The other wes moore

Jodi Snyder English 101 Beth Stevens 07/18/2014 The Alternative West Moore Can two men with actual agnate backgrounds abound up to be absolutely different? West Moore takes us on a Journey aback to his adolescence as able-bodied as the adolescence of a man with the aforementioned name. The columnist West describes how the two men, grew up Just blocks from anniversary other, both amidst with drugs and crime. West was a Phi Beta Kappa alum of John Hopkins, army adept and able-bodied acclaimed apostle about the apple teaching bodies about his story. The alternative West Moore was spending the blow of his in prison. When West abstruse about the alternative man with the aforementioned name, allowance the aforementioned adjacency and the actuality he was in prison, West was intrigued. West absitively he bare to acquisition out added about this man. He started autograph this West Moore in prison. Not too continued after, he begin himself at the prison, assuredly affair the alternative West Moore. In the book West tells us about the conversations the alternative West and he had. Talking about anniversary other's lives, the similarities and the differences consistent in the book, "The Alternative West Moore". In the addition West states that, "Our belief are acutely specific to our two lives, but I achievement they will brighten the ancestral articulation credibility in every life, the abrupt moments of accommodation area our paths bend and our fates are sealed. " (x') He helps us apprehend that all it takes is one breach accommodation could change our activity forever. That you can calmly blunder bottomward the appropriate path, alike the appropriate one. (xiv) It all starts with two adolescent atramentous boys. How they both concluded up adulterated and with distinct mothers. Them both catastrophe up in agitation with the law at about the aforementioned age. West explores the role of the mothers' of himself and the alternative West. He remembers how his mother took his sisters and him to vive with their grandparents afterwards the afterlife of his ancestor aback he was actual young. He thinks about how austere his mother and grandparents were. West charcoal beholden for that today. The confined West tells the columnist how he followed in his brother Tony's footsteps, accepting into the biologic scene. He recalls how Tony approved to accumulate him off the beggarly streets of Baltimore. Tony failed. One of the final breaking credibility for West was aback his mother ablaze four thousand dollars' account of drugs. After he confronted his mother, this is what she said. "Not alone did you lie to me but you were affairs drugs and befitting them in my house! Putting all of us in danger... ' don' anytime appetite to see it in actuality again. Now get out of my room. "(74) His mother Mary, was not the atomic bit anxious about West's dilemma. Mary had appealing abundant absent all achievement for her son. West was in and out of academy and trouble. Did he try to get out of the activity that was causing him to circling downwards? Levy, a acquaintance of West', angry him on to the Job Corps. West told him enema, man, I am accessible to try something. Anything. " (139). Soon after, he was off to the Job Corps. The authors' mom had beatific him off to aggressive academy about the aforementioned time. She anticipation that would be the best way for him to break UT of trouble. One of his aboriginal memories of actuality there was, "Get up, get up, get out of your racks, plebes! " (85). That's what was yelled at him at 5:30 in the morning. West goes on to allotment with us the ins and outs of his time in aggressive school. How accepting that anatomy and conduct absolutely afflicted him. This is area the author's activity and the alternative West Moor's activity alpha to differ. The confined West accelerating from the Job Corps. West describes that afterwards his return, he concluded up is several acting allotment time Jobs. He anticipation he would never get ahead. At this point, he talks about how he concluded up aback in the activity he approved to leave. Dealing drugs, that's the alone affair he absolutely knew about. The alone way he acquainted he could booty affliction of his family. He explains to the columnist about the time he got bent up in a Jewelry abundance robbery with his brother and two alternative men which resulted in the annihilation of Baltimore badge officer. That was the day his activity was over as he knew it. He would absorb the blow of his canicule in prison. He still claims, "l wasn't alike there that day. " (125). The columnist proudly tells us how he accelerating from aggressive academy as a actual aerial ranked cadet. From there he went on to be a Phi Beta Kappa alum from John Hopkins. He elaborates on the wonderful, accomplishing activity he went on to have. In the aboriginal allotment of this book the columnist reveals to us how he came to apprehend about the alternative West Moore. He had apprehend an commodity with the title, "Local Alum Named Rhodes Scholar. He accomplished it was about him. He again apprehend an commodity on the robbery, annihilation and the alternative West Moore. West set out to acquisition out added about this man's activity and how it compares to his. Afresh this is the base of this book. Why did the columnist feel the charge to acquaint his story? The columnist wants us all to apprehend that you can be from the aforementioned place, with the aforementioned issues and still appear out on top. That yes, there will be challenges, but if you assignment adamantine abundant and are advantageous abundant to accept the support, you can do anything. Some of best candid moments in the book appear one of the aftermost affairs amid the columnist West and the confined West. It had been about three years back West aboriginal contacted the confined West. The columnist asks West, "Do you anticipate we're all Just articles of our environments? " (126) Too this catechism West answers, "l anticipate so, or maybe articles of our expectations. " (126). "We will do what others apprehend of us,... If they apprehend us to go to Jail, again that's area we will end up. (126) Columnist West Moore does an accomplished Job of assuming us the lives of the two West'. His achievement is that this will affect adolescent people. To let them apperceive that they can be whatever they appetite to be. It may booty work, and it may be hard, but they can do it. In the end West says, "Above all, I achievement that this book can accommodate adolescent bodies with a way to analyze with the success as a possibility, and a acumen to accept that a adventure that begins with a struggle, apathy, and the affliction of accident can still accept a blessed ending. " (183) Works Cited Moore, West. "The Alternative West Moore: One Name, Two Fates". New York: Spiegel & Grab, 2011 Print

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