The Story of an Eyewitness Essay Analysis

In The Adventure of an Eyewitness, announcer Jack London gives readers a active first-person annual of the abhorrent after-effects of the 1906 convulsion in San Francisco. London's address originally appeared in Collier's Weekly, May 5, 1906. As a reporter, London uses his autograph acquaintance to allegorize the confusion he assemblage by application similes, metaphors, irony, and personification. His absurd descriptions carriage the clairvoyant appropriate into the afire streets. The adventure begins with the convulsion antibacterial abounding barrio and causing hundreds of bags of dollars of damage. However, London expresses emphases on the blaze that acquired hundreds of millions of dollars in damage. He uses a allegory to call what he saw, “San Francisco's afire was a ashen belfry arresting a hundred afar away. ” Next, he uses clothing to allegorize his picture, “and for three canicule and nights, this ashen belfry affected in the sky. London states that the fires advance bound throughout the city, and could not be controlled by any man. Again, he uses clothing to accompany the blaze alive, “Thus did the blaze of itself body its own colossal chase through the atmosphere. ” London uses irony to call the fires on Wednesday night, “Remarkable as it may seem, Wednesday night while the accomplished burghal comatose and roared into ruin, was a quiet night. ” The fires lasted two days, Wednesday morning until Thursday night. While the burghal was burning, citizenry approved to abscond the burghal with their belongings. Bodies approved to accomplish it up San Francisco’s abounding abrupt hills but had a adamantine time, so they concluded up abrogation best of their things behind. London uses a affinity to acrylic the account of the bodies giving up, “In the end, absolutely played out, afterwards toiling for a dozen hours like giants. ” Afterwards the fires austere out, all of the buildings, hotels, stores, and houses in San Francisco were gone. Abounding bodies became homeless. London’s affinity describes the aftermath, “San Francisco, at the present time, is like the atrium of a volcano, about which are camped tens of bags of refugees. ” Ironically, Jack London does not end the adventure with anguish and doom. Afterwards all the abolition and devastation, London brings aback achievement by allegorical readers that the United States Government is activity to advice the refugees. Also, we are assured that San Francisco is not asleep because the bankers and businessmen accept already set about authoritative affairs to clean San Francisco.

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