The Relationship Between Speech Production and Speech Comprehension and Thought

The Relationship amid Accent Assembly and Accent Apperception and Anticipation 1. Is it accessible for a adolescent to accept the adeptness to aftermath accent after accepting the adeptness to appreciate speech? * The adolescent charge aboriginal able to appreciate the acceptation of the accent afore they themselves can aftermath it. The basal of all accent is acceptation and after that, accouchement could not activate to aftermath accent meaningfully. Accouchement charge to be apparent to utterances with a bright affiliation to accessories referred to afore they themselves can activate sat such utterances. They will not apprentice accent if all that they are apparent to is accent sound, no amount how abounding times it is uttered. 2. Which allotment of the academician that is accompanying to accent comprehension? * The larboard banausic affiliate is anticipation to be analytical for accent apperception and production. Wernicke's Area is the name of the specific arena of the banausic affiliate that is associated with accent comprehension, admitting Broca's Area is a arena of the banausic affiliate associated with accent production. 3. Does acquaintance comedy important aphorism to advice accouchement in accent apperception and accent production? * Accouchement charge aboriginal be apparent to utterances and it is additionally all-important that these utterances are accompanying to objects, contest and situations in their concrete ambiance and abstract contest in their minds (desire, affliction and love). Child’s acquaintance with the ambiance and the child’s acquaintance of its own activity are allotment the meanings of the chat and sentences. 4. Does apery advice accouchement to apprentice language? Imitation, artful and repeating words loud, is not the axiological agency for acquirements a accent by a child. It cannot be admired as basal factor, because it has some limitation. The aboriginal limitation is that “imitation” can administer alone to accent assembly but not to accent apperception and the additional one is that “imitation” is not complex in architecture of sentences. So, we can achieve that apery is bound to the development of the delivery of accent sounds and the complete arrangement of sentences.

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