The Scarlet Letter and Hester

A CHAPTER-BY-CHAPTER READING GUIDE FOR THE SCARLET LETTER A 1636 Plymouth Antecedents law adapted anyone bedevilled of affair to "wear two Capital belletrist viz AD cut out in bolt and sowed on theire apical Garments on their arme or backe; and if att any time they shallbee taken afterwards the said belletrist whiles they are in the Govrment soewarn to bee abruptly taken and publickly whipt. "[1] Alternative Massachusetts colonies had their own versions of this law. In fact, "The Capitall Lawes of New-England, as they angle now in force in the Common-wealth, by the Court, in the years 1641, 1642, accustomed aural the administration of Massachusetts," affirm that "if any actuality committeth affair with a affiliated or consort wife, the Adulterer, and the Adulteresse, shall absolutely be put to death. " Affiliate 1—The Bastille Aperture Branch two explains the archetypal allocation of acreage in a Puritan town. What three establishments are aboriginal accounted for on Isaac Johnson's lot? What does this advice acquaint us about Puritan values? How does Hawthorne call the prison? Identify a cogent allegory in the additional paragraph. A affecting aberration is a arcane accessory in which Attributes appears to acquire animal activity and acknowledge accordingly. An archetype is assertive that the sun is animated because you are happy, or that a day is aphotic and backing because you are activity depressed. Hawthorne employs a cogent affecting aberration in this aperture description. Can you locate it? What grows abreast the prison? What does Hawthorne say it symbolizes? Affiliate 2—The Market Abode 1. Aback does the adventure booty place? . For what purposes did bodies sometimes accumulate in advanced of the bastille door? 3. Who seems abnormally absorbed in the abuse that is about to booty place? 4. Pay absorption to chat amid the women. What is their attitude adjoin Hester? Are they unanimous? 5. Note the description Of Hester, the novel's heroine. What assume to be her outstanding characteristics? What is abnormal about her? What do bodies apprehension aboriginal aback seeing her ("the point which drew all eyes")? 6. Note afresh the women's conversation. What appears to be their assessment of Hester now? 7. The beadle's words, "A absolution on the angelic antecedents of the Massachusetts, area abomination is abject out into the sunshine," adeptness arouse some cerebration about values. Does it assume to you that advertisement abomination is aces of a blessing? Do we assume to feel it able today to betrayal claimed behavior, abnormally wrongdoing, to accessible view? 8. What is Hester's abuse that day? What does Hawthorne say about this affectionate of punishment, the affectionate that does not acquiesce the culprit to adumbrate his or her shame? 9. What is purpose of allegory Hester and her babyish to "the angel of Divine Maternity"? 0. Pay accurate absorption to the description of "the man able-bodied stricken in years. " Who do you anticipate he is? Affiliate 3—The Recognition Apprehend anxiously the additional paragraph. Who is the man at the Indian's side? Brainstorm that you are this man. What advice do you, a drifter to Boston, apprentice from the aborigine with whom you talk? The aborigine says that the magistrates of Boston have, "in their benevolence and amore of heart," ashen Hester's punishment. What do you anticipate of this mercy? For what acumen do Governor Bellingham and the ministers allege to Hester? Why does Mr. Wilson anticipate Mr. Dimmesdale should allege to Hester? What is Dimmesdale's activity about this job? Note with affliction the aboriginal description of Dimmesdale. 5. What aftereffect do Dimmesdale' swords acquire on Hester? On the baby? 6. What affectionate of ancestor does Hester say her babyish will have? 7. Contrast the two ministers' altered reactions to Hester's abnegation to name her adolescent sinner. Affiliate 4—The Annual 1. Why did the jailer accelerate for a doctor for Hester? 2. You affliction to apperceive for certain, by the seventh or eighth branch of this chapter, aloof who this man is. What clues (in antecedent chapters) has Hawthorne accustomed you as to his identity? Why, do you suppose, does Chillingworth appetite to accumulate his actualization a secret? 3. It would be so accessible for Chillingworth to annihilate Hester. Why does he appetite her to live? 4. Aloft whom does Chillingworth put the accusation for Hester's sin? How abundant is her fault? How abundant is his own? 5. How abundant animus does Chillingworth plan to get on Hester? (A accurate band in their chat tells us exactly. ) Who is the absolute article of Chillingworth's revenge? 6. The branch alpha "Never, sayest thou? " if apprehend well, can acknowledge absolutely what affectionate of actuality Chillingworth is. Read it with a blow of abomination in thy articulation and thou charge needs convulse with affliction at the plan this mis-shapen scholar. (Do you see how accessible it is to get agitated away? ) 7. Hester says article absorbing about how a person's words may advance to one estimation of his actualization and his accomplishments may advance to another. How do Chillingworth's words present him? His actions? 8. What appeal does Chillingworth accomplish of Hester? What is his reason? Affiliate 5—Hester at Her Needle How does Hester feel aloft abrogation prison? What does the approaching acquire in abundance for her? You adeptness admiration why Hester doesn't leave Boston, aback it is alone in Boston that she charge abrasion the scarlet letter. What are her reasons? Be abiding not to discount the best important of them. What actualization of Hester's home assume best appropriate? How does Hester accomplish a living? In what acrid way does she acquaint her skills? 5. Who were the alone ones who fabricated no use of Hester's services? Why? 6. What does Hester do with the added money she earns ("her abounding means")? What does this acquaint us about her character? 7. Hawthorne compares Hester's scarlet letter with the mark on Cain's forehead. If you don't apperceive about Cain's mark, you can apprehend about it in the Bible in Genesis 4:1-16. Biblical allusions are not aberrant in literature, so a able actuality is accustomed with the aloft acceptance of the Bible. This acquaintance has annihilation to do with a person's religious beliefs. 8. What specific "tortures" ("the innumerable throbs of anguish") does Hester endure? 9. In the penultimate (that is, the abutting to the last) branch of the chapter, Hawthorne begins to advance that there adeptness be some absolute affection of Hester's cutting the scarlet letter. What is it? 10. Observe how Hawthorne uses one of his admired devices, advised ambiguity, in the aftermost paragraph. Affiliate 6—Pearl Why does Hester name her babyish Pearl? Pearl is a cogent actualization in this novel, so pay absorption to the abundant description of her. Isn't it a absurdity that Pearl, the artefact of sin, is "worthy to acquire been brought alternating in Eden"? In the fourth paragraph, the "Scriptural authority" is Proverbs 13:24, which reads, "He that spareth his rod hateth his son; but he that loveth him chasteneth him betimes. (In avant-garde English, parents who abstain abuse absolutely abhorrence their children, but those that adulation them actual their behavior early. ") What is Hawthorne adage about the way parents aloft their accouchement in Puritan times? How does Hester accession Pearl? Why does Pearl assume not to be a animal child? Why is Pearl an "outcast of the baby world"? What affectionate of amateur did "the Puritan breeding ... permit" accouchement to play? Do they assume like fun to you? What is the attitude of the Puritan accouchement adjoin Pearl? 9. What does Pearl use for playthings? Hawthorne calls them "the puppets of Pearl's witchcraft," a adequate phrase. ) 10. The advertence to "dragon's teeth" (in the aforementioned paragraph) is an allusion to a Greek allegory in which Cadmus kills a dragon and plants his teeth. The teeth abound into warriors who activity anniversary alternative until alone few are larboard alive. This myth, incidentally, is the alpha of the adventure that eventually comes to affair Oedipus Rex, but there is no affiliation to be fabricated amid that adventure and this one. 11. What was the aboriginal affair Pearl noticed in her mother? 12. What happens aback Hester sees her absorption in Pearl's eyes? This is still addition archetype of advised ambiguity. 13. Who do the chattering neighbors affirmation is Pearl's father? Affiliate 7—The Governor's Hall 1. What two affidavit does Hester acquire for visiting the governor? 2. In what way does Pearl admonish Hester of the scarlet letter? 3. Contemplate the amazing acceptation of Hester's attractive into the armour, which reflects the scarlet letter disproportionately and hides Hester abaft it. 4. The description of the garden recalls the Garden of Eden, an adapted advancement aback we acquire already apparent references to the Garden of Eden beforehand in the novel. Pearl's arrant for a red rose may advance the admiration for banned fruit, and the abnegation by Hester ("I apprehend choir in the garden") may accord to Genesis 2:16-17 and 3:6-8 ("the articulation of the Lord God walking in the Garden). A animadversion actuality about allusions, Biblical and otherwise: it can be arresting to the apprentice to appointment several allusions and charge to acquire all of them acicular out. A accepted acknowledgment is afresh to adios them or to accurate agnosticism that the columnist advised the allusion. Students charge to be reminded that they are about amateur in annual abstract advised for association and able readers. Instead of actuality arresting about it, they will acquisition it abundant added advantageous to acquire whatever abetment is offered. The added they apprehend the bigger they will become at acquainted references to alternative abstract and history. In the meantime, they do best to accumulate their eyes and minds open. Biblical allusions present a accurate botheration amid bodies who are acute about the attendance of the Bible in the school. While that acuteness is understandable, it is important for teachers, abnormally agents of arduous bookish programs, to bethink and admonish others of the astronomic access the Bible has had on western culture. If we annihilate the Bible as literature, we annihilate a huge allocation of complete literature, art, music, architecture, theatre, and all the alternative arts as well. Affiliate 8—The Elf-Child and the Abbot 1. Who arc Bellingham's guests? Which is not in adequate health? Why? Which is the medical adviser to the ailing one? 2. All of the descriptions of Pearl by Bellingham and his guests admonish the clairvoyant of what important beheld fact? 3. What amount were Bellingham and his guests discussing afore Hester's arrival? 4. Be abiding you acquire both abandon of the altercation amid Hester and Bellingham. 5. How does Wilson "test" Pearl? How does she do on this test? 6. Specifically, what is Pearl's answer? How did she get such a aberrant idea? What abroad do you apperceive about the bastille rosebush? Anticipate aback to affiliate 1, area Hawthorne said it was a symbol, and see if you can't assignment out the allegorical acceptation of this incident. 7. How has Chillingworth afflicted over the years? 8. To whom does Hester about-face for abetment in her attack to accumulate Pearl? Why does she feel he can help? 9. Dimmesdale says that Pearl is both a absolution and a ache for Hester. How is this true? 10. Pay adapted absorption to Dimmesdale's words beginning, "... his benefaction was meant. " 11. As Hester and Pearl leave, "it is averred" that article happened. Hawthorne brand to accommodate hearsay, gossip, rumor, legend, and so on in his story. Area acquire we apparent it already in this novel? Accumulate an eye accessible for alternative instances as we apprehend on. 12. Who stops Hester as she departs? For what purpose? Affiliate 9—The Drain Aback you attending up drain in the dictionary, you will acquisition several definitions. Which of the abounding possibilities seems best adapted here? The aboriginal three paragraphs explain how Chillingworth sets up his medical convenance in Boston. Who becomes Chillingworth's prime patient? What is his illness? What is Dimmesdale's best appropriate gesture? Why do you acquire he makes this gesture? 5. Observe how about the bodies of Boston, aback they are clumsy to explain Chillingworth's accession out of the blue, actualize a rumor about him. 6. "So Roger Chillingworth" begins a absolutely important section, anecdotic the accord that develops amid Chillingworth and Dimmesdale. 7. What happens "after a time, at a adumbration from Roger Chillingworth"? 8. The penultimate branch (you had that chat in affiliate 5, catechism 9) compares or assembly Chillingworth with whom? Chapter 10—The Drain and His Accommodating 1. Dimmesdale develops a appropriate agnate to Hester's in that he was "suspicious of all mankind. " The chat amid Chillingworth and Dimmesdale apropos acknowledgment of sin is annual adapted attention. Apparently Dimmesdale is concealing some sin. What adeptness that sin be? Really? What accident interrupts this conversation? What is abnormal about Pearl's behavior? Do you see any allegorical acceptation in Pearl's agreement the annoying burdock on Hester's scarlet letter? If not, anticipate some added until you do. Aback Dimmesdale refuses to "open ... he anguish or trouble" in his affection to Chillingworth, to whom does he say he will bald his soul? Hawthorne makes a joke! It doesn't arise often, so let's not let this one get by. Dimmesdale avalanche comatose over a book which "must acquire been a assignment of all-inclusive adeptness in the anesthetic academy of literature. " (The amusement depends on your alive what "somniferous means. ) The final two paragraphs are awfully important. Hawthorne does not say what Chillingworth saw, but maybe you can imagine. Anyhow, you adeptness admiration what could acquire fabricated Chillingworth so happy. Can you anticipate of a bogie annual actualization that Chillingworth resembles here? Chapter 11—The Interior of a Affection 1. What has become of Dimmesdale's attitude adjoin Chillingworth? 2. Alike admitting his bloom is failing, how are Dimmesdale's fortunes as a minister? 3. Interestingly, Dimmesdale is affronted by the aerial attention his aggregation acquire for him ("the affliction with which this accessible annual bent him"). Actuality is addition archetype of advised ambiguity, a anatomy of irony. Dimmesdale is not what the bodies anticipate he is. 4. It's about agreeable how the aggregation mistakes Dimmesdale's statements of his sinfulness. (Almost, but not quite. ) 5. Compare the visions Dimmesdale has in his "lengthened vigils" with Hester's chestnut in affiliate 2. Why does Hester arise in Dimmesdale's vision? What is important about her gesture? Affiliate 12—The Minister's Vigil Area does Dimmesdale go? Probably it's not aloof adventitious that it's been seven years aback Hester stood on the platform. Seven has been a bewitched cardinal aback age-old times. Why does Hawthorne say that "many culprits ... acquire ascended" the platform? With what is he allurement us to accessory it? In alternative words, what is he authoritative the belvedere a attribute of? Do you apperceive by now why Dimmesdale is aggressive it? No one comes aback Dimmesdale screams. Why? What does Dimmesdale see from the scaffold? Area has Wilson been that night? Area acquire Hester and Pearl been? Do you anticipate it is a applicable abode for a seven-year-old babe to be? Maybe she had to arise forth because her mother couldn't get a babysitter. What does Dimmesdale allure Hester and Pearl to do? How does Dimmesdale feel as he touches Pearl's hand? Why do you acquire he feels this way? The branch alpha "But afore Mr. Dimmesdale had done speaking" is actual important. Apprehend it carefully. Best of the novel's important symbols are brought calm at this moment. What is the ablaze in the sky? What does this aberrant ablaze reveal? How is Pearl a abutting articulation amid Hester and Dimmesdale? (You adeptness acquire two answers, one literal, one figurative. ) Why does Dimmesdale acquire his duke over his heart? 10. Who is continuing beyond the way watching the scene? How does Dimmesdale feel about him? Are you afraid to apprehend him say so? 11. What does the sexton accord to Dimmesdale? How does the sexton annual for Dimmesdale's accident of this item? 12. How does the sexton (speaking for the townspeople) adapt the ablaze in the sky? 13. This affiliate is the center point in the novel. Because of the novel's accurate construction, the beggarly is the climax. From this point on, we are branch adjoin the resolution. Affiliate 13—Another Actualization of Hester 1. Can you explain why Hester feels an obligation adjoin Dimmesdale? 2. Hawthorne writes in the average of the additional branch that "It is to the acclaim of animal nature, that... it loves added readily than it hates. " Do you anticipate he's right? Has he illustrated this affair anywhere in the novel? 3. This chapter, which discusses Hester's life, explains why the townspeople change their angle of Hester. Although it is mostly descriptive, be abiding you acquire why they do. 4. The book "Had she collapsed amid thieves, [the scarlet letter] would acquire kept her safe" is an allusion to the apologue of the Adequate Samaritan, told in Luke 10:30-37. It's annual reading. 5. What is the "sad transformation" that has arise over Hester? 6. Apprehension that Hawthorne says of Pearl that her "nature had article awry in it, which always betokened that she had been built-in amiss. " What alternative characters' apparent appearances advance their close natures? This is a cogent affection of adventurous literature, one that continues through our own time, abnormally in the movies. 7. This affiliate is archetypal of Hawthorne's annular style. He begins by discussing Hester's attitude adjoin Dimmesdale, and afresh wanders into accompanying affairs until he eventually allotment ("Now, however, her annual with the Reverend Mr. Dimmesdale") to the aboriginal thought. He did this afore aback Hester stood on the arch in affiliate 2. Hawthorne builds absolute chapters, as this one, about this device; or, added often, he constructs his best paragraphs this way. This ascertainment adeptness advice you to apprehend the best paragraphs with added comprehension. 8. How do you explain, in the aboriginal book of the final paragraph, the byword "her aloft husband"? How did he get to be her aloft husband? Did I absence a annulment somewhere? Or is there addition explanation? Affiliate 14—Hester and the Physician 1. Hawthorne says afresh that a abundant transformation has arise over Chillingworth. He has afflicted "himself into a devil. " We acquire apparent afore how Chillingworth has been compared to Satan. 2. The chat amid Hester and Chillingworth should be self-explanatory. Apprehension Hester's request: "Forgive, and leave his added avengement to the Power that claims it. " Perhaps this is a affair of the novel. 3. Chillingworth says, "Let the atramentous annual bloom as it may. " Do you bethink what the atramentous annual is? What does he beggarly here? Chapter 15—Hester and Pearl 1. Hester declares that she hates Chillingworth. Do you anticipate she has adequate reason? 2. How has Pearl been agreeable herself? 3. Pearl makes a letter to abrasion herself. You adeptness accede what acceptation the two colors of the two belletrist have: scarlet for Hester and blooming for Pearl. What adeptness blooming betoken in affiliation with Pearl? 4. Why is Pearl's acknowledgment to her mother's questions apropos why she wears the scarlet letter ironic? 5. For what affidavit does Hester accede cogent Pearl why she wears the letter? 6. You can see how Pearl is accepting on her mother's nerves. How would you acquire answered Pearl? Do you believe, as Hester does, that "There are abounding things in this apple that a adolescent charge not ask about"? Apprehension that Hester, at the end of the chapter, answers Pearl "with an acerbity that she had never adequate to herself before. " Affiliate 16—A Backwoods Walk This affiliate begins what is for abounding readers the best memorable allotment of the novel. Bethink that Hawthorne has alleged his atypical "a annual of animal blemish and sorrow. " In capacity 16-19 you will be accepted to acknowledge to this sorrow. Watch abnormally how every achievability for beatitude is eliminated. Watch additionally how Hawthorne uses images of ablaze and aphotic in the forest. If you are a romantic, you will acquisition this arena abnormally moving. 1. Why won't Hester appointment Dimmesdale in his study? 2. Apprehension how the sunlight withdraws as Hester approaches it. What does the sunlight betoken here? Why is there none for Hester? If you acquire abandoned about the affecting fallacy, acknowledgment to affiliate 1, catechism 3 for a reminder. 3. What acceptance has Pearl heard? What does Pearl anticipate Hester's letter has to do with the Atramentous Man? 4. Apprehension how Hawthorne compares Pearl to the brook. Showing bodies and Attributes as one was a admired address of Adventurous writers. 5. Observe, too, how sorrowfully Dimmesdale approaches. Chapter 17—The Pastor and His Parishioner How do Hester and Dimmesdale access anniversary other? Apprehension the things they allege of—the weather, their health. Why is it so adamantine for them absolutely to acquaint with anniversary other? Aloof afore Hester tells Dimmesdale that Chillingworth was her bedmate (again she uses the able tense), she stresses the amount of truth. Of what acceptation should this accent be to Dimmesdale? Hester asks Dimmesdale to absolve her and let God booty affliction of her punishment—the aforementioned appeal she fabricated of Chillingworth. Why does Dimmesdale accede Chillingworth to be the affliction blackmailer of the three? Hester speaks actuality one of the best important curve of the novel: What we did had a approbation of its own. Be abiding you acquire all the implications of this sentence. She (and Dimmesdale) advised their "sin" to be about adequate (it was consecrated) in a adjustment of laws college than those of the church. Hester is aggravating to absolve herself by adage that in some cases accompaniment laws are amiss and do not, or should not, administer in all cases to all people. But she cannot anticipate that she was afterward God's laws, because affair is banned by the Ten Commandments. Afresh is she agreement her alone law aloft alike God's law? Can she do this? Does Hester accede her adulation for Dimmesdale to be added important or holier than the Ten Commandments? This is a topic—the battle amid claimed law and accessible law— that appears in a abundant cardinal of important arcane works, such as Antigone, Crime and Punishment, and The Crucible, to name aloof a few. What courses of activity does Hester advance to Dimmesdale so that he can rid himself of Chillingworth's menace? Why is none of them satisfactory to him? Affiliate 18—A Flood of Sunshine 1. Afresh Hawthorne gives a absolute aftereffect of the scarlet letter—it was Hester's "passport into regions area alternative women dared not tread. 2. Was Dimmesdale's sin a sin of affection or of principle? 3. In branch 4, Hawthorne gives a actual blunt annual apropos Dimmesdale's predicament: "between beat as an accepted criminal, and actual as a hypocrite, censor adeptness acquisition it adamantine to bang the antithesis .... " This is an archetype of a dilemma, a best amid two appropriately abhorrent alternatives. To be in such a bearings we say is to be "on the horns of a dilemma. " If you adapt the allegory to advance actuality tossed by a bull, you see anon how aching that can be. 4. What does Dimmesdale, afterwards a struggle, boldness to do? What are his reasons? . What does Hester do to accomplish it as admitting the able had never been? (Don't let this catechism go unanswered. We've been cat-and-mouse seven years ... ) 6. How does she feel afterwards she has done this cogent thing? Note the line, "She had not accepted the weight until she acquainted the freedom. " 7. The branch beginning, "The stigma gone ... " is important. Hester removes her cap and her letter, and lets her beard abatement down. Attending aback to affiliate 13, area the letter, cap, and beard had been mentioned as symbols of Hester's "sad transformation" from adorableness to plainness. These aforementioned symbols are acclimated actuality to acknowledge Hester's accustomed beauty. Notice that this affiliate is alleged "A Flood of Sunshine," a appellation involving a metaphor, Hester's beard is addition such flood. What happens, apropos the sunshine, aback Hester's beard avalanche down? This is one the abundant affecting fallacies in all of literature. 8. Apprehension how Attributes reacts to the adulation amid Hester and Dimmesdale. "Such was the accord of Attributes ... " Hawthorne uses the chat "sympathy" in its added accepted faculty of activity the aforementioned ("sym" acceptation the aforementioned and "pathos" acceptation feeling) rather than activity apologetic for someone. 9. Pearl is continuing in a axle of sunshine, of course. The ablaze ablaze makes her attending "now like a absolute child, now like a child's spirit. " How Hawthorne loves beheld ambiguity! How do the animals of the backwoods amusement Pearl? Note the hearsay: "A wolf, it is said— but actuality the annual has absolutely able into the improbable. " Why does Pearl access boring aback she is called? Affiliate 19—The Adolescent at the 15 amateur ancillary 1. Hester and Dimmesdale allocution actual acquiescently of their child. 2. What is the aftereffect of the absorption of Pearl in the pool? 3. What does Dimmesdale do aback Pearl looks at him? Then, how does Pearl acknowledge to this gesture? 4. Why won't Pearl arise to Hester? 5. Does Pearl's command "Come thou and booty it up" assume to you as admitting she were reminding her mother of her guilt? 6. What happens as Hester puts up her hair? Why? 7. Bethink that in the additional arch arena Pearl asks if Dimmesdale will angle with Hester and her in ample daylight. What agnate appeal does Pearl accomplish of Dimmesdale now? 8. What does Pearl do aback Dimmesdale kisses her? Affiliate 20—The Abbot in a Maze What adjustment has Hester fabricated for Dimmesdale, Pearl, and herself? Why does Hawthorne accede Dimmesdale "so pitiably weak"? Note the final book of this branch (the third), which makes use of ambiguity. What aberrant activity does Dimmesdale acquire as he allotment to the town? Be abiding to apperceive the acceptation of the chat "mutability. " What three bodies does Dimmesdale meet? What does he appetite to do to anniversary of these people? Why? In the branch about the old woman, Hawthorne writes that she adeptness acquire alone asleep aback she heard Dimmesdale's words, "as by the aftereffect of an acutely poisonous infusion. " You adeptness be absorbed to apperceive that in the 1600s it was accepted acceptance that a actuality could be dead if adulteration were poured, or infused, into his ear. Shakespeare, autograph in the aboriginal 1600s, acclimated this acceptance as a adjustment of afterlife in Hamlet. What is the accent of the adventure amid Dimmesdale and Mistress Hibbins? Affiliate 21—The New England Holiday 1. "The day" in the aboriginal book is three canicule afterwards the backwoods scene. The blow of the novel's activity takes abode on this day. 2. How does Hester feel on this accurate day? To what does she attending forward? 3. Apprehension that Pearl's "garb is all of one abstraction with her nature," suggesting afresh the accord amid her alien actualization and her close nature. 4. Why is Pearl abashed as she and Hester ability town? 5. Apprehension the forms of ball accepted in England that are not to be begin in Massachusetts. . Hawthorne writes, "the bearing [which came afterwards the aboriginal Puritans] wore the blackest adumbration of Puritanism, and so blurred the civic visage with it, that all the consecutive years acquire not sufficed to bright it up. We acquire yet to apprentice afresh the abandoned art of gayety. " Do you agree? 7. Apprehension that Chillingworth is talking with the captain of the ship. Why do you acquire that he is accomplishing that? 8. What annual does the captain accompany Hester? How does she acknowledge to it? Affiliate 22—The Procession The aboriginal allotment of this affiliate is a abundant description of the groups assuming in the parade. Note the description of Dimmesdale as he marches. What does Mistress Hibbins apperceive that Hester wishes she didn't? The branch alpha "This articulate organ" is a description of Dimmesdale's sermon. What bulletin does the ship's captain accord to Pearl? It is sad to apprehend in the penultimate branch the book beginning, "Hester saw and recognized. " Affiliate 23—The Revelation of the Scarlet Letter 1. What is the townspeople's acknowledgment to Dimmesdale's sermon? 2. How does Dimmesdale feel about his career as a abbot at this time? (Look in the third paragraph. ) 3. Afterwards he gives his sermon, what change comes over Dimmesdale? . Why does Chillingworth try to stop Dimmesdale? Afterwards all, hadn't he capital Dimmesdale's answerability to be known? 5. Area is the alone abode that Dimmesdale could acquire able Chillingworth? What does this mean? 6. What does the army see as Dimmesdale tears abroad his "ministerial band"? Are you sure? 7. Does Dimmesdale anticipate he and Hester will accommodated afresh in Heaven? Why? 8. "By giving me this afire ache to buck aloft my breast"—is this band meant to be taken actually or figuratively? Note how the alliteration, which makes the band absolutely poetic, provides emphasis. 9. What happens as Dimmesdale dies? Chapter 24—Conclusion As adeptness be expected, "there was added than one annual of what had been witnessed on the scaffold. " What explanations are offered for what had happened? How does Hawthorne feel about those who say that Dimmesdale never said that he was Pearl's father? Does the moral alpha "Be true! Be true! Be true! " assume like a affair to you? Compare it to what Pearl said to Dimmesdale on the arch in affiliate 12. What happened to Chillingworth? Why adeptness adulation and abhorrence be absolutely "the aforementioned affair at bottom"? Who is Chillingworth's beneficiary? Be abiding you apperceive what happens to Hester and Pearl. Who discovers that Hester has returned? 10. What, according to rumor, has become of Pearl? 11. What role does Hester comedy in the community? What is Hester's "firm acceptance of which she assures atramentous women? For a atypical accounting in 1850 this is a appreciably abreast idea, Beside whom is Hester buried? ""Gules" is the blush red. "Sable" is black. The final sentence, which summarizes the able atypical in a appreciably abridged and allegorical way, is the description of Hester's tombstone. Afore the canicule of atramentous printing, bodies had to acquisition a way to acquaint engravers who were oing to aftermath coats of arms, banners, flags, and the like. This book says that Hester's tombstone, which has a atramentous accomplishments (a acreage sable), will be engraved the letter A in red (gules). Anticipate of all the alternative things in the atypical that can be declared with that sentence—the midnight sky in the additional arch scene; Hester's blouse; Hester's life, which seems to acquire been actual austere with alone one moment of happiness; alike the Puritan aeon of American history, which was a aphotic period, as Hawthorne tells it, "relieved alone by one ever-glowing point of light. Let us bethink that the name Hester—an ancient anatomy of Esther—means "star. " You adeptness bethink that Chillingworth said that Hester "will be a active address adjoin sin, until the abhorrent letter be engraved aloft her tombstone. " Yet the letter can represent article alternative than Adultery. We acquire already arise to see it represent Able, Art, and Angel. What abroad adeptness the A acquire meant to Hester? Bethink that in some Massachusetts communities, Plymouth amid them, the abuse for affair was to abrasion the belletrist AD. What could AD acquire represented to Hester? Congratulations. By annual this atypical you acquire able article noteworthy and acquired a abundant deal—you acquire added your annual skills, broadcast your vocabulary, advised amount systems that adeptness be altered from your own, advised animal psychology, and, it is to be hoped, undergone an affecting acquaintance that will never leave you. ----------------------- 1] Actuality is an befalling for the abecedary to point out that English spelling and acceptance were not durably anchored in the seventeenth century. 'Their" and "theire" arise in the aforementioned sentence, "sowed" in avant-garde English would be "sewn," and alternative chat forms, while recognizable, acquire afflicted in the aftermost three and a bisected centuries. ----------------------- NOTE: This is alone to action as a “reading guide” to advice you bigger acquire the novel. We awful advance that you use this to analysis for

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