“The Social Network” Facebook Essay

The Winklevosses’ defeat! In “The Amusing Network”, directed by David Fincher, Jesse Eisenberg plays the role of the architect of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg. This blur depicts all the successes and conflicts that Zuckerberg had to go through in adjustment to accomplish Facebook the best acknowledged amusing networking armpit in the world. After ablution a website alleged “facemash” Zuckerberg became so accustomed that he was confronted by the Winklevoss twins. Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss asked Zuckerberg to actualize a website for academy acceptance at Harvard but Zuckerberg eventually veered off into a altered administration appropriately the conception the of Facebook. The Winklevoss twins are now angered by the actuality that Zuckerberg allegedly “stole” their idea, and booty him to court. After abundant affairs the Winklevosses’ were accustomed a adjustment of 65 actor dollars that was not deserved. The Winklevosses’ should not acquire accustomed a penny of Zuckerberg’s money artlessly because they did not physically actualize Facebook, Zuckerberg did not use any of their “codes” to accomplish the site, and the Winklevoss twins did not armamentarium during the conception of Facebook. In the alpha of “The Amusing Network”, Zuckerberg agrees to advice the Winklevoss twins actualize their website. After a few weeks Zuckerberg makes little acquaintance with Cameron and Tyler. At this point Zuckerberg is accomplishing all the assignment with his accomplice Edward Saverin. The twins never absolutely did any concrete assignment that goes into creating a website. All they did was accord orders and sit and delay for Mark Zuckerberg to accomplishment their website so they could booty all the credit. After a ages or two Zuckerberg assuredly hinted that the website would not be accessible to complete at the amount he was working. The Winklevoss twins had no concrete captivation in authoritative any website whatsoever. They should not acquire won any blazon of adjustment aloof because they asked addition to complete a assignment and that addition absitively not to do it. They should acquire aloof accursed him like it was any alternative job. Addition acumen why the Winklevoss twins should not acquire accustomed any blazon of adjustment is because Zuckerberg and his aggregation did not use any of the twins “networking codes” aback creating the Facebook. I accede that they had agnate account but adage article and absolutely accomplishing it are actual altered things. These codes are formatting platforms that accomplish a website. Zuckerberg did not use any codes that resemble Cameron’s and Tyler’s website they initially capital to construct. It’s like Google against Bing. They are actual similar, but one is added popular. They both acquire the aforementioned accustomed abstraction but are not the same. Anybody should be able to actualize a website agnate to addition and not be sued for absorb issues. Money was additionally a big affair in this lawsuit. The Winklevoss twins agreed to pay Zuckerberg for his casework and for any food bare during the process. Zuckerberg did not acquire annihilation because he was alive with Edward Saverin whom was accouterment all of the funding. Saverin set abreast bags and bags of dollars to advice alpha what is now Facebook. As for the twins, they did not clearly accord any allotment to Zuckerberg or his partner. This accusation would acquire been altered if Zuckerberg would acquire accustomed money to actualize his own website and not what the Winklevosses’ wanted. That would absolutely be a botheration because they paid for a account and annihilation was accustomed in return. Back none of the Winklevosses’ money was acclimated to actualize Facebook there should not be any problems. In conclusion, the accusation amid Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss and Mark Zuckerberg should not acquire concluded the way it did. No money should acquire been accustomed to the twins abnormally not 65 actor dollars. Zuckerberg apparently did not appetite to pay them annihilation either but capital to get them off his aback back he had billions of dollars to be fabricated in Facebook. I don’t anticipate the Winklevoss twins adapted one cent aloof because they had a accustomed idea. Any one alone can acquire an abstraction but if no assignment is went into it than there is no point in arrant about it. Zuckerberg was able to prove that none of the codes were acclimated aback authoritative Facebook so no absorb lawsuits should acquire been filed. You cannot apprehend Zuckerberg to aloof accord up and duke over a billion dollar aggregation aback the twins did not alike accord them money to advice accumulate the website running. Anticipate about it, why should Zuckerberg accord Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss any rights to the aggregation aback they aloof sat there and did nothing. They did not put any accomplishment except emailing Zuckerberg about his progress. The Winklevoss twins were in the amiss 100 percent and should not acquire acquired annihilation for article they did not accord to.

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