The poems I, Too and The Negro Speaks of Rivers by Langston Hughes Compare & Contrast

Have you anytime apprehend a composition that buried your eye? Anytime wondered how that composition is agnate to others or different? Perhaps you apprehend a composition about animals, the abridgement or someone’s feelings. The balladry I, Too and The Negro Speaks of Rivers by Langston Hughes, accept abounding important similarities and differences. One could accept been back he was adolescent and the alternative back he was older. He describes what he’s apparent and done in The Negro Speaks of Rivers. In the composition I, Too, he describes what he wants to do. In both of these balladry they cantankerous a point area it is apparent what they accept in common. Both accept actual able views, forth with the absolute attitudes that he has appear asperity and discrimination. He attempts to get his articulation out so anybody can see what he absolutely wants to say. Also, they accept abounding differences with the things he has done. There are abounding differences amid I, Too and The Negro Speaks of Rivers. In I, Too Hughes expresses added centralized than alien and he speaks about himself added than speaking about others about him. Secondly, he describes racism and the way he is unequally treated. They don’t amusement him adequately and he has challenges to over come. Therefore, he opens up to what he did and is activity to do. He additionally wants bodies to apprehension him more. Hughes, wants to be arresting to others, not invisible. Americans should be advised the aforementioned and that’s what he says he wants to be treated, the aforementioned as others, because he too is American. His accent is decidedly joyful, hopeful and confident. His animosity as able-bodied as his being, are important. He is, he isn’t abashed of who he is and tries to explain who he is and the accomplishments he wants to take. He wants a change in his activity and will no best put up with the bearings he is in. Another aberration amid the two balladry is that in The Negro Speaks of Rivers, he is cogent added of an alien anxious vs. an centralized manner. However, he speaks added about beauty, attributes and the apple and describes the things he’s apparent and wants to see. Hughes, wants to analyze and biking the world. He wants to see the things about him. Next, the artist describes the altered things he has apparent and the places area he has gone. He, accordingly expresses how admirable the apple can be if one goes out an explores; this shows he is added chargeless than before. Hughes, takes on a austere accent and the composition is added formal. Time has anesthetized back he wrote this composition according too, the places and contest he has apparent with Abe Lincoln and slavery. Hughes, describes the things that accept occurred during the time of his activity and him seeing everything. There are some similarities amid the two poems, I, Too and The Negro Speaks of Rivers. For example, they both allocution about the abolishment of slavery. Anybody has the appropriate to be advised equally. The apple can be atrocious to anybody but anybody has article to attending advanced to and alive activity happily. In both poems, he expresses how in both situations he had obstacles to over appear and how the apple can appear to a change. He had both able and absolute words to accurate in both poems. According to his composition I, Too “My body has developed abysmal like the rivers” he says his body hasn’t stopped, he continues to action for what he absolutely wants and he is admirable no amount what. He additionally states, “Besides, They'll see how admirable I am and be ashamed” he says he’s admirable central and out. He wants to appearance anybody who he absolutely is and says he is both able and confident. Hughes, is no best the aforementioned man as he was afore as he expresses in the band “bathed in the Euphrates. ” He expresses, the lives of African Americans and how they are actuality advised during that time. In conclusion, although both accept abounding differences, they additionally accept abounding things in common. Both balladry accept actual able angle and means to accurate his feelings. He additionally had absolute angle appear both of the balladry to get his articulation out so anybody can apprehend and see what he absolutely wants to say. He expresses the obstacles he has done and wants to do with the challenges he is activity to face. In both composition he abolishes bullwork and accurate the way they capital bullwork to be vanished. In both of these balladry they cantankerous a point area it is apparent what they accept in common. He describes what African Americans absolutely go through and what they absolutely feel. They came to America for an befalling not for slavery. As time passed, things had afflicted forth with himself and the world. He did an amazing job to accurate himself with his autograph to get his point beyond with both poems.

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