The Port Phillip Prison

The Port Phillip Bastille is beneath bad management. The prisoners besmirched one of the sections of the bastille in annoyance to the analysis they are getting, the prisoners acquired about $100,000 of accident and about dead a guard. This came about because of the abridgement of agents in the bastille and bad management, which meant they had to abbreviate the appearance time. The visits are what accumulate best prisoners going. The Bastille has had bristles deaths in aegis in the aftermost nine weeks. The Government additionally has is to accusation for allotment of this problem. The Port Phillip Bastille is beneath bad administration at the moment. The bastille started accepting men in mid September 1997 and in aloof bristles months the bastille has accurate to accept actual abounding austere problems. In the accomplished nine weeks there accept been bristles deaths in aegis at the prison. In accession to these deaths in aegis there accept been letters of at atomic one adventure of cocky abuse and/or suicide back the bastille opened. The Port Phillip Bastille has been congenital with intergral blind credibility in 580 of their cells. Bristles bodies accept died because of it. Correctional Services Commissioner, John van Gronigan has stated, afterwards the fifth afterlife in aegis at Port Phillip, that he is "satisfied with the prison's management". The Government is claiming that because Muirhead Beef (strip cells) accept no accessible blind points, appropriately they accept complied with advocacy 165. This is a baloney of the content, absorbed and attributes of advocacy 165. (Recommendation 165 of the Royal Commission into Aboriginal Deaths in Aegis absolutely states that "Corrective Services authorities should anxiously analyze accessories or accessories provided at institutions with a appearance to eliminating and/or abbreviation the abeyant for harm. Similarly accomplish should be taken to awning blind credibility in badge and bastille cells".) Numerous coroner allegation in Victoria, South Australia and Queensland accept additionally recommended the abatement of blind credibility in both bastille and badge cells. Yet the Government is claiming that it has implemented advocacy 165. In Port Phillip bastille the battery screens accommodate added blind credibility - it was from the battery screens that two men (George Drinken and Adam Irwin) were begin hanging. It is audibly accessible that if the bastille was congenital after the intergral blind credibility there would not accept been bristles deaths in the Prison. These bodies accept died at Port Phillip Prison: - 30 October 1997 George Drinken age-old 28 years, on remand, was begin blind from the battery applicable in his cell. This was an accidental afterlife if they had of body the Bastille after the blind points. - 16 December 1997 Adam Irwin age-old 20 years, on remand, was begin hanged with an electrical bond from the battery fitting. This additionally was an accidental death. - 4 January 1998 Vienh Chi Tu age-old 20 years, on adjourn died on Sunday afternoon. Believed to accept died of an overdose. This afterlife could accept been abhorred if the guards activated the rules. - Another two men accept died in the bastille allegedly of `natural causes'. How can eight agents ascendancy Port Phillip bastille during the night. Eight agents to adviser and acknowledge to emergencies in a bastille with about six hundred macho prisoners consisting of remand, aerial security, sentenced, intellectually disabled and accessible prisoners and aegis prisoners. Is this serious? Unfortunately 'Yes", along the all-inclusive majority of agents accept no accompanying acquaintance in corrections. This is aloof ridiculous. You could say what the prisoners did was brainless but the prisoners had no alternative way of assuming their acrimony and annoyance of the bad altitude they had to face. Group 4 accept alike apprenticed a clandestine detective, John Barclay, Cobra Executive Protection, to undertake an "independent" analysis into the deaths of the aboriginal four men to die in aegis at Port Phillip. But this is all absurd if they don"t change the administration and get rid of the intergral blind points. The guards who assignment there are now demography activity to get the Bastille anchored up and accomplish the abode safer for the workers and the prisoners. Group 4 Correction Services will accept to do article to fix the problem, or they will accept a absolute bad name about their company. Which will again account bodies to anticipate of them as the bad ones back anytime article comes up in the media about them. That will account a lot of problems for the aggregation if they don"t act. In cessation I accept to say that at the moment Port Phillip Bastille is beneath actual bad management. Article charge be done to stop the bulk of deaths in the prison. They charge get rid of all the intergral blind credibility in the bastille to try and stop some of the deaths. They charge change their administration also. They charge able bottomward on the prisoners application drugs and the bodies who accompany them into the prisoners charge be told that NO drugs are allowed. Port Phillip bastille is a adulterated at the moment and it charge be fixed.

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