The Nurse Leader as Knowledge Worker

The appellation “knowledge worker” was aboriginal coined by administration adviser and columnist Peter Drucker in his book, The Landmarks of Tomorrow (1959). Drucker authentic ability workers as high-level workers who administer abstract and analytic knowledge, acquired through academic training, to advance articles and services. Does this complete familiar? Nurses are actual abundant ability workers. What has afflicted back Drucker’s time are the means that ability can be acquired. The aggregate of abstracts that can now be generated and the accoutrement acclimated to admission this abstracts accept acquired decidedly in contempo years and helped healthcare professionals (among abounding others) to accept the role of ability artisan in new and able ways.  In this Assignment, you will accede the evolving role of the assistant baton and how this change has led assistant leaders to accept the role of ability worker. You will adapt a PowerPoint presentation with an infographic (graphic that visually represents information, data, or knowledge. Infographics are advised to present advice bound and clearly.) to brainwash others on the role of assistant as ability worker. Reference: Drucker, P. (1959). The landmarks of tomorrow. New York, NY: HarperCollins Publishers. To Prepare: Review the concepts of informatics as presented in the Resources.  Reflect on the role of a assistant baton as a ability worker. Consider how ability may be abreast by abstracts that is collected/accessed. The Assignment: Explain the abstraction of a ability worker. Define and explain nursing informatics and highlight the role of a assistant baton as a ability worker. Develop a simple infographic to advice explain these concepts. 5-6pages PowerPoint should Include the academic book you originally aggregate in the Discussion Forum. Include your assay of the abstracts that you could use, how the abstracts ability be accessed/collected, and what ability ability be acquired from that data.

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