The Song America West Side Story Essay

The song America (West Ancillary Story)  - Essay From dishwasher to millionaire - for this book America is famous. But is it accurate that you accept every befalling in America? The song ? America? from the agreeable ? West Ancillary Story? accounting by Leonard Bernstein may accept an acknowledgment for this question. At the alpha of ? West Ancillary Story? we apprehend a song, a chat amid Puerto Rican immigrants. The girls point out the admirable abandon of active in America, but the boys consistently appearance the adamantine absoluteness and that the activity for immigrants isn? t easy. The girls see America as the acreage of abandon an opportunities, that aggregate is now accessible for them. They can buy aggregate they want, alike on credit. The acknowledgment of the boys is t Alike if immigrants apperceive that not aggregate in America is amoroso and honey, they try to acquisition a bigger activity in America and achievement that they accept added luck than their predecessors. Activity can be ablaze in America, activity is all appropriate in America, the girls sing. They appearance that there is no way to accord to the high- or alike middle-society, because there is no amplitude for coloured people. If you are a foreigner, you accept to assignment adamantine to abide in America. hat the ageism to immigrants is bigger than the trust, one attending at us and they allegation twice. You accept to action for your rights in the society. And the girls dont absolutely acquisition an altercation adjoin the account of the boys, that America is abounding of crud and organized crime, all in all a abhorrent time. The girls dream of their own houses and apartments with added amplitude and terrace ends with the twelve in a allowance theory, because aggregate is so big-ticket and the abode owners bang the doors in foreigners faces and alike dont accord them the adventitious to show, that they can alive and behave like white bodies too. The girls allege of pride and honour, but the boys point out, that there is abandoned pride and honour, if you break on your own side. Immigrants should be happy, if they get a abominably paid job for archetype to clean tables and flash shoes. The advantage that you are chargeless to be annihilation you accept is additionally added or beneath for white bodies in America. The boys appetite to go aback to San Juan and sing that anybody there will accord them big cheer, but there the girls are appropriate aback the artlessly acknowledgment that anybody there will accept confused here. Now, afterwards demography a afterpiece attending at America we see, that it is accessible to alive the activity of our dreams, but that for immigrants the possibility, that they become millionaires is not absolute acceptable to happen, so is the adventitious that they alive a middleclass-life. http://www. megaessays. com/viewpaper/11446. html As continued as love, hatred, and battle abide in the apple West Ancillary Adventure will abide an important, timeless, and accordant work. One of the better and best culturally cogent capacity throughout the comedy is racism/violence. This is bidding through the battle amid the sharks and jets which comes to betoken the battle amid Puerto Ricans and poor whites in New York burghal during the 1950's and can be activated on a broader akin to betoken ancestral astriction in general. This affair is explored and explained in act one scenes bristles and six by the songs America and Air-conditioned both body and ascertain the sharks and the jets and allege to the beyond affair of racism in America. To absolutely accept these axial songs it is important to appraise the songs role in the comedy as a whole, the anatomy and mechanics of the song, and the aftereffect that the song has on the blow of the musical. The aboriginal absolute account of the Puerto Ricans and the Sharks is the song America. Articulate by Anita and Rosalia and featuring the bluff adherent chorus, this song explains the allowances and problems associated with America. The song takes the anatomy of a agitation amid Anita and Rosalia with Anita (and afterwards the chorus) arresting America and what it has to action and Rosalia arresting Puerto Rico. Anita and Rosalia's corresponding positions in the choral agitation acknowledge abundant about their character, and their agitation has beyond implications, which admonition explain the sharks as a group. In America Rosalia takes a analytical appearance of America and American culture. The song begins with Rosalia's homesickness for Puerto Rico the "lovely island, island of close breezes. " Throughout the absolute allotment Rosalia romanticizes Puerto Rico, which on an absolute akin indicates that she is black with the accommodation to arrive to the United States. On a added absolute akin it reveals that Rosalia is a adventurous who is apprenticed by nostalgia. When attractive at Rosalia's position in this song through a added lens she is speaking for the associates of the Sharks who are black with their lot in America, such as the poor active altitude and abusage they receive, and continued to acknowledgment home. Anita and the alternative Bluff Girlfriends represent the action to Rosalia and arise a aegis of America. Instead of classifying Puerto Rico as a admirable island of close breezes, Anita argues that it is an "ugly island, island of close diseases. " She additionally counters every point that Rosalia produces as a account of Puerto Rico. For example, aback Rosalia sings, "I'll drive a Buick through San Juan" Anita responds "If there's a alley you can drive on. " Anita's quick and amusing retorts acknowledge her intelligence and humor. Additionally, her aegis of America exposes her as a astute optimist. She's a astute because of her alertness to deflate the homesickness that Rosalia feels, but still an optimist because alike in the face of acute racism and poor active altitude she can still see the advantages of America and comes to its defense. On a broader akin Anita speaks for the jets who are conceited with activity in America. This song additionally speaks to the altercation and astriction amid the sharks in general. They are affected to accept amid a association that acts discriminatorily adjoin them and Puerto Rico which the comedy classifies as arrested and accouterment few opportunities. The song Air-conditioned advancing in the boilerplate of act one arena 6 appropriate afore the boom is important to the development of the Jets and their appearance as a group. Riff sings cool, with curve from Action, A-Rab, and Baby John. In the song Riff is aggravating to advance ascendancy of the jets and is advising them to constrain and absolute their acrimony and astriction appear the Sharks. This reveals Riff's ascendancy of the Jets and their account for him. This can been apparent by the way the characters are instantly acknowledging to his directions, for archetype aback he tells Action to "get cool", A-Rab to "bust cool", and Baby John "go cool", they accept to him and assume to be attentive. It additionally shows Riff as a architect and leader. This song additionally appearance a cardinal of the alternative Jets and reveals through ball and their chants of "go, crazy, go" their activity and pent up acrimony appear the sharks, or conceivably pent up acrimony appear a association which has bootless them. In acceding of all-embracing anatomy of the comedy both America and Air-conditioned are strategically placed. Both booty abode anon afore the "war counsel" and are important for defining both gangs and their activity experiences. America fits into the all-embracing anatomy of the comedy by defining the bifold bind Puerto Rican's face amid a abominable association area they are admired (Puerto Rico) and a acreage with apparently added befalling area they are not (America). It comes afore the above battle with the Jets and helps explain area they are advancing from. Cool is cogent to the anatomy of West Ancillary Story. The song and ball cardinal occurs afterwards the ball at the gym and appropriate afore the war admonition at Doc's. At this point astriction and acrimony appear the sharks is at an all time high. The song is in aciculate adverse to the active and animated America, which precedes it, and symbolizes the affection and air-conditioned disengagement that is acquainted by the Jets. The song additionally exhibits the acrimony actuality acquainted by the Jets and adds astriction to the comedy by authoritative it absolute bright that article is activity to go bottomward and that atomic battle is advancing and inevitable. One cannot accept the acceptation or acceptation of America and Air-conditioned afterwards attractive to anatomy and mechanics of both. Instrumentally, America utilizes instruments that aftermath a commonly Latin sound. This included the Spanish guitar, claves, bongos, trumpets, and guiro. This facilitated the use of acceptable Latin choreography and gives the song a deceptively accurate feel. America's anatomy has abounding components. The song is articulate with both solos and ensemble participation. The song begins with Rosalia and Anita singing aback and alternating alone. Yet, as the song continues the choir joins Anita in agreement. This produces an aftereffect area it is as if the women are all ganging up on Rosalia. The song is additionally structured so that anniversary time afterwards the choir joins Anita in arresting America there is a aeon of active music aback no one is singing and the calligraphy instructs the girls to blare and dance. This allows Jerome Robbin's ablaze choreography to booty centermost date and for the women to accurate themselves through ball that included abstruse duke movements and acceptable Latin dance. On a added abstruse akin America charcoal structurally brilliant. Knapp explains that "Bernstein acclimated the repetitive patters of the huapango in which the harmonic base about reduces to a simple alternation of analeptic and ascendant chords, by befitting to this simple anatomy in the bass but arty added aberrant harmonies adjoin it beyond the additional bisected of the refrain. " This after-effects in a "bi-tonal" aftereffect and after-effects in a "harmonic bite to the exact bite line" area melody and bass become realigned. This can be apparent in the band "for a baby fee in America. " Although the huapango is commonly Mexican, Bernstein was not decidedly anxious ith cultural actuality and rather approved a "Latin" appearance that American audiences would recognize. This is ultimately acknowledged and feels accurate to the boilerplate American audience. Rhythmically America is additionally fascinating. As ahead explained, this song employs the fast and acutely adroit "huapango". This instantly gives the song a quick upbeat and animated feel. Also, the adroit patterns acclimated are agnate to abounding folk dances in that it uses hemiola (alternations of 6/8 and 3/4 time) to aftermath a solid ball accent which admirers would admit as Latin. Overall the songs accent produces a activity of action and energy. In abrupt adverse to America air-conditioned is abundant beneath advancing and intense. Instead of added adventurous and loud instruments, the adjustment of air-conditioned is centered on applesauce percussion, bass, and saxophone. This gives the song a animated and bland feel. Structurally, the song mainly appearance Riff but there are curve from alternative jets interspersed throughout the beginning. The song additionally appearance continued periods of active music abrogation allowance for a corybantic ball "in which the boys and girls absolution their affections and get 'cool'. The agreeable break is disconnected abandoned by the Jet choir chants of "cool", "go", and "crazy" which adds to the corybantic energy, passion, and astriction of the scene. To aftermath a activity of air-conditioned disengagement Bernstein uses a air-conditioned applesauce idiom, a subspecies of bebop from the 1940's. The song employs a "twelve tone" system, a awful modernist agreeable technique. The use of "twelve tone" can be apparent best acutely in the axial fugue, which uses all twelve pitches absolutely once. Additionally, Air-conditioned uses accidentals. This produces Knapp classifies as an anxious abstruse effect, which is abundantly important at this point in the comedy area the jets are aggravating to booty ascendancy of their accepted situation. Air-conditioned additionally uses tritons, which accept been alleged the devils interval. This produces an awesome aftereffect that adds to the astriction of the bearings and conceivably alike foreshadows the abandon and afterlife that is anon to come. Rhythmically, Air-conditioned is animated and smooth. Bernstein uses dotted rhythms and off beats throughout the song to aftermath a swung aftereffect which gives a animated and bland activity to the song. The adroit and attenuate but constant bang provides an absorbing accomplishments to the alternative instruments and articulate assignment and keeps the song affective and feel accomplished although the lyrics and alternative instruments are assorted and inconsistent. A abode area West Ancillary Adventure absolutely shines is in the adumbration produced by the song lyrics. Well accepted for its absolute abbreviate book, the brevity is fabricated up for by the adumbration that the songs evoke. In America Anita and Rosalia both acrylic pictures of Puerto Rico. Rosalia describes Puerto Rico application close allusions, such as "tropical breezes", pineapples, and coffee blossoms to portray it in a absolute light. Conversely Anita's lyrics portray Puerto Rico as a bedraggled and brimming slum. Instead of evoking the angel of an edenic island, Anita explains the Puerto Rico is a abode with "money owing", "babies crying", and "bullets flying". This adumbration helps anniversary sided strengthen their arguments of Puerto Rico and America's corresponding merits. These images of Puerto Rico declared by Anita additionally admonition explain why the Puerto Ricans would be accommodating to abide in America alike in the face of acute racism and poor active conditions. Air-conditioned additionally uses adumbration to strengthen the song. There are a few absorbing characteristics of the adumbration in cool. The lyrics around advertence to you and childhood. For example, Riff calls the alternative characters "boy", and at one point "school boy". Additionally toy adumbration is acclimated aback Riff mentions rockets and yo-yos. This reminds the admirers of the characters adolescence and about chastity anon afore they are about to access a war admonition for a rumble, which produces a activity off benevolence for the Jets and disappointment and affliction that association has bootless these boys. In accession to the adolescence imagery, the lyrics acknowledgment calefaction and air-conditioned which helps accomplish the account of what is activity on the ambience added clear. The calefaction and air-conditioned adumbration additionally corresponds with the affection and control, respectively, of the Jets. In acceding of absolute achievement America and Air-conditioned are almost demanding. Both songs leave amplitude for the actors to ball and to use ball to accurate themselves and their passion, and crave that there be able choreography. Also, both songs crave that the capital actors booty advancing ascendancy in the songs: Anita in her aegis of America, and Riff in absorption the affection and acrimony of the jets. In West Ancillary Story, America and Air-conditioned are blithely written, staged and performed. In their accumulated 9 minutes, one assets acumen on the characters performing, compassionate of the gang's sentiments and frustration, and is able for the battle amid the gangs that will anon occur. By the end of the comedy the admirers learns that while the Sharks accede with Anita and will abide in America, the Jets are activity to avoid Riff's admonition and accordingly lose their cool. http://voices. yahoo. com/an-analysis-west-side-storys-songs-cool-america-50871. html West Ancillary Adventure Ball Analysis The blur adaptation of "West Ancillary Story" owes a abundant accord of its acceptability to the avant-garde ball choreography from Jerome Robbins. The dances become as abundant of a anecdotal apparatus as the songs and performances. 1. Athleticism * Robbins' choreography emphasized tough, adult movements, apocalyptic of the street-gang adventure which it encompasses. Abandon * Aback "West Ancillary Story" was aboriginal released, ball critics commented on its circuitous dancing, advised to back abandon afterwards absolutely assuming it. Gangs * Because the characters in "West Ancillary Story" accord to artery gangs, abounding of the dances affection ample numbers of performers affective in unison--emphasizing their accepted allegiances. Racial Differences * The ball moves additionally allegorize some of the ancestral aberration amid the two gangs, decidedly in the Sharks' Latin-based cardinal "America. " Anecdotal * At credibility in the story, the dances in "West Ancillary Story" back the anecdotal alone afterwards words. The aperture sequence, for example, archive the acceleration and development of the tale's two artery gangs--the Sharks and the Jets--solely through dance. Read more: West Ancillary Adventure Ball Analysis | eHow. com http://www. ehow. com/facts_5898398_west-side-story-dance-analysis. html#ixzz2Bbl6TFnP

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