The Role of Press in Society

Press rules |Members of the columnist charge annals for the congress. They will accept a columnist badge. | |Members of the columnist may appear the assembly lectures on a adulatory basis. | |A columnist allowance will be available. | |Press releases by companies charge be accustomed for approval by EFNS Head Office ([email protected] org) | |not after than 15 canicule afore the alpha of the congress. | |Companies may abode their columnist releases in the columnist room. |Embargo policy: Companies may not abode a columnist absolution above-mentioned to altercation of the accordant affair / artefact in the accessory | |symposium and/or articulate or affiche affair | |Posters (one) announcement columnist affairs and invitations to columnist affairs may be placed in the columnist allowance only. | Agreeable of the rules A. Actual advice 1. It is the assignment of the accumulation media to broadcast advice accurately and promptly. As far as accessible it should be absolute whether the advice accustomed is correct. 2. The sources of account should be advised critically, in accurate back their statements may be coloured by claimed absorption or tortious intent. 3. Advice which may be prejudicial or calumniating or backbite from the account in which individuals should be captivated shall be actual carefully advised afore publication, primarily by acquiescence to the being concerned. 4. Attacks and replies should, area this is reasonable, be appear calm and in the aforementioned way. 5. A bright acumen shall be fatigued amid absolute advice and comments. 6. The anatomy and agreeable of account and subheadlines shall be embodied by the commodity or advertisement in question. The aforementioned aphorism shall administer to bi-weekly placards. 7. Incorrect advice shall be adapted on the editors' own initiative, if and as anon as ability of errors of accent in the appear advice is received. The alteration shall be accustomed in such a anatomy that the readers, admirers or admirers may calmly become acquainted of the correction. SHORT TITLE These rules may be alleged ‘The Central Newsmedia Accreditation Rules, 1999’. COMMENCEMENT AND SCOPE These rules shall appear into force from the date of notification by the Government. These rules shall administer to the admission of accreditation to assembly of account media organisations at the address of the Government of India and shall supercede all antecedent rules in this regard. AMENDMENTS The Central Columnist Accreditation Committee or the Principal Advice Officer can accomplish recommendations to the Central Government for alteration of the rules from time to time as advised necessary. DEFINITIONS a) “Central Columnist Accreditation Committee” agency a Committee constituted by the Government of India beneath these Rules. b) ‘Newspaper’ shall accept the aforementioned analogue as accustomed in the Columnist and Registration of Books Act, 1867. ) ‘News Media’ shall accommodate newspapers, wire account and non-wire account account agencies, Account Feature Agencies, Electronic Media Agencies and organisations absolute account and comments on accessible news. d) A ‘Daily Newspaper’ shall be appear on not beneath than bristles canicule in a anniversary or as authentic in the PRB Act. e) ‘Weekly’ and ‘Fortnightly’ bi-weekly shall accept not beneath than 45 or 22 issues in a year, respectively. f) ‘Principal Advice Officer’ agency the Principal Advice Officer to the Government of India, hereinafter referred to as the PIO. ) ‘Working Journalist’ agency any alive announcer as authentic in the Alive Announcer (conditions of Account and Miscellaneous Provision) Act, 1955. h) ‘Accreditation’ agency acceptance of account media assembly by the Government of India for purpose of admission to sources of advice in the Government and additionally to account materials, accounting or pictorial, appear by the Columnist Advice Bureau and/or alternative agencies of the Government of India. i) ‘Electronic Account Media Organisation’ (Television or Radio) will accommodate any TV/Radio Account Programme Production Unit and TV/Radio Account Agency.

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