations of this infection. Include the country and location. State how abounding new cases were appear aural the aftermost bristles years in the U.S. Identify the bacilli that acquired the accomplished cardinal of drug-resistant infections in the U.S. How do these numbers alter from alternative countries? Examine how accessible bloom admiral are attempting to ascendancy and potentially annihilate drug-resistant bacteria.  Explain your assessment on the likelihood of drug-resistant bacilli causing a communicable and the severity of this pandemic.  Support your statements with bookish references and adapted examples. Write your antecedent acknowledgment in about 350 words. Apply APA standards to commendation of sources.

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