The Race Relations Act 1976


A above agency affecting the commitment of the chic in Added Apprenticeship is abiding in the inequalities resultant from perceived ancestral and indigenous differences. These are actual generally based on assumption notions, usually ill informed, about the behavior and practices of altered ancestral and indigenous groups.

Over the accomplished few years there has been a baby but abiding increase, year on year in the ancestral mix of abeyant learners applying to alpha engineering courses. My convenance involves the commitment of the engineering chic to learners at levels one to three; the composition of all these groups reflects the accepted trend in the admission in ancestral mix.

Therefore, the primary acumen for investigating this affair was to ascertain the complete appulse of the accretion assortment and how the legislation is actuality acclimated to affirm the ethics declared in the Chase Relations Act 1976, how they affect Academy operation (in anniversary of Oaklands College) and how teaching convenance is affected.

In this report, the ambition is to set out the accomplishments to the Act and investigate its aftereffect on the added apprenticeship breadth with accurate advertence to Oaklands Academy and again to altercate the implications for the abecedary in the classroom or workshop.

The Policy

The Chase Relations Act 1976 (RRA) and the Chase Adequation certificate that supports this and how Oaklands Academy is implementing it.

Values abaft the Policy

The Chase Relations Act came into actuality in 1976, back it was recognised that the complete legislation was anemic and had little benign aftereffect on the lives of ancestral boyhood groups. The basement ethics of the new regulations were, the abolishment of ancestral discrimination, the advance of adequation of befalling and the advance of adapted relations amid peoples of altered indigenous and ancestral groups. These are the values, which the majority of British bodies purportedly acknowledge allegiance; however, they are actual abundant activated by the backbone of accepted acumen which is, as consistently far added able than the truth. A bearings not aided by the accepted columnist who booty every befalling to alarm the citizenry by visions of the approaching end of the British way of life, afflicted by a tsunami of immigrants from all genitalia of the world. Thus the charge to candidly advance the ethics is alike added heavily underscored and alike added necessary.

To accept how legislation affects operations in Added Education, it is capital to accept some definitions of aspects of bigotry as declared in the Act. The 1976Act divides bigotry into four ample areas; complete discrimination, aberrant discrimination, aggravation and victimisation. Below are some examples and definitions, which allegorize the acceptation of anniversary of these categories.

An archetype of complete bigotry would be to set tighter appointment deadlines to atramentous learners only.

A acceptable archetype of aberrant bigotry is the administration of a no headgear rule; this could be apparent to exclude Sikhs, who abrasion turbans, Jewish men cutting yarmulke or Muslim women cutting the hijaab. In practice, if a chic contains one or added learners in these groupings additional learners from a majority accumulation who assert on cutting baseball caps, the law would administer if abandoned the baseball cap wearers were asked to bankrupt their headgear.

Harassment on ancestral breadth is advised the aforementioned as complete bigotry because there is a adverse aftereffect on the victims address or it creates an alarming or adverse environment.

Victimisation apropos bodies whom accept fabricated or intend to accomplish a complaint in anniversary of ancestral bigotry and includes any actuality acknowledging the complaint. The Act forbids any unfavourable analysis of bodies in either of these circumstances.

The Commission for ancestral Adequation (CRE, which in 2007was congenital into The Adequation and Animal Rights Commission.) issued a Code Of convenance (COP), which placed specific duties on schools, colleges and universities. These duties primarily appropriate colleges to broadcast a action statement, which actively answer ancestral equality. Advice from the CRE included a cardinal of points, which the academy action was apprenticed to address:

  • Arrangements to appraise the appulse of the action on agents as able-bodied as learners.

  • Ongoing ecology of the furnishings of the action in agreement of admissions.

  • The advance and success ante from differing indigenous and ancestral groups.

  • Arrangements to broadcast the allegation of the advancing ecology on an anniversary basis.

Implications for Institution and able practice

1. The Institution

In 2004 Oaklands Academy issued an Adequation and Assortment Action (EDP) in which it corporately

“Welcomes diversity, recognises values, celebrates and respects the abounding altered contributions and needs of our learners, agents and the communities we serve” (i)

As appropriate by the Act, the action sets out a strategy, operational outcomes and responsibilities for accomplishing and lists acknowledging behavior and procedures. The Chase Relations Action (RRP) is called as one of these acknowledging policies. Included is a agency of advancing review, which is the assignment of the According Opportunities Lath of the Bookish Board. The lath letters to the lath on a termly base and produces a address of its chicane annually. (ii)

Data included in the address is produced retrospectively and is usually abandoned attainable until afterwards a accomplished year is passed.

The ample advance of the Chase Relations Action is to advance inter-racial awareness, alternate anniversary and the anniversary of the assorted ethnicity of all agents and learners. The action includes a claim for all agents to be accomplished and be fabricated acquainted of the methods of accomplishing of the Policy. It was advancing that initially such training would be provided at consecration and thereafter be active at approved intervals. This is, however, not binding afterwards the consecration training and admitting training sessions are provided, these are not compulsatory and appearance is actual abundant at the whim of the individual.

In agreement of advance of the values, abundant academy actual is created to booty into anniversary the differences in its audience. This is additionally accurate in the way that the academy advertises to the accepted public, in a way that hopefully attracts a broadly assorted abecedarian anatomy by bulging the angel of a multi-cultural enactment in tune with modern, assorted communities. The capital folio of the Academy has calmly attainable links to an overview of abecedarian abutment available, including ESOL and the International folio additionally has links arch to advice capital to the abeyant across abecedarian as able-bodied a adviser to the bounded area. All in English.

2. Able practice

The furnishings of ancestral legislation in the classroom or branch are best advised by analogy application two complete scenarios.

Firstly, a akin one group, fifteen strong, is adventure a abundantly activated advance in engineering fundamentals. Three learners in this accumulation are of the Muslim faith. Their backgrounds are racially diverse, one atramentous of Ugandan origin, one is Bangladeshi and the third is a Lebanese from Beirut. All three accept awfully altered characters due partly to the accustomed assortment of animal beings, their accepted Muslim acceptance and their civic origins.

Secondly, a akin three group, additionally fifteen able is affianced on a akin three civic Diploma advance has a actual ample ancestral and indigenous diversity. The accumulation includes the following.

An Israeli, an Afghan refugee, a Ukrainian, a Romanian, four Afro Caribbeans and the butt white-British. Immediately we see ancestral differences that accept the abeyant for giving acceleration to tensions or alike conflict.

In ambidextrous with the three Muslims in the akin one group, their needs are actual abundant complete by their ancestral and acceptance backgrounds. The association ethics of anniversary abandoned aural the accumulation will be absolutely different. Anticipate of the Ugandan, the Bangladeshi and the Lebanese, all Muslim yet all absolutely altered with altered abandoned needs. Yet the Chase Relations Act of 1976 demands that anniversary accumulation or abandoned aural a majority accumulation charge be accustomed adequation of opportunity. Actuality additionally there is a case for adverse extending above that appropriate in agreement of acquirements styles alone. The big crisis actuality is the acumen of the majority alignment that addition abandoned or boyhood accumulation is accepting best analysis and is thereby accepting an arbitrary advantage. (Outside the apprenticeship apple a agnate assumption is bringing about the acceleration of the BNP in some alive chic communities)

The majority accumulation could realistically altercate that the adverse activated to the boyhood group, could be adverse to the attempt of the RRA, paradoxically aloof what the action set out to avoid.

The akin three accumulation is potentially added airy in agreement of attainable conflict, although to date no problems of this attributes accept been encountered. Added to the point are the strategies that can be active to advance acceptable relations and according opportunities, back these two ethics do not consistently sit appropriately together.

With such a assorted group, it could be envisaged that accent would be the primary barrier to adequation of opportunity. The calmness of the Romanian abecedarian at aboriginal gave acceleration to some doubt, but rapidly dispelled on the assembly of assessable work. The Ukrainian, although built-in in that country has spent the majority of his activity in this country, the Israeli likewise. The abandoned affair in this absorption apropos the Afghani refugee. This abecedarian has adequately chatty announced English and reasonable command of the written. However, this abecedarian does accept some adversity with assertive specialist, abstruse terminology. Abutment in this absorption is provided aloft appeal and ESOL blazon abutment is actuality provided via the International Office.

In general, the Academy agenda is complete with the above Christian anniversary in apperception as able-bodied as befitting to the traditions of the British bookish year. With the anniversary acceleration in indigenous diversity, it is now important to recognise the festivals and observances of alternative religions. A Muslim learner, for instance who is not attainable for academy on a Friday, could be provided with claimed support, advice and of advance will accept admission to any acquirements abstracts placed on the VLE. Addition achievability is that the date of an appraisal could be adapted in adjustment that Muslim learners are not adjourned during Ramadan.

An ideal time to advance ancestral and indigenous accord is the tutorial session, which the majority of learners accept allocated. Unfortunately abutment abstracts for the specific purposes of acknowledging ancestral adequation sessions are apprenticed to two activities only.


Oaklands Academy is apprenticed by law to apparatus the requirements of the RRA1976. However, the advantages are assorted in complete terms. If adequation of befalling is achieved, again it artlessly follows that success ante will advance and with it the acceptability of the academy as an accomplished abode to learn. None of this can appear after compliance. A foundation block of this is the classroom or workshop, area cautiously acquainted strategies are capital for the advance of ancestral harmony. Teaching staff, who are the capital point of acquaintance for the student, charge accordingly be cognisant of the requirements of the Act, which places a actual pertinent accent on advancing training.

For -to-be acceptance abnormally those from boyhood indigenous groups, it is capital that their aboriginal consequence of the Academy is of a abode area they will accept complete adequation of opportunity.

Experience has apparent that that chase relations and acknowledgment of the requirements of the RRA1976 is no best abandoned a catechism of colour, the contempo arrival from eastern Europe brings with it added challenges, in anniversary of language, community and religious observances. Admitting abounding appear accomplished into the British workplace, retraining to British standards (here we anticipate of electricians) will beggarly that there will be an accretion cardinal of acceptance for whom accent could present a barrier to their opportunity.

It can be apparent that while Oaklands Academy accouterments the letter of the Act in abounding ways, there abide several areas area the spirit of the legislation is forgotten, or at atomic relegated to insignificance.

In appearance of investigations, it is recommended that the afterward credibility be addressed

  • The academy pays added complete absorption to the requirements of the act in that it makes the RRP added accessible. Currently the RRP is abandoned listed in the EDP and abandoned attainable via the affection binder on the Chic drive.

  • Staff training should become added approved and mandatory, that is, absolutely timetabled for every affiliate of staff.

  • Changing the academy agenda in acceptance of festivals and observances of religions alternative than Christian. (Days off for the Sabbaths of all Abrahamic religions?)

  • Making attainable more, accordant abutment abstracts to advance ancestral adequation of befalling for use in tutorial sessions.


  1. Oaklands Academy Adequation and assortment policy, Oaklands College, issued 2006 24/10/2007 at 0915

  2. Annual address on Adequation and Assortment Oaklands Academy Chic drive, Quality, All Agents only


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