The Roles of Congress and the Presidency

Initial Column Instructions For the antecedent post, acknowledge to one of the afterward options, and characterization the alpha of your column advertence either Option 1 or Option 2: Option 1: Political scientists disagree on the exact causes of low representation of women in Congress. Why do you anticipate there are so few women in Congress in allegory to men? How acceptable is it that these patterns of representation will badly change over your lifetime? For this altercation question, you will accept to do some analysis online. Option 2: What characteristics do you anticipate voters attending for back allotment a president? Do you anticipate voters accept the characteristics they are attractive for depending on the socioeconomic and political ambiance - abridgement of jobs, riots, COVID-19, ecology apropos and alternative issues etc.? Explain your answer. Be abiding to accomplish access amid your account and abstracts and the research, concepts, terms, and approach we are discussing this week. Writing Requirements Minimum of 2 references Cite your sources back applicative (assigned readings/online acquaint and an alfresco bookish source) APA architecture for in-text citations and account of references

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