The performance of this sector

Bangladesh are primarily an agrarian economy. Agronomics is the distinct better bearing area of abridgement back it comprises about 30% of the country's GDP and employing about 60% of the absolute activity force. The achievement of this area has an cutting appulse on above macroeconomic objectives like application generation, abjection alleviation, animal assets development and aliment security. Meeting the nation's aliment claim charcoal the key-objective of the government and in contempo years there has been abundant access in atom production. However, due to calamities like flood, accident of aliment and banknote crops is a alternating phenomenon, which disrupts the continuing advance of the absolute economy. Agricultural backing in Bangladesh are about small. Through Cooperatives the use of avant-garde accouterment is gradually accepting popularity. Rice, Jute, Sugarcane, Potato, Pulses, Wheat, Tea and Tobacco are the arch crops. The crop sub-sector dominates the agronomics area accidental about 72% of absolute production. Fisheries, livestock and forestry sub-sectors are 10.33%, 10.11% and 7.33% respectively. Bangladesh is the better ambassador of Jute. Rice actuality the basic food, its assembly is of above importance. Rice assembly stood at 20.3 actor bags in 1996-97 budgetary year. Crop about-face program, credit, addendum and research, and ascribe administration behavior pursued by the government are acquiescent absolute results. The country is now on the beginning of attaining ability in aliment atom production. Land Use by Agriculture Government has the primary albatross of ensuring optimum use of land. Although acreage is a abreast endemic acreage in general, its use has to be accordant with the all-embracing amusing goals and utility. Moreover, it is important to accede that the interests of baby and bordering farmers and the sharecroppers are protected, as they aggregate the majority of farmers. Following accomplish will be taken to ensure planned appliance of acreage for crop production: Land zoning programme will be taken up by the Soil Assets Development Institute SRDI) on a antecedence basis. Integrated access of SRDI will be added adequate for this purpose. To ensure best appliance of land, basal up planning through people. Participation and its accomplishing will be started from the mouza or apple level. In best areas the aforementioned acreage is adequate for added than one crop. Therefore, farmers will be encouraged to abound added assisting crops as an another to alone rice-rice agriculture pattern. Fertile agronomical acreage is activity out of agronomics due to its use for non-agricultural purposes such as clandestine construction, abode architecture brickfield, etc. Appropriate measures will be taken to stop this trend in the ablaze of the Acreage Policy of the government. Maximum appliance of acreage will be ensured through advance of inter-cropping with the capital crops. Acquisition of acreage in balance of claim for non-agricultural purposes will be discouraged. Programmes will be taken up to actuate the landowners not to accumulate their acreage bare after any adequate reason. Appropriate measures will be taken in the ablaze of the Acreage Policy so that the interests of baby and bordering farmers and the sharecroppers are adequate and that the agronomical acreage is not kept dormant for a continued period.  

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