The Psychoanalytic Theory Assessment

Psychoanalytic Personality Assessment PSY/250 Psychoanalytic Personality Assessment The psychoanalytic admission states that there are close armament alternative than your acquaintance that affect your behavior. Sigmund Freud, Alfred Adler and Carl Jung afflicted attitude with their theories authoritative a actual ample appulse on psychology. As the biographer I will analyze and adverse the theories of these three gentlemen and adjudge which of these theories in which I accede and which of these theories I do not accede with. Freud’s assignment is now the best accustomed and best heavily cited in all of attitude and referenced in abstract as well. Freud emphasized on dreams and sexuality. Dreams according to Freud’s psychoanalytic admission are said to accept two levels of content, apparent agreeable and abeyant content. The apparent agreeable is what a actuality remembers and carefully considers. The abeyant agreeable is the basal hidden meaning. This is the brand celebrity of the psychoanalytic admission to personality, in alternative words what we see on the apparent is alone a allotment of what absolutely lies underneath. Friedman & Schustack 2009) In his admission “libido” was the animal activity that was amenable for cerebral tension. Freud believed that the arch alive force abaft men and women’s activities was either repressed or bidding sexuality. Unfulfilled female led to dissection conditions. In alternative words that the benumbed was the accumulator adeptness for repressed animal desires. (Friedman, Schustack, 2009) Freud additionally acquainted that adoration was aloof an escape and a ambiguous angle which was an abstraction that should not be advance to people, that adoration was a biologic of the masses. His acceptance was absolutely in the minds adeptness to admission its benumbed thoughts, appropriately alienated any psychiatric disorder. Freud beheld the benumbed as a accumulating of images, thoughts and adventures that an alone banned to process, which led to psychiatric problems. (Wikipedia, 2010) On the alternative duke Jung disagreed on what constituted the unconscious. Jung added to Freud’s analogue by advertence that anniversary alone additionally bedevilled a aggregate unconscious, a accumulation of aggregate images and archetypes accepted to all humans. Jung was absorbed with symbols. He argued that there are “archetypes” amid these symbols which chronicle accepted animal heritage, not aloof alone experiences. (Wikipedia, 2010) Appropriately anniversary of us has a set of accepted symbols aural us. Jung’s neo-analytic admission additionally differed suggesting that “libido” was a accepted analytic activity that was not animal in nature. Jung believed that sex amounted to alone one of the abounding things that drive humans. Added importantly, bodies are apprenticed by their charge to accomplish individuation, accompaniment or abounding ability of the self. Jung absolutely altered in his beliefs, suggests that adoration was an important abode of assurance for the alone as he or she began the action of individuation, exploring and excepting all genitalia of the self, that adoration was a agency of advice amid all types of people, because although religions differed, the archetypes and symbols remained the same. In my assessment Jung was added mythical. Adler as against to Freud and Jung was in a chic of his own. He believed that bodies were amusing creatures, basic goals and appetite to accommodated them. Adler saw brainy bloom in agreement of accepting advantageous values, which affect what goals we try to achieve. He believed that inferiority complexes afflicted cocky admire and acquired a abrogating aftereffect on animal health. Adler argued for holism, adulthood and delicacy were acute to compassionate animal attitude (Friedman, Schustack, 2009). The admiration of the cocky was account by amusing and ethical demands. Adler appropriate that amusing branch was important to attitude as was the centralized realm. That the dynamics of ability and advantage extend above sexuality, and that gender and backroom were important considerations that go above libido. As you can see Adler was absolutely the left-wing and realist and emphasized the role of empathy. One of the characteristics that I accede with is the admission that dreams comedy a allotment in psychoanalytic personality. I say this because of my own claimed accord with dreams. I accept that dreams are a allotment of our benumbed mind, either from repressed alarming experiences, which can accord to nightmares, night sweats, alive up at all hours of the night, which in about-face can account affecting alternation and psychiatric disorders. In the aforementioned token, I additionally accept that absorbed and affable dreams can be advantageous to ones all-embracing brainy health. Another appropriate that I accede with is the admission that parenting and adolescence development plays an alike greater role in personality. I accept that from the moment you are built-in how you are nurtured, loved, and cared for, shapes who you will become as an adult. Adolescence is the best analytical time in the development stages of the one’s personality. On the alternative hand, one of the theories that I disagree with is Freud’s admiration theory. I anticipate that he had a aphotic abysmal attraction with sex and over emphasized it, in including it in his theory. I acquainted he had no basis, no proof, and no absolute acceptation in his conclusion. The alone affiliation to personality that I accept sex would have, is if one has been through a alarming acquaintance such as rape, ache from animal identity, a animal addiction or alternative animal crisis, contrarily I feel it has no abode in personality. Freud aloof put way too abundant accent on sex in his theory. Another Freudian admission I disagree with is that adoration is aloof an escape and a ambiguous notion. I accept a able disenchantment with this, actuality I am a actual religious person. For the best allotment all nations, all creeds, all walks of activity on this earth, accept some array of religious views. Adoration is accomplished to us as accouchement and plays a actual important role in how we abode our values, our morals, our principals, so to exclude adoration from psychoanalytic personality is preposterous. Our religion, forth with our adolescence development determines who we are and who we will become. Adoration is the best annihilative of all weapons of accumulation destruction, and yet Freud looks at it so nonchalantly. More bodies accept died in the name of adoration that any alternative causes. I apperceive that my adoration weighs heavily on my personality. The bristles stages of Freud’s admission are that from age 0-2 (Oral) which is the aboriginal stage, the appropriate is the mouth: sucking, bitter and swallowing, the battle is the weaning abroad from the mother’s breast. This date suggests that the accommodating personality is absent with articulate activities such as eating, smoking, bitter nails or drinking. The articulate advancing personality is adverse and verbally calumniating application aperture based aggression. The additional date from age 2-4 (Anal) is the defecating or application of feces. The battle is toilet training. The anal personality is stingy, and has a besetting admiration for adjustment and tidiness. This actuality is about adamant and a perfectionist. The anal expulsive personality has a abridgement of cocky control, actuality about blowzy and careless. The third date from ages 4-5 (Phallic) is genitals. A boy actuality Oedipus and a babe Electra, which is a action through which they apprentice to analyze with the aforementioned gender ancestor by acting as abundant like that ancestor as possible. Boys ache castration all-overs by assertive that the ancestor knows that they admiration their mothers, and cerebration that the ancestor will alter him. Girls ache from penis envy, area she is absorbed to her mother but again accouterment her adapter already she realizes her mother lacks a penis, she again desires her ancestor but afterwards represses her admiration for her ancestor and incorporates the amount of her mother and accepts her inferiority. The fourth stage, age’s 6-puberty (Latency) is unacceptable animal desires that may breeze into sports and hobbies, accepting the aforementioned sex accompany advice abstain animal feelings. This personality is almost calm. Animal and advancing behavior is beneath active. The fifth and aftermost date is the Genital date and this personality represents maturity, bookish and aesthetic creativity. This personality is able-bodied adapted and balanced. Now afterwards all of this, are you assertive as able-bodied as I am that Freud was way off the charts? Again I say that he put abundant too abundant accent on sex. Freud believed and developed a alternation of aegis mechanisms and all of his aegis mechanisms aggregate two accepted properties. One in which they generally appeared aback and two they tended to distort, transform, or contrarily adulterate reality. One of his aegis mechanisms “Intellectualization” is demography on an cold viewpoint. Suppose a bedmate learns that his wife has an cureless disease. He tries to apprentice aggregate he can about the ache and analysis options and by accomplishing so represses animosity of anxiety, animosity of not actuality able to do annihilation to advice his wife and any animosity of acrimony he may be feeling. Focusing on the facts rather than the affecting agreeable of the situation. Freud, Jung and Adler anniversary had their own account back it came to psychoanalytic personality, admitting they did not accede on all aspects of anniversary other’s ideas, accumulated they were the founding fathers of psychoanalytic personality and are still awful admired in the acreage of attitude today. Their theories accumulated opened doors into the amplitude and complication of the animal mind. I accept in the acreage of attitude a little of anniversary of their theories are actuality accomplished today. There is a little Jung, Adler and Freud in anniversary of us as we try and analyze the animal apperception and animal behavior. References Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy. (2001). Sigmund Freud. Retrieved from http://www. iep. utm. edu Friedman, H. S. , & Schuustack, M. W. (2009). Personality: Classic Theories and Modern Research (4th ed. ). : Pearson Education, Inc.. Boeree, G. C. (1997,2006). Alfred Adler. Retrieved from http://webspace. ship. edu/cgboer/adler/html

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