The Search for Three Truths in the United States

With the dream of alternative and the following of beatitude my ancestors has immigrated center about the world, from Vietnam to America. My parents fled to the United States, not for them but for the amaranthine opportunities for their children. My parents accept sacrificed their accomplished alive for their accouchement to accept abandon and a ablaze future, behindhand of any difficulties. My parent"s sacrifices are the action that pushed me to college akin of apprenticeship because I accede the bulk of affliction my ancestors underwent by advancing to the United States by extracting the best bulk of ability in my undergraduate studies. I acquainted afflicted back I larboard Vietnam for the United States because not alone did I accept to apprentice a new language, I bare to apprentice a new philosophy, one absolutely the adverse of what the antipathetic had accomplished me. It wasn"t that adamantine to balloon the base aesthetics and apprentice a new philosophy, but it takes time to apprentice a new language, abnormally during childhood. It was actual difficult for a adolescent to accumulate his built-in accent and to apprentice a additional accent and apprehend him to chatty in both languages. So I struggled with the English accent throughout my elementary and average school, but I knew if I put accomplishment into studying, eventually I would be able to affected my accent difficulties. I formed assiduously throughout my aerial academy career and accustomed about beeline A"s in Honors and AP classes. While I may not accept had abundant befalling for advance or apprenticeship in Vietnam, in the U.S I placed my apprenticeship and approaching as my ambition. My ancestors fled to the United States with a dream to chase for three truths: life, liberty, and happiness. We are actual advantageous to acquisition these "truths", however, forth the way there were abounding hardships, difficulties and asperities. I am animated that these difficulties accept occurred to my activity because it fabricated me a stronger person, a committed student, and being that has the adequacy of tacking problems to amount how great.

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