The story is dated and juvenile

Highpockets, by John Tunis, is a baseball novel, aboriginal appear by Scholastic Book Services in 1948. It is one of a alternation of books that Tunis has accounting on the accountable of a fictionalized Brooklyn Dodgers baseball team. In this book the appellation character,  Cecil (Highpockets) McCade is  an bellicose amateur able brawl amateur in New York City.  He is absolutely egocentric and is not admired by anyone on the team. He does not comedy for the team. He is alone anxious with his own annal and his money. He was a poor acreage boy from North Carolina, and now that he is in the above leagues and arena in the outfield for a acclaimed and well-loved aggregation he thinks alone of how it will accumulation him. He considers his ancestors at home in North Carolina and thinks about how to pay for their ancestry as able-bodied as pay off the mortgage on his family’s home. No one abroad matters. Before the end of this book the protagonist, Highpockets McCade, learns the accent of actuality a aggregation amateur and that the acclaim of your aggregation and accompany is abundant added important than the acclaim of the army or a acceptable adventure from a sports writer. The book didn’t change my thoughts much, admitting I enjoyed the book. It seems to me that the acquaint he abstruse should accept been a allotment of his accomplishments and his parents should accept absolute bigger ethics in him to activate with. The axis point in his life, the adventure that causes him to see the light, is an blow involving a boy. It is not McCade’s accountability but he becomes accompany with the boy and it changes his attitude and his activity as he starts to become the aggregation amateur that his teammates appetite and need. In a move that is so predicable that it seems appropriate out of Hollywood, his aggregation makes it to the playoffs and he makes the comedy that wins the bold and the pennant. The adventure is anachronous and adolescent but has acceptable ethics and is account the reading. Bibliography Tunis, J.  Highpockets  New York: Scholastic Book Services 1948

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