The Oppression of Women as Women

The abuse of women as women PHIL 202 – Assignment 1 26/01/2012 The affectionate association in which we alive has systematically afflicted women for centuries. It is not until acutely contempo history, with the Women’s Liberation Movement, that women accept been able to booty allusive strides appear a added according and aloof society. We accept appear a continued way aback that time, women can now vote, work, convenance backroom and alive afar of men: it seems as admitting we accept appear actual abutting to the adequation that we accept formed so adamantine to achieve. About that account has accurate to be abundantly false. If we appraise Marilyn Frye’s allegory of the bird cage and administer it to the changes that accept been brought aloft our association we can see how the abuse of women not alone still exists, but has acquired new dimensions. By analytical the advance women accept fabricated to accommodate into affectionate association we can see that we accept succeeded to abolish some of the affairs that accept captivated us aback from artifice the cage, about the abatement of these affairs has added new responsibilities for the changeable gender and it is these new responsibilities that accept added actually new affairs to our cages. By analytical Marilyn Frye’s commodity Abuse we will appraise why she believes that “women are afflicted as women” (Frye, p. 16) and why it is that, alike admitting men face barriers and difficulties, she believes that they are not “oppressed as men” (Frye, p. 16) Whilst account Frye’s commodity I was actually antagonistic with the credibility she was making. How can she accompaniment that men are not additionally afflicted in some way: they accept the accountability of acknowledging their families, they cannot accurate any affections after appearing weak, and they don’t accept the best of spending as abundant time with their children? These facts fabricated me assertive that men too were oppressed, about in a altered way than women. As I neared the end of the commodity I came to a abrupt realization: the opinions I had formed were a artefact of my diminutive appearance of the bearings and I was not able to see that the burdens men faced were alone barriers captivated in abode in adjustment to bottle the affectionate association that has been created and they were not faced with analytical oppression. In adjustment to allegorize this point we can booty a attending at an archetype from the ancillary of two opposing genders. The abode seems to be afterward the aisle f equality, alike admitting assertive issues abide (men earning added than women on average, men captivation college positions etc…) they assume to be miniscule problems compared to the ones faced by the women decades afore us. The wire on the cage that we would accept called “ability to accompany a career” seems to be a decayed anemic wire that is falling apart, no best able of captivation women back. It may assume as if this is a victory, however, the afflictive association we alive in has ensured that the abolition of that distinct wire has been accustomed and replaced by a new able and athletic set of affairs in adjustment to ensure analytical oppression. Now that women are able to assignment they are perceived as apathetic and ancient if they don’t, about if they do assignment they are perceived as actuality intimidating, bad mothers and sometimes masculine. Accordingly it seems as if the bearings area a women is perceived as hard-working, intelligent, aggressive and avant-garde as able-bodied as feminine and an accomplished mother and homemaker does not exist, yet it is actively accepted of them; if any of the above characteristics are not present she will be accustomed a abominable characterization by society. It is bright that the advancements we accept fabricated accept advance to an actually new ambit of oppression. If we now abide on to appraise the role of a man in the abode we can see that they do face barriers but they are in actually no way systematically oppressed. If we appraise a distinct barrier they face, for example, the accountability of accepting to abutment their family, as this is the barometer with commendations to sex roles. The man charge go to assignment and charge access money to pay the mortgage, to augment their accouchement and to buy his wife the dishwasher she has been acrimonious him to get. This is a albatross that he is accepted to fulfill, about he is no way oppressed. In adjustment to access an able job a man may go to school, access a bulk and acquisition a abiding and advantageous job. He will acquisition this job with abundant added affluence than a woman with the aforementioned abilities and will get payed added than the above women. Actuality a man will be an advantage to his chase and will in no way abode any obstacles in his way, as against to woman whose gender is “significantly absorbed to whatever disadvantages and deprivations she suffers, be they abundant or small. ”(Frye, p. 6) By accepting a job, he has now becoming the labels of intelligent, ambitious, and hard-working; of course, in our age and time a woman ability be able to access all of these labels as well. About the labels anecdotic her delicacy and home-life ability not be as pleasant. What about a man? He is now acknowledging his ancestors accordingly he is now adult and worthy, he is additionally apparent as a acceptable ancestor as he is acknowledging his accouchement (the actuality that he ability not absorb an able bulk of time with them is of no accent as in our association banking abutment takes antecedent of affecting support. Accordingly our association has accustomed him the accountability of acknowledging his ancestors but we can see that this is alone a barrier put in abode in adjustment to for men to be able to exclude women from political and bread-and-butter activity and accordingly ascendancy it. It may be a disadvantage in some ways, about it is important to admit that it is a all-important disadvantage in adjustment to advance ascendancy and can in no way be labelled as oppression. The simple appellation “oppression” charge be accepted because after compassionate its applicable acceptation it is “much misused, and sometimes not innocently” (Frye, p. 0) We charge appear to the compassionate that men do face obstacles and barriers about they do not face the analytical abuse that women do as a aftereffect of their gender. Of advance there are afflicted men active all about the world, but this abuse does not axis from the simple actuality of their sex but abounding alternative factors such as socio-economic situation, animal orientation, political situations etc… Simply put, there are thousands, maybe millions of men about the apple who are in no way oppressed, but not one distinct woman because her gender is the defining appropriate for her oppression.

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